October 30, 1663, Samuel Andrews, son of Edward, of Barbadoes, m. Mary Wright, dau, of Peter and Alice. Their son Edward, b. 1667, m. 1694, Sarah Ong(???)and Alice eldest dau. of Edward and Sarah, m. 1st Edward Higbie, m. 2d John Matthews. They went from L. I. to Eggharbor, N. J. in 1714, and their son Micajah Matthews, b. 1717, m. 1747, Mercy, dau. of Joshua and Jane Shreve. Benjamin, son of Micajah Matthews, m. Anne Merritt and their dau's. Mercy, m. Isaac Powell, and Eliza, m. Jacob Powell. The children of Jacob and Eliza Powell were Jacob, Benjamin, Samuel and Annie.

The original of which this is a copy was a few years ago among the family papers of S. H. Shreve at No. 1224 Broadway, N. Y.

WHEREAS, there hath been intentions of marriage between Jarvis Ffaro of Springfield, in the county of Burlington, in West Jersey, and Elisabeth Willets, dau. of Hope and Mercy Willets of Hempstead, L. I, in the province of New York.

These are to certify the truth to all people whom it may concern: yt Jarvis Ffaro and Elizabeth Willets having laid their intentions of marriage before two several meetings of the people of God called Quakers, and persons having been appointed to make inquiry, by sd meeting, of their clearness from all others in relation to marriage, and at their second meeting all things being found clear, and with consent of parents and relations ye sd meeting consented to their proceeding.
And att the house of Hope Willets in the bounds of Hempstead, the fourth day of ye 1st month, one thousand seven hundred and one, att a meeting of the people of God called Quakers, for the same purpose, the party as aforesaid Jarvis Ffaro and Elisabeth Willets did stand up, and solemnly declare themselves husband and wife, promising to Live together in love and faithfulness till death shall separate them, and for further confirmation they have hereunto sett their hands, the day and year aforesaid, in the presents of us
|Jarvis Ffaro
whose names are underwritten|          mark
we being witnesses thereto. |Elisabeth A. Ffaro.

Thomas Powell,
Hope Willets,
Nathaniel Pearsall,
Marce Willets,
Edmond Titus,
Thomas Seaman,
Cenermia Seaman,
Richard Willets,
George S. Kessington,
Thomas Powell,
Richard Ridgeway,
Mary Powell,
Thomas Pearsall,
Thomas Whitson.

When Samuel Andrews, of O. B. married Mary Wright in 1663, by friends ceremony, among the witnesses were John and Elizabeth Underhill, Hannah Wright and others.

In 1683. Samuel Andrews and family removed to New Jersey.

In 1684. Samuel d. at Charlestown, Mass., Richard Russell and Nicholas Davison were appointed by the General Court, of Boston to administer upon the estate, and they sold Horse Neck, L. I. to John Richbell.

Samuel bought Horse Neck of Daniel Whitehead at an early period.

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