Sylvester Baldwin, m. Sarah Ryan, he d. in 1638, while on a voyage to America with his family. His son Richard, b. 1622, m. Elisabeth Alsop. Richard was in New Haven in 1639. His dau. Temperance Baldwin between 1640-50, m. Nathan Burchell (or Birdsall), at New Haven.

In 1657, Nathan1 Birdsall lived on the east side of B street, near the north end in East Hampton, L. I., left there soon.

1666. Mark Meggs sells to Nathan1 Burcham five acres at Matinecock on which N. B. do now live.

1667-8. Indians sold land at Matinecock to Nathan Birdsall.

1678. Agreement that Nathan1 Birdsall, Matthew Pryor, Christopher Hawxhurst and Samuel and Joseph Weeks shall have the great meadow and half the little meadow.

Capt. John Underhill, Nathan Birdsall, Matthew Pryor, James Cock and John Feaks formed the neighborhood of Killingworth Oysterbay, L. I.

1679. Nathan Birdsall bought of Lawrence I. Mott, land lying near a tract of land called Jerusalem, (Little Britain).

1679. Thomas Ireland sold to Nathan Birdsall land at Jerusalem, called Birdsall's Swamp.

  Children of NATHAN1 Birdsall, he d. 1696.
  Samuel2 m. 1690, Jane Langdon.
Benjamin,2 m. Mercy Forman dau. of Samuel and
    Miriam (Harcourt).
  Stephen2 m. Mary.
  Nathaniel2 m. Mary.
  William2 m. Mary.
  Henry2 m. and had dau. Mary, m. John Dorland.
  Nathan2 m.

BENJAMIN2 BIRDSALL (Nathan1) m. Mercy, dau. of Samuel Forman and wife Miriam (Harcourt), Will 1719. Children:
  Elizabeth3 b. 1683, m. a Townsend.
  Susanna3 b. 1685, m. an Underhill.
  Samuel3 b. 1687, m. 1st 1716, Rose Wright, 2d 1726, Sarah Townsend.
  Judith3 b. 1689, m. a Townsend.
  Benjamin3 b. 1691, m. Martha.
  Miriam3 b. 1693, John3 b. 1696, Zilpea3 b. 1699,
    Sarah3 b. 1702, Nathan3 b. 1705.
    One more.
Children of Benjamin Birdsall, of O. B. and Martha:
  Benjamin, Nathaniel, Phebe, Sarah, Mary, Debora,
    Martha and Elisabeth.

JOHN3 BIRDSALL (Benjamin2 Nathan1) d. 1764, children, of 1st wife E. Langdon.
  Thomas4 m. Rosanna Pearce, dau. of his stepmother.
  John4 m. 1750, Phebe Seaman dau. of James and Martha.
  Joshua4 m. a Sprague.
  Benjamin4 m. 1763, Freelove Jones, dau. of William  and Phebe.
  Joseph4 m. Mary Clowes, dau. of Samuel and Rebecca  (Dorland).
  Samuel4 m. had daughter Elisabeth.5
2d wife, E. Coe, widow Pierce, had:  both of Great Neck.
  Mary4 b. 1746. m. 1762, Capt. Samuel Seaman.
  Deborah4 unm.
  THOMAS4 eldest son of John3 and his 1st wife, m.  Rosanna Pierce, dau. of Elisabeth Coe and her 1st husband, Pierce.
  Elisabeth, dau. of Thomas and Rosanna (Pierce)  Birdsall, m. 1st Parmenas Jackson, b. 1750, 2d  m. James Downing, and had Jemima, Thomas  and Coe S., 3d m. Amos Willets of Jericho. No children.
PARMENAS JACKSON, d. Jan 19, 1781, of wounds received at his house at Little Britain,  from a party of plunderers, His children were:
  Parmenas, m. Charity Coles, son of Benjamin Thomas, d.
  Elisabeth, m. Micah Jackson.
  Rosanna m. Samuel Nicholas.
  John m. Margaret Cornell, dau. of Stephen.

JOHN4 BIRDSALL, (John3 Benj.2 Nathan1) m. Phebe Seaman and had:
  Seaman5 m. Abigail Smith.
  James5 m. Mary Seaman, dau. of John and Elisabeth
Children of SEAMAN5 BIRDSALL and Abigail:
  John6 m. a Williams.
  James6 m. a Jackson.
  Charlotte6 unm.
  Phebe6 m. 1st a Duryea, 2d a Wiggins.

JAMES5 BIRDSALL and Mary (Seaman) had:
  Benjamin6 m. Almy and had Amy, Elisa, Harriet,
    m. Seaman5 Birdsall had home at Plain Edge, north of his uncle, Thomas5 Birdsall's place, at Jerusalem. He sold it in 1810, to Elijah, son of Samuel Seaman. The place was on the west side of the Jerusalem road.
Joshua4 Birdsall (John3 Benjamin2 Nathan1) m. a Sprague, and had:
 John5 called Dandy. Others.

BENJAMIN4 BIRDSALL (John3 Benjamin2 Nathan1) m. 1763, Freelove Jones, he d. 1799, children:
  David,5 Benjamin,5
  Phebe5 m. a Jackson.
  Elisabeth5 m. Jackson Althouse.
  Margaret5 m. 1st Jacob Seaman, 2d Dr. Timothy  Tredwell.
  Mary5 m. a Wright.
  Charlotte5 b. 1764, m. Zebulun Seaman son of  Thomas and Martha.
  Thomas5 m. Phebe Jackson, dau. of Jacob, d. previous  to 1814. Children of Thomas and Phebe:  Jackson,6 Lena,6 Timothy.6

JOSEPH4 BIRDSALL (John3 Benjamin2 Nathan1) m. Mary Clowes, dau. of Samuel. They lived mostly at Jerusalem, were at Coxsackie a few years, after the war of the Revolution, children:
  Elisabeth5 b. 1767, unm., she d. 1846.
  Rebecca5 b. 1770, d. 1775.
  John5 b. 1773, unm., he d. 1850.
  Anna5 b. 1776, unm., she d. 1805.
  Mary5 b. 1779, m. Oliver Post, she d, 1828.
  Catharine5 b. 1781, she d. 1783.
  Deborah5 b. 1784, m. Thomas Seaman, she d. 1862.
  Sarah5 b. 1790, m. John Garner, she d. 1836.

SARAH BIRDSALL and John Garner had:
  William m. Carolina E. Seaman, he d. 1873.
John B.
  Elisabeth m. Luke Weeks.

John Garner came about 1800, from Armagh, Ireland, he was a school teacher in Jerusalem several years, and subsequently a merchant. He had been steward in the Methodist Church at "home" and came with a good certificate from the Pastor, he d. highly respected in Jerusalem, about 1838.

Will of Elisabeth Birdsall, widow of John3 dated 1795, gave property to dau. Rosanna, son Samuel and dau. Mary, wife of Capt. Samuel Seaman. To grand children, Benjamin, Samuel and James Mott. Elisabeth Birdsall, dau. of Samuel, Elisabeth Pierce, wife of Samuel and Elijah Seaman and Thomas Seaman.
1767. Thomas and Elisabeth Allen sold to Joseph Birdsall, land bounded south by Jacob Seaman's land near the school house, west by the main road, then northerly, easterly and southerly, then westerly by land of Solomon Seaman, and Thomas and Samuel Seaman, to Jacob Seaman's land, then west by that to the road about 41 acres, 2d piece on the west side of the road, the north east corner near Samuel Seaman's barn, bounded north by Samuel's, west by Thomas's and Jacob's, south by road that leads from Jerusalem to Hempstead, 48 acres.

STEPHEN2 BIRDSALL (Nathan1) and Mary, he d. 1724, had:
  Stephen3 m. 1738, Deliverance Willets.
  Phebe3 m. 1st a Havens, 2d a Bartlett.
Children of Stephen and Deliverance:
  Mary4 m. Timothy Willets.
  Sarah4 m. Jarvis Hazelton.

Stephen4 m. Desire Mott.
Mary, widow of Stephen2 returned to Matinecock in 1726, and m. 2d David Allen. They went to Shrewsbury, N. J.

In 1696. Nathaniel and Benjamin Birdsall, sons of Nathan, were at New Britain, in the bounds of Hempstead.

In 1713. Nathaniel and Mary Birdsall sell the homestead on which they now dwell to George Wright.

In 1713. Moses Fforman, John Mathis, or Matthews went from Long Island, and with Nathaniel and Stephen Birdsall settled Daniel Mathis Island, Little Egg Harbor; subsequently Moses Fforman settled in Ocean County, New Jersey.

1731. Will of George Baldwin, wife was Mary, dau. of Thomas and Martha Ellison. Ch.

Ezekiel m. Rachel.

Samuel, Joseph, Thomas Doc., George, Abigail Townsend, Phebe Lewis, Eleanor Howard, Rachel Featherbee, wife of John, Martha Baldwin.

Mary, widow of (???) Lines.

Grandson, William Lines.

                 |THOMAS PEARSALL,
              Ex.|SAMUEL UNDERHILL,
                 |and MY SON SAMUEL.

1698. Derick Brower and Hannah, his wife, at Flushing, L. I., one son.

1701. Derick Brower, at Jamaica, Hendrick at Flatlands.

1711. Hendrick Brower, wife Maratie, sons Benjamin, Johannes, and others, perhaps Jeremiah and Peter. No children.
1767. Peter Brower's, will says son Jacob, daus. Elisabeth, m. Henry Ustick, and Ann, m. John Walker.

Richard Betts, m. and had three children viz:

Mary m. Joseph Sweezy, Joanna m. John Scudder, Martha, m. Philip Ketchum.

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