Tradition says that Peter1 Hallock came with twelve other heads of families to New Haven in 1640; same season crossed the sound and landed at Southold, Peter being the first to step on shore at a spot still called Hallock's Neck. Also, that having bought a large tract of land of the Indians, he went back to England for his family. Wife was unwilling to come, but Peter promised to give her two daughters (by a former husband) considerable land, and the family all came over in two or three years; meantime the Indians had resold his land, and another party had possession. The records of this period are lost. In 1654, according to Southold records, Wm.2 Hallock was in possession of a large property there, and was quite a man of business in the town. He died in 1688 or 1689. Will makes his wife Margaret executrix. The children named in the will were:

  John3 1679 m. Abigail Sweezey, dau. of John, he
    d. at Westbury 25, 5, 1737.
  Thomas,3 Mary,3 Martha,3 Sarah.3
  Peter,3     William, wife named Mary.
  Elisabeth3 m. 1st Harrud, m. 2d 1675 Richard  Howell.
  Abigail3 m. David Horton.
The Sweezey's were Friends from Salem, Mass., and Wm. Hallock, who was a strong Church of England man, disiniherited his son John, and any others of
the family to all time, if they married or contracted with any Quaker or any son or daughter of a Quaker. Years afterwards a grandson of this disinherited John Hallock who lived in Westchester county gave very small portions to any of his children who married those not Quakers.

JOHN3 HALLOCK (William2 Peter1) of Southold, m. 1679, Abigail, dau. of John Sweezey, he d. 25, 5, 1737, she d. 23, 1, 1737, both at Westbury, their children were:
  John Jr.4 b. 1680, m. Hannah, lived at Setauket, L. I.
  Margaret4 b. 1682, m. 1704, John2 John Powell, son
    of Thomas.1
  Benjamin4 m. Sarah.
  Catharine4 m. 1706, Thomas Willets|   sons of
  Sarah4 m. Richard Willets.        | Thomas and
  Mary4 m. 1713, Amos Willets.      |   Dinah.
  Clement4 m. 1716, Isaac Willets.
  Abigail4 b. 1688, unm.
  Peter4 m. 1723, Abigail Powell, dau. of Thomas2
    and Mary (Willets). William.3?
Children of JOHN JR.4 and Hannah Hallock, were:
  John5 b. 1701, m. 1731, Martha Quimby of Mamaroneck,  he d. 1757.
  Sarah5 b. 1702, m. 1727, Caleb Hunt.
  Abigail5 b. 1705, m. 1724, Thomas3 Powell, son of  Thomas2 and Mary (Willets).
  Hannah5 b. 1707, m. Saterlys.
  Catharine5 b. 1712, m. 1732, Moses Powell, son of  Thomas2 and Mary (Willets).
  Edward5 b. 1717, m. 1737, Phebe Clapp, dau. of John  and Dorcas (Quimby), he d. 1810.
Phebe5 b. 1720, m. 1746, Abraham Underhill, son  of Abraham of White Plains.
  Clement5 b. 1723, m. 1752 Caleb Powell, son of  Caleb and Sarah.
  Samuel5 b. 1725, m. 1754.
  Almy5 b. 1727, m. 1747, Jacob Underhill, son of Abraham of White Plains.

PETER4 HALLOCK (John3 William2 Peter1) and Abigail, had removal certificate to Nine Partners Monthly Meeting in 1755, their children appear to have been:
  Moses, Jesse, Thomas, John, Peter, Jr., Zebulun  and perhaps others.

PETER, Jr.5 and wife Ann, had:
  Isaac6 b. 1754, Israel b. 1755, Abigail b. 1757,
    Robert b. 1759, he d. 1762, 29, 12, Ann, b. 1762.
Peter settled north of Washington Hollow on the Main road to Stanford, others lived around that part of the country.

JOHN5 HALLOCK (John4 John3 William2 Peter1) and Martha Quimby, had:
  John6 eldest, by his father's will in 1757 had 300.
  James6 2d, by his father's will in 1757 had 250.
  Daniel6|not 21.|had 200.
  Samuel6|       |had 200.
  Martha6 m. Joseph Sands, 80.
  Phebe when 21, 80.
Martha (Quimby) Hallock, wife of John, to have use of 100 during widowhood, 35 if she marry.

EDWARD5 HALLOCK (John4 John3 William2 Peter1) and Phebe (Clapp), b. 11, 7, 1719, had certificate to Nine Partners in 1764. Their children were:
  Hannah6 b. 4, 10, 1740, m. Nathaniel Smith.
  Dorcas6 b. 21, 1, 1744, m. (???) Young.
  Clement6 b. 24, 4, 1746, m. David Sands.
Mary6 b. 30, 3, 1748, m. Richard Carpenter.
  Catharine6 b. 31, 3, 1750, m. Obadiah Palmer.
  Phebe6 b. 30, 3, 1752, m. Gardner Earl.
  Edward6 b. 22, 4, 1754, m. 1st Susanna Smith, m. 2d Anna Jones.
  Amy6 b. 27, 4, 1756.
  Philena6 b. 11, 7, 1757, m 1st Jeremiah Bedell, m. 2d Joseph Wheeler.
  Martha6 b. 1759, m. James Thorne.
  James6 b. 1, 12, 1761, m. Elisabeth Townsend.
  Sarah6 b. 27, 4, 1763, m. Henry Hull.
  Children of EDWARD6 and Susannah Smith Hallock:
  Rebecca7 b. 13, 11, 1780, m. 29, 3, 1821, John5 Powell,  son of Moses4 and Hannah Wheeler.
  Silas,7 Dorcas,7 Phebe,7 Villetta,7 Epenetus,7 Sarah,7
Second wife, Anna Jones, had:
  Arrabella,7 Mary,7 Ann,7 Susan.7

JAMES6 HALLOCK (Edward5 John4 John3 William2 Peter1) m. Elisabeth Townsend, dau. of Nicholas and Philadelphia (Doughty) and had:
  Nicholas7 m. 1st Elisabeth, dau. of Samuel Titus,
    m. 2d Phebe Smith.
  John Townsend7 m.1 1817, Ann Everett, dau. of  Thomas and Susanna.
  Edward7 m. 1st Annie Sherman, m. 2d Sarah Hull.
  William7 m. Phebe Ann Hull, dau. of John and  Annie.
  Nathaniel7 m. Phebe Ann Burling, dau. of Thos.  and Elisabeth (Hull).
  Phebe7 m. John Mann, son of John and Freelove  (Hull).
  Philadelphia7 m. James Sherman.
Martha T.7 b. 1801, m. David Ketcham, had 3 sons,
    2 grew to manhood and died in the war of the

EDWARD7 HALLOCK and Annie (Sherman) had:
  Nicholas8 m. Valentine8 m. Henrietta Burling, dau. of Thos. Isaac8 m.


MATTHIAS1 MANN m. Sarah Stansbury, had:

JOHN2 m. Freelove Hull b. 1790, and had:

JOHN3 m. Phebe Hallock and had:
  James Mann m. Belle (???).
  Townsend m.
  Sarah m. Isaac Ketchum.
  Martha m. John Hicks.


JOSEPH HULL m. Phebe (???) and had:
  James b. 1772, m.
  John b. 1776, m. Annie.
  Wager b. 1779 m.
  Phebe b. 1781, m. William Renouf.
  Freelove b. 1790, m. John Mann.
  Joseph d. 1791 aged 2 years.

NICHOLAS7 HALLOCK (James6 Edward5 John4 John3 William2 Peter1), m. 1st Elisabeth, b. 1785, dau. of Samuel Titus and Abigail (Robbins), and had:
  Elisabeth8 died young.
  Robert8 b. 26, 11, 1806, m. (???) Barret.
  Ann8 b. 24, 2, 1808.
James8 b. 1809, m. Mary Rathbun, had Elisabeth,
    m. Calvin G. Alvord.
  Samuel8 jr b. 1811, m. a Baylis.
  Sarah8 m. a Scram.
  Nehemiah8 m. a Wood.
  Martha8 m. a Falkner.
  David8 m. Martha S. Ketcham, dau. of John and Rebecca.
  Mary8 m. an Allen.
  William1 Quimby the Immigrant, John2, Josiah3 m.  Mary Mullinieux, their dau. Dorcas4 m. John   Clapp.


Dr. GEORGE1 GILSON CLAPP b. in England 1650, had son

Capt. John2 Clapp who m., and had son

JOHN3 b. 1690, who m. Dorcas Quimby, and had:
  Phebe4 b. 1719, m. Edward Hallock, dau. of John and Hannah.
  Dorcas b. 1738, m. 1st William Sutton, son of  Joseph and Mary Sands Sutton, m. 2d Francis  Nash.
  Alice Sutton, dau. of Wm. and Dorcas, m. Benjamin  Cornell, and had:
  Silas Cornell b. 1789, m. Sarah Mott.
  Phebe Cornell b. 1791, m. Stephen Underhill.

Will of William Hallock, of Brookhaven, 1748, says:

Wife Dinah and children Jesse m., Wm., Richard, David, Mary m. Wm. Long, Dinah, Sarah (she m. 1751 Joseph Dickinson and had Henry and Isaac), Elisabeth.

              Witness JESSE WILLETS.
1770, Mary Hallock cert. to Purchase, Monthly  Meeting.
David Hallock m. Grace Burling, moved to Purchase, was there in 1775.

Richard Hallock of Brookhaven 1769, m. 1773. 1785 moved near Purchase. Richard Hallock m. 1st Amy Horton, had George, m. 1834 Mary Pierce, dau. of Isaac and Sarah, and Joseph m.

John Swazey's children, John jr, Joseph (m. Mary Betts, dau. of Capt. Richard of Newton), Abigail, Mehitable, Sarah and Mary.

Bertha Sweezey, dau. of Joseph, m. William Coleman.

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