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     Shields Library is a Federal Records Depository open to the general public. The Library has many handouts. A multi-volume collection of what these resources contain, as they relateto genealogy and family history, is located at the Genealogy Reference Section of the Davis Branch of the Yolo County Library in Davis, California, at 315 East 14th Street. An A.D. 1997copy of the massive browse (with book count in each area) selection of genealogy records in the total UC system wide Melvyl®, including the California State Library at Sacramento and the Sutro center in San Francisco, is located at the Shields Second Floor Humanities and Social Sciences Reference Counter, locked in the glass case behind the reference desk in a"Genealogy" marked box. A copy was also given to the Davis LDS Stake FH Center Library, in Woodland, Yolo County, California, as well as the Solano County Genealogical Society. A smaller edition was provided to the Davis City Genealogy and Library Club at the Senior Center. The Second Floor of Shields Library also has many CDs of interest, including Historical Abstracts, American History Abstracts, Dissertations, special ethnic groups, and an over eight (8) million nameindex from the Gale Publications Biography and Genealogy Master Index (See: GaleNet Databases ), as well as key reference books that provide clues on how to do scholarly genealogical and family history research.
      Shields Library is one of the best kept secrets in Sacramento Valley as far as the genealogy andfamily history community are concerned. It is the most research user-friendly resource in theState of California, if a patron is willing to do his/her own work and spend the time to learn the system. Shields Library is THE genealogical and historical center in the Sacramento area for the use of genealogical, historical and cultural materials. It is listed, by invitation, among the top twenty-five (25) Research Institutions in the World. UCD, being an Agriculture Institution,makes for a true Family History Center. In the United States, prior to the 1870's, agriculture was the major occupation in the nation. By the time of the 1790 Census, 94 per cent of all the United States population was involved in agriculture, President George Washington not excluded.The atmosphere and collections give a more true picture of the basic ancestry and historical setting of most of mankind, in all nations and among all peoplessince the beginning of time. The Bible, for example, is much more easily understood from an agricultural perspective.
This library institution has over 500 resource books in the "E" section relating to migration. It hasover 20,000 books on the British Isles alone in the "D" History section and it has developedthe MainLibrary Reading Room on the Second Floor with the "C"section, the Auxiliary Sciences of History that includes genealogy records. Shields Library is open for very long hours under the jurisdictionof an excellent paid professional staff. They may direct you to some specific records,such as Local Population Studies, at HB 885, L81.Or, to the periodical, Time & Society, An International Interdisciplinary Journal,Vol. 5, Number 2, 1996, HM 208 T56, containing the article: "The Family Historian and TemporalOrientations Towards the Ancestral Past". Its findings,reported from a 1994 mail surveyof 1348 members of a Canadian genealogical society, show the impact of the family historian role on personalidentity and family culture.
Shields Library has hundreds of books onthe subject of family history. The Map collectionis part of the lower level of the library, which also includes a large copy area and microform collection section. A sample book located there is called Distances Between Ports, VK 799, D57,1985. It provides information on connecting ports which can be used to calculate the time for ship travel, as well as determine unknown port or ports of departure. The "B"section provides excellent resources to religious beliefs and congregational information. Other key record resources related to genealogy andfamily history, for every location inthe world, (such as the multi-thousand book Jewish collection in the "DS" section), are scattered throughout the various floors and buildings of the campus-wide library system.
      The University of California at Davis General Library Home Page has: Shields Library Maps Combine this with theLibrary of Congress Classification Systemto determine where everythingis located. There are also big red Subject Classification books located at reference points throughout the library. There is an extensive collection of the History of America in the "E"and "F" sections of the library. These books, which can be checked out for home use, are awelcome complement to the LDS Sacramento Regional FHC book collection, with its moreextensive automated CD files. Shields Library collections include numerous invaluable runs of regional periodical collections that are not available at the LDS FHC in Salt Lake City, Utah. The"G", Geography section, provides maps of all sizes, shapes and content. The "V", Naval Science section has numerous books that add insight into oceanic travel and migration. The "Z" section has numerous bibliographic works related to genealogical resources.
      There are about 2.5 million records at UCD Shields Library System. There are currently about 15 million records in the UC System wide computer terminals. There are about 25 million books overall,listed in the UC System. Some are still in local card files, of which many are genealogy books. Shields Library stores some records at NRLF, the Northern Regional Library Facility atRichmond, California. NRLF has about five (5) million low use books. These can be retrieved via UCD on an overnight shuttle basis and taken home toreview, if you have a Library Card. The approximate two (2) million books from UC Berkeley are at NRLF and can usually be brought up through the system to UC Davis. All of this capacitydoes not appear to be openly used bythe Sacramento regional genealogy community.
A      legal resident of the State of California can join the UCD Alumni Association and become a sustaining member. Check out the web site for location at: UCD Alumni Association Currently, for $40/year, the UCD Alumni Association card allows any person holding it to enter any of the nine UC Library systems statewide, such as UCD, UCLA, UCB, etc., and have individual library cards made from each library. This gives free general library borrowing privileges, with restrictions as applied at local campus sites. Monitors in the library connected to the Internet can be used by the general  public following posted University Library Research policy. Information can be E-mailed directly to home computers,(if you have your own private E-mail account), or sent to the library copy center, if desired. Note taking is not necessary. All of the How To is listed on notices next to the various monitor booths or tables. Please use discretely at low student volume use, such as on weekends, not during finals, early in the morning or later in the evening. Break times andsummer are excellent.

General public access to worldwide database resources, including access to over 38 million records in *Firstsearch, can be directly obtained on the older computer terminal screens,within the Shields Library Building. The new terminal screens provide the same accessvia Telnet.

Additional Services
NOTE:  Unfortunately some of these sources have become outdated as links change online faster then it is possible to keep up with.  My apologies for any dead links.

California State University, Sacramento -- University Library
This library has a special collection of reference works related to Genealogy and Family History.

Cyndi's Sites of Libraries, Archives & Museums
Lists of Genealogy Sites on the Internet.

Electronic References From UC Davis Shields Library
This page has online dictionaries for different languages, Webster Dictionary, Peterson's, Telephone directories, Fact books, Maps, Kelly Blue Book, Classics Archive, On line books, Internet resources, Colleges and Universities on the Web, College Link, Job Link, and many more. A great resource for anyone. A must for your bookmarks.

Internet Library for Librarians
A comprehensive Web database designed to provide a one-stop shopping center for librarians to locate Internet resources related to their profession. The Most Popular Information Resource Site for Librarians Since 1994.

IPL (The Internet Public Library) Reference Center
This page offers information in: reference and education guides, arts & humanities, health & medical sciences, law, Government & political science, business economics & social sciences, sciences & technology, computers & Internet, entertainment & leisure. This site is great for any student young to old. Excellent site.

Librarian's Information Online Network (LION)
An information resource for K-12 school librarians that parents and teachers will find most helpful.

Library Catalogues on the World Wide Web

Library Information Services
Library Information Service facts page from My Virtual Reference Desk.

Library of Congress Home Page

Library of Congress Experimental Search System

Library of Congress Research Libraries Connection
Web links to major research libraries.

Libweb (Library Servers via WWW)
This site currently lists over 2500 pages from libraries in over 70 countries.

Melvyl Home Page
University of California Library Catalog online.

Mountain-Valley Library System
MVLS is a network of libraries throughout north-central California joined together to provide resources beyond individual collections and services.

OCLC (Online Computer Library Center, Inc.)
OCLC is a nonprofit, membership, library computer service and research organization dedicated to the public purposes of furthering access to the world's information and reducing information costs. It has over 17,000 member libraries.

RLIN (Research Libraries Information Network)
RLIN is an information management and retrieval system used by hundreds of comprehensive research libraries, archival repositories, museums, academic, public, law, technical and corporate libraries for cataloging, interlibrary loan and archives and manuscripts control; also to build an international database of bibliographic information.

The ROOTS-L Library
An Internet Library of Genealogy Information that includes what books there are in the Library of Congress.

Salt Lake City LDS Family History Center
This page offers information on the Library that now houses the largest collection of genealogical materials in the world. Some of its collections, the published surname books section and the family group sheets section, are now located within the Joseph Smith, Jr. Memorial Building (formerly the Hotel Utah), with additional computer stations.

University of California at Davis General Library Home Page
Resources at Shields Library at UC Davis, as well as links to many other resources.

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Genealogy Archives

Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: Family Finder Index
This is a searchable surname database for pedigrees
and other family information.

Family Tree Maker's Genealogy Site: Internet Family Finder
This database will search the Internet for surname information
and family information.

 Family Tree Maker Online Search
This database will search for names and words anywhere
in Family Tree Maker Online except the Family Finder Index.

GENDEX -- WWW Genealogical Index
This server indexes hundreds of World Wide Web databases
containing genealogical data for over two million individuals.

Genealogy and History
This site has many major Genealogical and
Family History resources.

GenServe - Genealogical Server Information
Surname searches and GEDCOM file information.

Global Surname Search
Search an entire country or the entire world.

Information and contacts on family reunions worldwide.

Roots Surname List -- Interactive Search
Surname searchable database.

Surname Newsletters and Periodicals
Contains monthly news, information and resources.

Who Can Find?
This page has information and resources on how to find people.

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Genealogy Forums on CompuServe®

CompuServe's Genealogy Forums can supply you with the information that you are looking for in a manner that you can use quickly and easily. Many genealogy sources are available on CompuServe itself. And then there are pointers to hundreds of other genealogy sources on the Internet.

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National Archives and Records Administration

Genealogists are the most numerous users of the Washington, DC, research rooms, and 13 regional records service facilities of the National Archives and Records Administration (NARA). This area provides many of the finding aids, guides, and research tools that can prepare you for a visit to one of our facilities or for requesting records from NARA.

 This page provides information about:

 Policy Issues Affecting Genealogists
Genealogical Publications
Quick Guides
General Information Leaflets
The Soundex Machine
Catalogs of Microfilm Publications
Regional Records Services Facilities
Genealogy Workshops and Courses
Genealogical Data in NAIL
Genealogical Resources on the World Wide Web

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NIST Virtual Library

This page contains a list of online reference and research resources from various NIST programs. The NIST Research Library is open to the public. See directions to NIST, maps of the NIST Campus and Research Library and other details about coming by. Search Engines, directories, references tools, etc. all available via the web

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Starting Point's Reference Online

The Internet offers reference resources. The problem is organizing them for quick, efficient access. That's the whole point behind Starting Point's Reference Online section. Quick, efficient access using the superb resources we've assembled--while being able to add your own links to personalize. It's the smart way to go.

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Reference Database

The site contains an extensive collection of Internet resources for general reference material: Dictionaries and Encyclopedias, Phonebook Resources, Government Resources, Scientific Tables, Countries, Cities, Places, and Miscellaneous Reference Sites.

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NARA Archival Information Locator (NAIL)

NAIL is a searchable database that contains information about a wide variety of NARA's holdings across the country. You can use NAIL to search descriptions for key words or topics, and then to retrieve digital copies of selected textual documents, photographs, maps, and sound recordings.
Although NAIL contains more than 380,000 descriptions and 88,500 digital copies, it represents only a limited portion of NARA's vast holdings. To ensure you find all information in which you are interested, consult our home page or contact our reference staff.
NAIL is the working prototype for a future online catalog of holdings in Washington, DC, the regional archives, and the Presidential libraries. Until a full catalog is developed, NAIL will continue to serve as the agency's on-line information system.

Return to index. - Long Island Our Story - Newsday

Long Island: Our Story, the most extensive series ever undertaken by Newsday, documents local history from the Ice Age to the Space Age. In addition to the hundreds of pages produced for Newsday's print editions, this site offers a wealth of additional photos, source documents, audio, video and more.
The daily series, published in Newsday from September, 1997, through June, 1998, proceeds chronologically and is divided into nine chapters. Many of the series installments include links to extra material available only on this site.

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