Richard Jackson had grant and deed of land in Southold from Earl Sterling as early as 1640, but sold it very soon to Goodyear, and he to John Ketchum. One Record says Richard remained in Massachusetts. He made a 2d marriage with the widow of Richard Brown, he died in 1672, aged 90 years.

ROBERT1 JACKSON m. Agnes, dau. of Wm. and Jane Washburne. Their children were:

  John2 m. Elisabeth Seaman, dau. of Capt. John, he
    d. 1722.
  Samuel2 m. had children.
  Sarah2 m. Nathaniel Moore.
  Martha2 m. 1667, Nathaniel Coles, son of Robert.
Children of JOHN2 and Elisabeth (Seaman) Jackson:

  John3 m. Elisabeth Hallet, dau. of Samuel.
  Samuel3 b. 1684, m. 1st Ruth Smith, 2d Abigail
    Seaman, dau. of Thomas.
  James3 m. 1730, Rebecca Hallett, dau. of Wm.
    and Sarah (Woolsey) she d. 1735.
  Martha3 m. Peter Titus, son of Edmond and Martha.
  Elisabeth3 m. Charles Doughty.
  Hannah3 m. Richard Seaman.
  Mary3 Jeremiah Scott.
  Sarah3 m. Joshua Barnes.
Children of John3 Jackson and Elisabeth (Hallett):

  John4 m. Kesia Mott, dau. of Richbell Mott and
    Elis (Thorne).
Samuel4 1738, m. Mary Townsend, dau. of Richard
    and Ruth (Marvin).
  Richard4 m. Jane Seaman, dau. of Jacob.
  Sarah4 m. a Hallett.
  Hannah4 m. John Hewlett.
  Phebe4 m. Wm. Jones.
  Mary4 m. 1725, Samuel Titus, son of Samuel Titus
    and Elisabeth (Powell of Thomas.1
SAMUEL3 JACKSON (John2 Robert) m. 1st Ruth, 2d. Abigail and had Samuel,4 Richard,4 both d. unm. and intestate.

  Ruth4 b. 1709, m. Abel Smith.
  Thomas4 m. 1748, Mary Willis, dau. of Samuel
    and Mary (Fry), he d. 1750. They had dau:
  Mary5 m. William Seaman.
  Isaac4 m. Mary Cornell, no children, he d. 1750.
  Abigail4 m. Jacob Mott, near Hempstead Harbor.
Children of JAMES3 b. 1735, and Rebecca, Jackson, b. 1730, of Rocky Hill.

  Mary4 m. 1717, Jacob Willets.
  Wm.4 m. Prudence Smith.
  Thomas4 (the oldest) m. Mary Townsend.
  Sarah4 m. Samuel Clement.
  Rebecca4 m. Sylvanus Seaman.
  John4 m. Sarah Doty.
  James4 m. 1725, 1st Sarah Thorne b. 1702, 2d
    Mary Thorne.
  Elisabeth4 m. 1725, Nathan Field, son of Thomas.
  Charity4 m. John Dingee.
  Hannah4 m. John Hicks.
  Joseph4 m. Mary Rogers.
  Richard4 m. Mary Wright, dau. of Nathaniel
Martha4 m. Wm. Green.
  Phebe4 m. 1734, Edward Fitz Randolph, at Flushing
  Robert4 m. Sarah Hewlett.
  Jemima4 m. Henry Hicks.
  Samuel4 m. Sarah Carpenter.
  Stephen4 m. Mary Lewis.
  Benjamin4 m. Amy Paul, widow.
  Tow4 d. young.
RICHARD4 JACKSON (John3 John2 Robert1) m. Jane Seaman and had:

  Richard5 m. Rosetta Jackson, dau. of John.
  Micah5 m. ? Phebe Wright, dau. of Gilbert.
  Jacob5 m. Catharine Peters and had Jacob,6 Jane,6
    and Phebe.6
  Mary5 m. John Tredwell.
  Jane5 m. 1771, Zebulun Seaman.
Children of RICHARD5 JACKSON and Rosetta:

  Micah6 b. 1778, m. Elisabeth Jackson.
  Jane6 m. John Althouse.
Alma6 m. Henry O. Seaman, he was a member of the Assembly from 1803 to 1808, a Justice of the Peace several years.

JOHN4 JACKSON (John3 John2 Robert1) m. Kesia Mott and had:

  Obadiah3 m. Alma Seaman, dau. of Jacob, he d.
  John5 b. 1733, m. 1st Charity Smith Tredwell, 2d
    Margaret (Wright), widow of Noah Townsend.
  Parmenus5 m. Elisabeth Birdsall.
  Martha5 m. Thomas Seaman, son of Richard.
  Elisabeth5 m. Col. John Sands.
  Jerusha5 m. Morris Place.
  Rosetta5 m. Richard Jackson.
  Abigail5 m. Jacob Robbins.
Mary5 m. Benjamin Sands.
  Ann5 m. John Hewlett
JOHN5 JACKSON and Charity Tredwell had:

  Thomas6 Tredwell m. Catharine Britt.
  John6 m. Sarah Udal, dau. of Joseph.
  Samuel6 d. Intestate, left large estate.
Children of 2d wife Margaret (Wright):

  Charity6 m. John Seaman.
  Noah6 and Kesia,6 single.
  Obadiah6 m. 1st Elisabeth Wright, 2d Rachel
  Mary6 m. Daniel Underhill, son of Adonijah.
THOMAS6 T. JACKSON and Catharine had:

  Eliza7 m. William Wright.
  Sarah7 m. Selah Carle.
  Catharine7 m. Andrew Hageman.
  John,7 Robert,7 Wm.7
OBADIAH6 JACKSON and Rachel (Underhill) had:

  William,7 Elisabeth,7 John7 b. 12, 6, 1813.
PARMENAS5 JACKSON (John4 John3 John2 Robert1) Elisabeth (Birdsall) had:

  Parmenas6 jr., m. Charity Coles.
  Elisabeth6 m. Micah Jackson, son of Richard.
  Rosanna6 m. Samuel Nichols.
  John6 m. Margaret Cornell, dau. of Stephen.
Parmenas5 Jackson died of wounds received at his house, in Little Britain, near Jerusalem from a party of plunderers, Jan. 19, 1781; Revolutionary times.

OBADIAH5 JACKSON (John4 John3 John2 Robert1) and Alma Seaman had:

  Elisabeth6 m. Thomas Jackson, son of Samuel.
  Jacob6 Seaman b. 1763, m. Phoebe Coles, b. 1764,
    dau. of Benjamin, he d. 1828.
Major JACOB6 SEAMAN JACKSON took oath of allegiance to U. S. in 1790, m. Phebe Coles and had:

  Thomas7 d.
  Mary7 b. 1784, m. Thomas Jones d. 1801, he m. 2d
   Ruth Jackson, dau. of Thomas and had Samuel.
  Elisabeth7 b. 1796, m. Thomas Jones, was his 3d
   wife and had Jacob S. I. Jones.
SAMUEL4 JACKSON (John3 John2 Robert1) m. 1738, Mary Townsend and had:

  Richard5 m. 1st Phebe Kissam, 2d Elisabeth
  Townsend5 m. Mary Seaman, dau. of Thomas.
  Thomas5 m. Elisabeth Jackson, dau. of Obadiah.
  Ruth5 and Elisabeth5 both d.
  Jemima5 m. James Hewlett.
  Letitia5 m. Solomon Pool.
  Mary5 m. John Pratt.
  Martha m. Samuel Birdsall.
THOMAS5 and Elisabeth Jackson had:

  Obadiah6 m. Sarah, dau. of John Boerum.
  Jacob6 m. Phebe Duryea.
  Samuel6 m. Martha Hewlett, dau. of Lewis.
  Alma6 d.
  Ruth6 m. Thomas Jones of West Neck.
OBADIAH6 and Sarah had:

  Timothy7 m. Ethelinda Willis.
  Thomas7 m. Esther Willis.
  Townsend7 m. Margaret Nostrant.
  Ruth7 m. William Hicks.
  Rebecca7 m. Jacob Seaman Jackson Jones.
  Sarah7 m. Nehemiah Haydon, Margaret7 m.
JACOB6 JACKSON and Phebe Duryea had:

  Townsend7 m. Martha Willets.
  Henry7 m. Martha Eldred.
  James7 m. Julia.
  Sidney7 m. 1st Caroline Robbins, 2d Mary Jane
  Mary7 m. Townsend Willis.
  Martha7 m. 1st John Jackson, son of Richard, 2d
    Benjamin Albertson, widower.
  Elisabeth7 m. Benjamin Albertson, she d. early
    and he m. her sister Martha.
  Emily7 m. Isaac Thorne, son of Samuel and Maria.
THOMAS4 JACKSON (Samuel3 John2 Robert1) and Mary Willets, dau. of Samuel and Mary (Fry) had:

  Mary5 b. 1749, m. 1763, William Seaman, son of
    Robert and Esther, (Tho's. d. 1750, and widow
    Mary, m. Thomas4 Jackson, son of Thomas,3 of
    James,2 of John,2 of Robert.1)
THOMAS4 JACKSON (James3 John2 Robert1) m. Mary Townsend and had:

  Robert,5 Amy.5
  Thomas5 m. Mary (Willis), widow of Thomas4
    Jackson, he d. 1750.
  James,5 Daniel,5 Benjamin,5 Rebecca.5
  Samuel5 m. 1773, Deborah Seaman, dau. of Solomon
    and Hannah.
  Phebe5 m. 1763, Isaac Seaman.
THOMAS5 JACKSON and Mary (Willis) widow Jackson had:

  David6 m. Esther Whitson.
  Charles6 m.
  Amy6 m. Robert Hubbs.
DAVID6 JACKSON and Esther (Whitson) had:

  Jarvis7 m. Mary Whitson.
  Mary7 m. 1803, Abraham Whitson.
JARVIS7 JACKSON and Mary Whitson had:

  William,8 Nathaniel.8
Henry8 m. Sarah Mott, dau. of John.
  George8 m. Elisabeth Underhill. dau. of Josiah I.
  Charles,8 Phebe.8
SAMUEL5 JACKSON (Thomas4 James3 John2 Robt.1) and Deborah had:

  Solomon6 m. Mary Brower, dau. of Jeremiah.
  Thomas6 m.
SOLOMON6 and Mary had:

  Jeremiah7 m. Jerusha Powell, dau. of Rob't. he d.
  Solomon7 m. 1st Annie Titus, dau. of Ansel, 2d
    Esther Post.
  Eliza7 m. Stephen Dodge, she d. 1893.
  Martha,7 Amy.7
JEREMIAH BROWER a merchant in New York, died in N. Jersey, 1776, wife Elisabeth, eldest son Jeremiah,2 Theophilus,2 dau. Ianthe m. Peter Kipp: Wm., Henry, John, Elisabeth, Abraham. Mary born after her father's death, m. Solomon6 Jackson. The eldest son Jeremiah was to have a birthright, and the residue, after each of the children had 250 apiece.

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