The will of John James of Cardiffe, county Glamorgan, Principality of Wales, dated March 13, 1660. Devises to John Beadle my Doublet and black cloth breeches and 40 shillings, (his father owes me) to keep him in school. John James was town clerk of Hempstead 1657, '58 and '59.

1667. Daniel Bedell enters an action in the case against Adam Mott, put off till next courts.

1668. Daniel Bedell enters an action of the case against Adam Mott, jr.

1674. Robert Bedell and Blanche his wife, their sons Daniel and John.

1671. Sold to Goodman Robert Bedell, the town house or the parsonage lot; at 9 in corn or in cattle, equivalent.

1673. Matthew Bedell.

1675. John Bedell declares that William Weir owes him for a borrowed bridle(???)and 1682 that Joseph Langdon owes him for butchering.

1678. Mr. Seaman and Daniel Bedell are chosen to lay out the meadow, Daniel Bedell, b. 1680, son of Daniel Bedell, sr.,

1682. John Bedell, Robert Bedell, sr., and jr., Daniel Bedell and Matthew Bedell.

1710. Job Bedell, 1718, Joseph and Jeremiah were fence viewers.

1718. David Bedell, he was constable and collector in 1721 and in 1783.

1718. Jeremiah Bedell was church warden till 1757.

1727. Jeremiah Bedell was surveyor, 1730, lieutenant.

1763. Jeremiah Bedell, jr. had lot near the church yard in Hempstead.

1766. Silvanus Bedell and others to sell stray sheep unclaimed at parting.

1776. William Bedle substitute for Peter Titus in American Army.

(???) Uriah Bedell taken prisoner by Whig soldiers.

1780. Sylvester Bedle was a sergeant under Capt. Hewlett, Loyalist.

1783. Justice Bedell, 1784, Jecamiah Bedell pender.

1802. Richard Bedell, Abraham Bedell was the first Postmaster in Hempstead, Post Office established in 1802.

1804. Hezekiah Bedell received 654 votes in the county for member of the Assembly, 1827, Daniel Bedell.

JEREMIAH1 BEDELL of Hempstead, m. Mary, she d Aug. 1, 1791, he d. Jan. 21, 1788. Their children were:
  Gilbert2 went South.
  Joseph2 m. had Jane, John, Elisabeth, Marion and Jemima.
  Sylvester2 m.
  Jeremiah2 b. 1751, m. 1st a Gildersleeve, 2d Philena  Hallock.
Catharine2 b. Nov. 23, 1753, m. 1776, Thomas
    Clowes, b. 1743, she d. March 11, 1824.
  Mary2 m. Thomas Dorland, dau. Mary m. Phineas  Baldwin.

SYLVESTER2 BEDELL (Jeremiah1) m. and had:
  William3 b. 1771, m. 1st Abigail Powell, 2d Hannah  Bradbury.

WILLIAM3 BEDELL (Sylvester2 Jeremiah) of Coxsackie, m. 1st Abigail, b. 1773, dau. of Elisha4 Powell and Rachel (Ham) and had:
  Rachel4 b. 1796, m. Peter Bedell.
  John W4. b 1798, m. Martha Titus.
  Daniel4 b. 1800, m. Marion Gurney, dau. of Benj.  b. 1773, and Martha, b. 1780, Gurney.
  Mary4 b. 1802, m. Jeremiah Bedell.
  Elisha4 b. 1804, m. Ann Searles.
  Henry4 b. 1806, m. Deborah Searles.
  Catharine4 b. 1808, m. Robert Nelson.
Children of 2d marriage:
  William4 b. 1813, m. Matilda Bedell.
  Phebe4 b. 1815, m. Thurston Chase.
  Hannah4 d.
  Abraham4 b. 1817, m. Sarah Sanderson.
  Benjamin4 b. 1820, m. Mary Ann Cook.
  Ellen4 b. 1821, not m.
  Elisabeth4 b. 1823, not m.

DANIEL4 BEDELL and Marion (Gurney) had: Abigail5 m. Luman Powell.
  Ann C5. m. Isaac Stevens.
  Martha G.5 m. Coenard Powell.
  Benjamin G5.
  Mary C5.
  Guli Elma.5
  Henry P5.
  Phebe E5. m. a Serles.
  Daniel E5.
  Sarah M5. m. a Gurney.
Children of MARTHA (BEDELL) and Benjamin Gurney, b. 1773.
  Marion Bedell Gurney, m. Daniel4 Bedell.
  Catharine, m a Gree.
  Mary, m. a Hoag.
  Henry B. m.
  Anna, m. a Griffin.
  Jacob B.
  Jeremiah Gurney lives in New York, Photographer  in Broadway.
Peter Cooper, of Cooper's Institute, New York, m. a Bedell, her brother lived in 30th street, New York. Ex-Mayor Hewett, m. Peter Cooper's daughter.

JEREMIAH2 BEDELL JR. (Jeremiah1) m. Miriam Gildersleeve, and had:
  Thomas3 m. Esther Carman.
  Mary3 m, Caleb Spencer.
  Jeremiah3 m. Ruth Chase.
  Martha3 m. Benjamin Gurney.
  Kesia3 m. N. Golden.
  Catharine3 m. Thomas Nelson.
Gilbert3 m. Zilla.
  John3 m. Dorcas Powell.
  Jacob3 m. Hannah Cornell.

THOMAS3 BEDELL (Jeremiah2 Jeremiah1) and Esther (Carman) had:
  Peter4 b. 1794.
  Jacob4 b. 1797, m. Anna Wilson, dau. of Richard.
  Jeremiah4 b. 1799.
  Hewlett4 b. 1801, m. had Peter S. of Po'keepsie,
  Joseph4 b. 1803, Lewis4 b. 1805, Thomas4 b. 1808,
    Caleb4 b. 1810, Anna4 b. 1812, Henry4, b. 1814,
    Gildersleeve4 1816.

JACOB4 BEDELL and Anna (Wilson) had:
Caleb5 m. Martha Raymond, dau. of Lewis and Maria (Bunker).
Caleb5 and Martha Bedell had:
  Howard6 and another, both died when nearly grown.
  Ada6 m. (???)
  Ella6 m. a Partridge, has a little son.
Jacob2 Bedell (Jeremiah1) m. Hannah Cornell had:
  William3 m. 1st had children, 2d Henrietta (Hallock) widow Irish.
  About 1740, WILLIAM BEDELL, m. Mary Willis, a granddaughter of Thos.1 Powell,  had children, Mordecai, Rachel, Jehiel, m. 1782,  out of meeting, and others.

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