1639. Adrian Cornelius, Capt. of the "Canary Bird," "respecting linen taken on board a prize."

1676. Capt. Cornelius, of Brooklyn, assessed for 128.--Dutch MSS.

1688. Aaron Cornelius, at Flushing, bought land of David Esmond.

John Cornelius, son of Adrian, m. Aug. 7, 1682, Mary Yates, dau. of Francis, all of Flushing.

There was a dau. Ann and probably a son Daniel, children of the 1st wife of Adrian. He married 2d Patience, their children were: Elias and Mary.

Adrian's will, proved 30th day of April, 1692, gave the homestead to son Elias; widow to live there till Elias was of age, during life, if she remained unmarried.

1698. John Cornelius and wife Mary lived at Flushing with children: John, Daniel, Samuel Joseph, Deborah, Mary, Phebe, Sarah and negro Zambo.

1713. Elias Cornelius and Sarah his wife, bought of Wm. Loines and Mary his wife, a place at West Neck, now known as the Minell place at Seaford. He died in 1718.

ELIAS2 CORNELIUS (Adriaen1) m. Sarah? Harnett and had:
  Elias3 b. Nov, 2, 1703, m. Dec. 23, 1725, Elisabeth Rock Smith, dau. of Jonathan.
  Mary Elisa3 m. 1727, Nehemiah Dean, she d. 1750.
Children of ELIAS3 CORNELIUS and Elisabeth Rock Smith, dau. of Jonathan and Elisbeth, he d. June 25, 1743, she m. 2d 1745, Ezekiel Matthews:
  Elias4 b. May 12, 1729, he d. 1762.
  Jane4 b. Sept. 20, 1731, m. 1752, Johannes Covert.
  Patience4 b. 1734, lived single.
  Jonathan4 b. Mar. 26, 1736, m. 1757, Mary Baldwin,  he d. 1820.
  John4 b. Dec. 22, 1739, m. 1766, Mary Powell, b.  Dec. 30, 1739, he d. Apr. 10, 1814.
  Moses4 b. Jan. 4, 1743, m. Nancy Carman, he d. 1796.

JONATHAN4 CORNELIUS (Elias3 Elias2 Adriaen1) and Mary (Baldwin) had:
  Elias5 b. 1757, became an M. D.
  James5 b. June 21, d. the 31st, 1759.
  Nancy5 b. 1760, William5 d.
  Elisabeth5 b. 1763, Sarah5 b. 1765, John5 b. 1766,
    Mary5 b. 1767, Phebe5 b. 1770, Jane b. 1775, d.  1800.
  Jonathan 5b. 1778, m. Sarah, had dau. Ann, m. 1st  a Powell, 2d 1801, George Weeks.
  Daniel5 b. 1780, M. D.

JOHN4 CORNELIUS (Elias3 Elias2 Adriaen1) and Mary, dau. of Thos3 Powell, had:
  Mary5 b. Jan. 31, 1767, m. May 6, 1789, Jesse Merritt, son of Nathaniel and Ann, she d. Sept.  11, 1840.

MOSES4 CORNELIUS and Nancy Carman had:
  Mary5 m. Robert Powell, son of Solomon.
  Samuel5 m. Jemima Mott, sister of John the preacher.
  John5 b. 1773, m., d. 1829.
  Henry5 m. Jane Verity.
  William,5 Moses.5
Benjamin5 m. Ruth Darby.
  Elisabeth5 m. Scudder Robbins.

SAMUEL5 CORNELIUS (Moses4 Elias3 Elias2 Adriaen1) and Jemima Mott had:
  John,6 Gideon,6 Henry,6 Carman,6 Mott,6 Jordan,6
  Lott6 m. a Valentine.
  Hiram6 m. a Smith.

BENJAMIN5 CORNELIUS (Moses4 Elias3 Elias2 Adriaen,1 and Ruth Darby had:
  John6 m., Charles6 m.
  Carman6 m. 1st Phebe Jane Combs, 2d Smith, widow Powell, he d, 1893.
  Benjamin6 d. 1894.
Children of JANE4 CORNELIUS and Johannes2 Covert, m. 1752.
  William2 b. 1753, m. Jane Stymits, son John3 m.  Loretta Lefferts, he d. 1841.
  Jacob2 b. 1758, was in Oysterbay in 1799, m. Catherine  Powell, dau. of Joseph and Deborah.
  John2 m. 1781, Catharine Hoagland.
  Elisabeth2 m. Fulket Duryea.
  Jane2 m. Henry Lounsberry.
  Moses2 he d. 1787.

JOHN3 COVERT and Loretta (Lefferts) had:
  Jane4 m. a Nichols, son of John, Elisabeth,4 m. an Austen, Maria4 m. a Purdy.

JACOB2 COVERT and Catherine (Powell) had:
  Joseph3 m. had son Jacob.4
  Deborah3 m. a Bumpstead.
Another John Covert m. an unknown, 2d a Remsen, 3d Rebecca Striker.

JOHN and REBECCA (Striker) COVERT had:
  William m. Helena Duryea and had Abraham, m. 1st a Mulineux, 2d Hannah Hicks.
Maria m. a Debevoise.
  Hannah m. Jacob B.

MARY ELISA (Cornelius) and Nehemiah Dean, had Sarah, d. at 20 years of age.
  Daniel Dean, b. 1731, d. 1753, Eunice, b. 1734,
    Phebe, b. 1738, Thomas, b. 1742, Kesia, b. 1745.
Nehemiah Dean was a weaver, at Oysterbay south, in 1764, and gave quit claims to Wm. Jones, for undivided lands of the estate of Elias Cornelius, deceased.

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