George Haff was field Trumpeter, in Brazil, he married Twintie Strachman.
Son, Lawrence Haff, born in Brazil, m. 1676, Kniersie, dau. of Peter Mott and lived in Flushing.
Levi Vincent Haff, of Flushing, m. Esther DeVaux Devoe.
1698. Lorus Haff and wife Cannerto, sons Jarwin, Peter, Johannes and Jacob; daus., Stinchie, Maria, Tuntie, Margaretta and Santa were living in Flushing, L. I.
Jacob Haff, m. had sons Joseph, Jacob and Lawrence m. and lived at Crum Elbow, Duchess Co.
Will 1753 says wife, Hannah, children: Ellis, Susanna, Isaac, Elisabeth and William.
1757. Will of Jacob Haff, jr., of Crum Elbow says, wife Margaret, sons Jacob, William and Lawrence, daus. Anne and Elisabeth.
1758. Will of Lawrence Haff, of Duchess Co., wife Sarah, sons Anthony, Peter, Lawrence and John, dau. Wynchie, Susanna and Mary.
1766. Wm. Huff's wife, of Cortland Manor.
1766. Leonard Huff, of Cortland Manor.
Jacob Haff, of Jerusalem South; now Seaford, m. Dean, children:
Stephen, William, Uriah, David, Fanny, Abigail, b. 1793, m. Samuel Verity, b. 1783, Dorothy, Mary and perhaps others.
Lawrence Haff, m. (now of Bellmore) and had two children, viz:
Lawrence and Elbert.

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