JOHN1 CARMAN, of Roxbury, came to Lynne, Massachusetts, in 1631, settled at Sandwich, Mass., wife Florence. Children:
  John2 b. 1633, m. Hannah.
  Abigail2 b. 1635, m. Benjamin Coe.
  Caleb2 died.
  Joshua,2 a minor in 1661.
  Caleb2 b. Jan. 9, 1645. The first white child born  in Hempstead, was blind. In 1641 John Carman  was at Stamford, Conn, removed to Hempstead  in 1644. "Hempstead was bought of the  natives in 1643 by Rev. Robert Fordham and  Mr. John Carman." As it was under Dutch  jurisdiction, they also obtained a patent from  Governor Keift in 1644. John1 Carman died about 1658.
JOHN2 CARMAN (John1 Carman) m. Hannah,
    d. 1684. Children:
  John3 m. Hannah, dau. of Capt. John Seaman.
  Benjamin3 m. Deliverance, he d. 1694, widow m.
    2d, Jonathan Lewis, of Smithtown.
  Joshua, a minor in 1684.
  Joseph, a minor in 1684.

Second JOHN CARMAN'S Will says eldest son John, Caleb2, dau. Abigail, son Benjamin, sons Samuel and Thomas, to have the land that lies near Robert Jackson's younger sons Joshua and Joseph. Brother Joshua's property to be taken care of for him, he to live with John and Caleb if he wishes to. Sons John and Caleb executors.

BENJAMIN CARMAN'S Will, 1694, says father John Carman, eldest son Benjamin, mute, 2d, John, eldest dau. Sarah, 2d, Dinah, 3d, Mary, not of age.

  Third John Carman died before 1759, his son John  is called his heir son.
  THOMAS joined in the sale of land.
  Ruth, dau. of Thomas Carman, m. 1730, Solomon  Powell, son of Thomas.
  Phebe, dau. of Thomas Carman, m. 1732, John Townsend, he b. 1708, lived at Westbury.
  Hannah, dau. of Thomas Carman, m. 1755, Baront  Van Wyke.
Of JOHN CARMAN and Hannah Seaman, dau. of Capt. John, descended Great Adam Carman and Adam and Stephen Carman of Hempstead South.

James Carman's will, 1780, says wife Martha, son John, daughters Mary, Ruth, Marian, Rebecca and Priscilla.
Adam Carman m. Philadelphia Titus, dau. of  Jacob.

In 1709. Thomas Carman was to make assessment of every freeholder and sojourner in Hempstead Bounds.
Thomas Carman m. Sarah Brinkerhoff, she b. 1738.

In 1682. John Carman, sen., John Carman, jnr., and Caleb Carman, agree to pay Jeremy Hobart, the minister, yearly during the time we live under his ministry: John, sen., 2, John, jnr., 10 shilling, and Caleb 10 s.

1666. Richard Latten of Huntington sells his home lot to John Carman. Lot was formerly Thomas Fosters.

1663. Caleb Carman sells to Henry Disborro a Neck of Meadow lying below the mill, which he bought of Thomas Jaycocks, bounded east by Mill river neck, west by Mill river.

1680. Richard Stiles sells lot of fifty acres at Westbury to Henry Willis. Said lot bounded by land of John Seaman, Edmond Titus, John Carman and Thomas Ellison.

1683. John Carman, John Carman, jnr., not married, and Caleb Carman had land, animals, etc.

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