ROGER1 HAYDOCK b. at Penketh, 3, of 1st month, 1643, m. 3, of 6th month 1682, Eleanor Lowe (his father d. 1670, mother d. 1684).

Children of ROGER and Eleanor:

  Robert2 b. at Penketh, 11, 1, 1687, m. 23, 6,
    1709, Rebebca b. 1680, dau. of Daniel and Abigail
    Griffith, came to America in 1743, had 9
    children; brought 6 with them: Eleanor,3 Eden3,
    Henry,3 Rebecca,3 Jane3 and one more3; landed
    at Wilmington, spent the winter, established
    Eden in Phil'a., and moved to Flushing, L. I.,
    in the Spring.
  Eden3 Haydock, of Philadelphia, son of Robert, of
    L. I., m. March 29, 1746, Elisabeth Forster,
    dau. of Reuben, of Philadelphia, Eden d. 1776,
    Elisabeth d. 1776.
HENRY3 HAYDOCK of New York, son of Robert2 of L. I., m. Catharine Rodman, dau. of Thomas, she d. 1760, between 29 and 30 years of age, he m. 2d Hannah Moode (or Mott) of New Jersey, dau. of Wm., she d. 1791, he d. 1798. He had previously m. in 1746, Mary Bowne, dau. of Robert and Margaret, she d. 1757.

Children of HENRY3 HAYDOCK and Hannah (Mott):

  William4 b. 1764, d.
Mary4 b. 1765, Rebecca and Hannah, twins, b.
    Dec. 24, 1766.
  Henry4 b. 1768, m. 1801, Sarah Hicks, dau. of Benjamin
    and Mary.
  Elisabeth4 Moode, b. 1770.
  Eleanor4 b. 1772.
  Jane4 b. 1774.
  Robert4 b. 1777, d. 1778.
HENRY4 HAYDOCK and Sarah had:

  Henry5 b. Mar. 9, 1802, m. Martha Mott.
  Hannah5 b. Mar. 3, 1804.
  Robert5 H. b. Dec. 3, 1805.
  Wm.5 Wood b. March 13, 1808.
  Mary5 b. Sept. 29, 1809.
  Elisabeth5 b. April 24, 1812.
  Jane5 b. Jan. 29, 1816.
  Sarah5 b. July 18, 1820, m. John L. Griffin.
  Richard5 L. b. Mar. 28, 1823.
EDEN3 HAYDOCK (Robt.2 Roger1), of Phil'a, and Elisabeth Forster had:

  Rebecca4 b. 1748, m. Samuel Garigues.
  Hannah4 b. 1750, m. Hugh Hawell.
  Robt.4 1754, m. Susanna Garigues.
  Henry4 b. 1758, m.
  Elisabeth4 b. 1765, d.
ROBERT4 HAYDOCK and Susanna had:

  Eden5 b. 1779.
Samuel5 b. 1780, m. Sarah Corlies and had:

  Robert6 m. Hannah Wharton of Philadelphia, dau.
    of Deborah (Rodman).

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