WILLIAM FROST m. Rebecca (Wright) Leverich and had son:

  WRIGHT FROST m. Mary Underhill, dau. of
    2d John and had:
  Joseph3 m. Martha Cock, dau. of James and
    Hannah (Feak).
  William3 m. 1st Hannah Prior, dau. of John and
    Elisabeth, 2d Jemima Coles, dau. of Benjamin.
JOSEPH3 FROST and Martha had:

  Anne4 m. Benjamin Lewis.
  Caleb4 m. Sarah Halstead.
  Jacob4 m. Grace Scarlett.
  Michael4 single.
  Elisabeth4 m. Stephen Horton.
  Wright4 m. Sarah.
  Hannah4 m. 1774, Adolph Covert.
  WILLIAM3 FROST and Hannah had,
  CHARLES4 m. 1st Esther Cock, 2d Mary Rushmore.
    Their children were:
  Isaac5 m. 1807, Hannah Whitson, dau. of Amos.
  Phebe5 m. Samuel B. Titus.
  Sarah5 m. Stephen Mott. son of James and Amy
Jordan Frost, b. at O. Bay, L. I., Feb. 1754, m. 1781, Amy, dau. of Jacob and Amy (Hallock) Underhill,
removed to Nine partners, Mo Me, thence in 1803, to Renselaerville, Mo Me. They had 5 children, he d. 1835, she d. 1799.

Israel Frost d. 1796, gave property to his brothers' children, viz: brother Nathaniel's children:

James, Israel and Mary.

Brother Townsend's children:

Elisabeth, Platt and Isaac; Ex., Uncle James Oakley, and brother Nathaniel, brother Platt, d. 1788, left property to his brothers.

Sister Elisabeth, widow of Thomas Merritt, she d. 1789, after receiving legacy from her brother, Platt Frost.

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