1821 - 1890


Jan. 28. Elder David Gildersleeve died.


Jan. 23. Elder John Burtis died.


Sept. 8. Elder Nathaniel W. Gildersleeve died.


Aug. 2. Sarah Nostrand died aged 86 (?)
Aug. 29.   Mary, wife of Abraham Skidmore, and daughter of Elder David Hendrickson, died.
Sept. 5. An infant child of Mr. Elmore died.
Sept.   9.   Drason Hall, infant son of J. C. Smith, died.


Feb. 20. Elder William. R. Finney died. July 2. Mrs. Mary Burtis, death reported.


April 2. Mrs. Caroline Davidson, death reported. Mr. Joseph Skidmore Wright, death reported.
July   I. Mrs. Melicent Stewart, death reported. .


NOV. 29. Mrs. Phebe Laton, of Rockaway, one of the oldest members of this Church.


Mar. I. Mrs. Martha (Sealey) Pettit, death reported.
May 31. Mrs. Sarah Pettit, death reported.
Aug. 20. Mrs. Mary Beadle died.
Aug. 24. Mr. Gilbert Stewart died.


Mar. 8. Mrs. Sarah Carman, death reported.
Sept. 6. Mrs. Sarah Van Wyck, death reported.
Dec.   I. Miss Eliza Hendrickson departed this life.
Nov. I8.   Mrs. Jerusha Pine departed this life, 94 yrs. of age.
Dec.   I8.   Mrs. Ann Pine, wife of Elder James Pine died.


Sept. 6. Mrs. Fanny Raynor, death reported.
Dec. 20.   James Pine, Senior Elder, died, aged go yrs. I mo.


Feb. 23. Norchy, wife of Nathaniel Smith, died.
Jan. 2o. Abby Seaman, wife of John Cornelius, died.
April 6. Mrs. Jane Van Sicklen, died, aged 74 yrs.
May   I. Phineas Kellum died suddenly.



Dec. 12. William Everitt, member.
Dec. 26. Adeline De Wolfe, dau. of Herline and Elsey De Wolfe, 3 Y10 m.


Jan. __   Anne Dorton, widow of   , member.
Mar. 29.   Miss Elizabeth Van Cott, 23 y.
Mar. 23.   Infant of Elder Daniel Sealy, 3 weeks. July 13. Samuel Mott,.3o yrs.
July   2. Jacob Johnson (colored), member, 82 yrs.
'Aug.   6.   Abraham Bedell, 22 yrs. Aug. 6. Washington Bedell, 27 yrs.
Aug. 13. Mrs. Charles Flower, 22 yrs.
Dec. 31.   Mrs. Eliphalet Willets (Maria), member, 52 yrs.


Jan. 10.   Miss Phoebe Hendrickson, member, 55 yrs.
Jan. 22. Platt Willetts, 67 yrs.
Jan.   24.   Mrs. Saml. Geritsen (Sarah), 65 yrs.
Feb.   5.   Samuel -Geritsen, member, 75 yrs.
Feb. 13. Mrs. Samuel Carman (Ann), member.
Feb. 19.   Mrs. James Lush (Mary), Bapt. Chh. 63 yrs.
Feb. 22. William Pine, 62 yrs.
Mar. 10.   Mrs. James Anthony (Hannah), 60 yrs.
Mar. 21. Mrs. William Tarby (Elsey), member, 52 yrs.
Mar. 23. Adrian Hegeman, 8o yrs.
Mar. 25. Miss Elizabeth Southard, 55 yrs.
Mar. 27. Mrs. H. A. Whittaker (Sarah Ann), 43 yrs.
April 10.   Mrs. Hepzibah Carpenter (Daniel), member, 85 yrs.
May 18.   Mrs. David Lewis (Mary De Mott), 19 yrs.
May 25. Mrs. Samuel Tobey (Mary Ann), member, 32 yrs.
May 26. John Alexander, son of John Smith, 2 yrs.
June 23. John Mott, 55 yrs.
July 16.   Garret Van Cott, 62 yrs.
Aug. 31. Mrs. Sarah Frost (widow of John), 73 yrs.
Nov. 23.   Mrs. Caroline Smith (Brooklyn), 26 yrs. Dec. -. Mrs. Jason Hendrickson, member, 33 yrs.


Jan.   I. Miss Cornelia Geritsen, 21 yrs.
April 22.   David Raynor, 81 yrs.
July   1. Amos Willets, son of Eliphalet, member, 22 yrs.
July 12. Smith Whaley, 14 yrs.
July 14. Catharine, wife of Smith Pine, 31 yrs. Sept. 11.   Francis W. Dorlon (of Thomas), ig yrs.
Sept. 29. Ann Baldwin, wife of Thos. Dorlon, 38 yrs.
Oct. 15.   Mrs. Martha Wright (of Benjamin), member, 64 yrs.
Oct. 27.   Mrs. Foster Burtis (Sarah), 57 yrs. NOV. 17. Jacob Duryea, member, 56 yrs.
Dec. 20.   Child of Lewis Snedeker, 3 mos.
Dec. 24. Elder Eldred Platt, member, 49 yrs. Mrs. Dr. Prior (Selina), member. 1854.
Jan. 28.   John Hendrickson, member, 62 yrs.
Feb. 16.   Foster Burtis, member, 70 yrs.
Feb. 18. Widow James Hendrickson, 93 yrs.
Feb. 23.   Widow Ida Sydam, member, 73 yrs.
Feb. 23. Ann, widow of John F. Hendrickson, member, 71 yrs.
Feb. 27. Miss Eliza Jones, member, 53 yrs.
May    1. Mrs. Saml. B. Mersereau (Hannah), member, 56 yrs.
May 16. Mrs. Wm. Murphy.
May 19.   Mrs. Elisha Bedell (Lydia), 46 yrs.
May 24.   Child of Joseph Simonson, 4 yrs.
June 16.   Albert Henry Costar, 69 yrs.
Aug. 5. Child of Seth Gildersleeve, 3 mos.
Oct. 22.   Ghelston Willets, member, 42 yrs.
Oct. 22.   Elizabeth, of Layton Simonson, member, 78 yrs.
Nov.   2.   Widow Joseph Golder, 84 yrs.
Nov. 10. Mrs. Benj. S. Ballard, member, 41 yrs.
Nov. 15. Benjamin Raynor (of John), 2o yrs.


Jan. 11. Mrs. Nancy Duryea, wid. of George, member, 74 yrs.
Mar. 1.   Alfred Finney (of Wm. R.), 20 yrs.
June 17. Mrs. Joanna Nald, Freeport, member, 52 yrs.
July 5. Mrs.   Sopus. Mrs. Sylvanus Burtis.
July 17. Mrs. Sarah (Sealey) Golder, member, 31 yrs.
July 28. Caroline B. Davidson (Dr. John), 21 yrs.
July 29.   Ann Eliza Bedell (Elisha), member, 1g yrs.
Aug. 2. Martha E. May (Jno. Bedell's wife), member, 20 yrs.
Aug. 8. William P. Wright, 6o yrs.
Aug. 16. Child of widow Sally Flower.
Aug. 27. Johanne Frederique Leutken, 48 yrs.
Sept. 22.   Elder John Sealey, member, 69 yrs.
Oct. 16. Abagail Greene, 57 yrs.
Oct. 24. Sarah Jane Waterbury, member, 28 yrs.


Feb.   2.   Betty Johnson, wid. of Jacob, member, 81 yrs.
Feb. 14. Capt. John Ludlum., 69 yrs.
Feb. 26. Nancy Dorlon, 69 yrs.
Mar.   3. David Simonson, Xtian Hook, 50 yrs.
Mar.   5.   Mrs. Michael Coon (Rebecca), member, 40 yrs.
Mar. 5. John Van Nostrand, Wash. Square, 61 yrs.
April 1.   Ellen Carpenter, niece of Peter Floyd.
April 5. Luther Loper, member, 76 yrs.
May   7. Louisa, infant of Elder Cortelyou, 4 mos.
June 3. Elizabeth Bedell (Elias), member, 68 yrs.
June 13. James Lush, 73 yrs.
June 20.   Phebe, relict of David Gildersleeve, member, 8 __ yrs.
July 27. Child of Saml. Fleet, 1 1/2.
Aug. 14. Mrs. Hannah Gordon Locke, wife of Dr. John Locke, and mother of Rev. N. C. Locke, member, 70 yrs.
Oct.   3. Mrs. Lydia Sammis, member.
Oct. 25. Abraham Higbie, member, 70 yrs.
Oct. 29. Mrs. Thomas Rushmore, member.
NOV. 27. Mrs. Ebenezer Kellum, 37 yrs.


Feb. ___.   Child of Joachim & Maria Jepson.
Feb. 26.   Gyde Maria, wife of J. Jepson, 42 yrs.
May 9. Joseph Skidmore Simonson, member, 41 yrs.
May 29. Letitia Skidmore, member, 9o yrs.
June 20.   Mrs. John Raynor, 50 yrs.
July 20. William Suydam, 56 yrs.
Aug. 10. Mrs. James Hendrickson (Fleet), member, 37 yrs.
Sept. 13.   Martha A. Armstrong, 20 yrs.
Sept. 17. Alice G. Nichols (Edw. and Catherine), 13 mos.
Jan.   3. Geo. W. Kellum (of Ezra).
May 27.   (of Dan'1. Burtis), 10 mos.
Aug. 19   Henrietta (of Dan'1. Hendrickson), 2 mos.
Sept. 14. Skidmore Hendrickson, member.


May 1. Mrs. John Bergen.
July 25.   Frederick Hazen, infant child of Elbert and Frances Rushmore.
Aug. 3:   Child of E. J. & Harriet Jerome.
May 8. Child of Jno. Skid. Hendrickson, 4 MOs
May 19. Mrs. Charlotte S. Smith (of Thos.), member.
June 21.   Rev. Zachariah Greene (98 yrs. 5 mos. and 9 days), 98, member.
Aug. 11.   Ida May, infant dau. of Elvin & Clarissa Weeks, 3 mos.
Aug. 21. Frederick Simonson, Christian Hook, 86 yrs.
Aug. 29.   Samuel Armstrong, member, 76 yrs.
Sept.   2.   Nancy, wife of Benj. Gildersleeve, member, 81 yrs.


May 15 Cassandra Bedell, member, 31 yrs.
May 15 Susan Howard, member, 91 yrs.
Aug. 23. Child of Noah Terry, 2Y, yrs.
Aug. 25.   Widow Sands, mother of Mrs. S. Whaley, 75 yrs.
Sept. 2. Sylvanus Burtis, 43 yrs.
Sept. 18. Child of E. R Durkee.
Sept. 28.   Mrs. Rhoda Pine, relict of Nicholas, member, 73 yrs.
Nov. 8. Miss Angel Gowan, member, 47 yrs.
Nav. 15. Mrs. David Hendrickson, Miller, 49 yrs.


Feb.   6.   Walter Harrold, son of L. Randall, 5 mos.
Mar. 29. Charles, child of Henry De Mott, 14 mos.
Mar. 8. Mrs. Catherine Hegeman, mother of Mrs. Platt Willets, Sent, 82 yrs.
April 13.   Miss Betsey Matthews, 6o yrs.
May 12. George Pettit, 84 yrs.
June 23. Elizabeth Thomas, 21 yrs.


Dec.   5.   A very young child of Danl. Hendrickson, of Foster's Meadow.
Dec. 22. Julia E., youngest child of John F. and Lucinda Pine, Rockville Centre, 6 mos.


Jan. 17. Abram S. Pine, aged 71 yrs. 8 mos. 9 ds., Rockville Centre.
Jan. 18. William, son of Elhanan and Ida Ann Thompson, 4 yrs. 5 m.
Jan. 22. Susannah Smith, widow of the late Nicholas Smith, aged 81yrs., Foster's Meadow.
Jan. 31. Rachel Rogers, aged 85 yrs.
            Orlando B. Mott, son of Willet & Sarah Mott, aged 3 yrs., Freeport.
            Lydia Ann Simons, wife of L. D. Simons of Brooklyn.
Mar. 29. Ella Gildersleeve, wife of Moses Gildersleeve.
April 12.   A child of Mr. Thompson, Washington Square.
April 13.   A child of Smith Pine's, two years old.
April 22.   Mrs. Phebe Lee, wife of John F. Lee, Brooklyn.
May 27.   A child of Mrs. Rhuhamus, at Mrs. Johnson's.
June 17. Joseph Curtis' widow.
June 17. Mr. Herman Hinman.
June 24. Richard Rock Smith, of Manhasset, aged 82.
Aug.   8.   W. H. S. Boyle, young man, Brooklyn.
Aug. 23.   Merritt Wondor, 49 (El. Pearsall's).
Sept. 16. Nicholas Hendrickson.
Sept. 23. Mrs. Raynor, mother-in-law of Mr. Mersereau.
Oct. 31. Mrs. Sarah Bedell, widow of Abijah Bedell, aged 79.
Dec. 26. Nancy Willard (Col'd.), member of Church.


Jan.   3. Margaret Garrison Bowman, Lakeville.
Jan.   8.   Mrs. Smith Willetts, Near Rockaway.
Feb. 12. Mr. & Mrs. Luke Fleet died within 48 hours of each other, and were buried together in the same grave.
Mar. 3. A child of Richard Powell's.
Mar.   8.   A Miss Smith of Williamsburgh.
Mar. 17.   Carrie, daughter of Elbert Willetts of Brooklyn.
April 21.   Mrs. Matthews, at the toll-gate.
April 22.   Mrs. Burt, an old lady near the first toll-gate West.
May 11. Phebe, wife of Chls. Weekes.
June 9. Mr. Charles Verity, Christian Hook.
Sept.   7.   Lotty Mersereau.   Burned to death, her clothing having caught fire while making preserves.   Preached to an immense audience.
Oct. 10.   Mrs. Annie Combs.   A member of the Church. Oct. 16. Mrs. Peter Gildersleeve, a member.
Oct. 30. Mrs. Mary, widow of Skidmore Hendrickson, a member.


Jan.   1. Gil's wife (col'd).
Jan. 11. Arthur, child of William Mettler, 2 yrs.
Jan. 20. Henry (col'd), son of Gil (above).
Feb. 12. Miss Jane Jackson, aged 78 yrs.
Feb. 15. Mrs. Sarah Smith, Brooklyn.
Mar. 22. Mrs. Elbert Wood, aged 57 yrs., a resident of Hempstead.
April 10.   Mrs. Lucy Tyrrell, wife of Mr. Jonathan Tyrrell of East Meadow, 74 years old.
April 15.   Alice Helena, youngest child of George W. Fleet, aged 7 mo.
April 20.   Mr. Henry Wood, aged 63 yrs., of East Meadow.
April 22.   Miss Isabella Lovell, aged i9 years.   Had been boarding at Mr. Ezra Kellum's.   From Brooklyn.
May  1. Mrs. Maria Cooper, mother of the Messrs. Cooper, merchants in this village, aged 63 years.
May   2. Mr. Benj. D. Gildersleeve, in the 63d year of his age.
May 12.   Horace May, son of John F. Bell, Brooklyn.
June 28. Wm. Cooper, only child of Whitehead C. Duryea, aged 16 mos.
July 17. Mr. Saml. Fleet, member of the Church, Washington Square, aged 42 years.
July 21. Smith Wood, of Brooklyn.
July 24. George Nelson Willetts, aged 28 yrs. Died at St. Paul, and his body was brought on to Hempstead.
July 29.   Mr. John Oakley, Foster's Meadow, aged 87 yrs.
Aug. 12. Mrs. Martha Ann, widow of the late Benj. Gildersleeve.
Aug. 21. Mrs. Elias Palmer, Williamsburg.   '   .
Sept.   1.   A child of Willetts, Brooklyn.
Sept. 4. Mary Julia Losea, third dau. of Richard and Hannah Losea, aged 28 yrs. & 4 mos.
Sept. 22. Betsey Bedell, Manhassett.
Sept. 29. Gilbert Terry, Greenwich Point.
Oct. 29. Josiah Coles, Hempstead.
NOV.   2.   Mrs. Aletta B. Ryder, wife of Jacob L. Ryder.
Nov. 27. Mrs. Martha Gildersleeve, from North side, aged 73 yrs.
Dec.   3.   Mrs. Ann Shazpe, widow of John N. Sharpe-   A member of the Church.   Died after about two hours illness.


Jan. 20.   Mrs. Melinda McKinstry Loop, wife of judge Loop, aged 7o y. Jan. 17. Sarah Matthews, at the toll-gate.
Jan. 24.   A child of Mr. Sammis, Brooklyn.
Jan. 29.   "Benny", son of Benj. Barto, of Brooklyn, aged 6 yrs. 7 mos.
Feb. 15. Elbert M., son of widow Eliza Hendrickson. Died of wounds received in battle about five months ago. He belonged to Kilpatrick's Cavalry.
Feb. 23.   Eliza Jane Rutherford, died at, and buried from Capt. Forest's, Hicksville. In the Episcopal burial yard in this village.
Feb. 26.   Elizabeth Wright ("Aunt Betsey"), widow of Joseph Skidmore Wright, in her 78th year.
Mar. 20. Abram Duryea, North side.
April 2. A child of Gilbert Willard (col'd).
April 4. A child of John B. Pettit's.
April 7. A child of ___
May 8. A child of   ___, of Brooklyn.
May 16. David Hendrickson, an Elder of the Church, aged 74 yrs. and 8 mos. He was interred at Foster's Meadow.
July 25.   Mrs. Eliza J., wife of Col. Isaac Snedeker, aged
Sept. 9. William S. Painter, South of the village. A soldier broken down in the service. Aged 17 yrs. 2 mos.
Oct.   7. John Pine, Rockville Centre.
Nov. 12. Mrs. Crossman, of Christian Hook.
Nov. 17. Mrs. Ellen Hendrickson, from Hicksville, buried at Foster's Meadow.
Nov. 23.   Mr.   Pettit, father of Deacon Pettit, aged 82 yrs.



____ A brother of Edward Cooper.
Nov. 13. Mr. Lawrence (from Brooklyn) at the house of Mr. Jerome.
____ Mr. Clowes, interred in Episcopal cemetery.


Jan. ___. An infant of Mr. Thayer. Mrs. Duryea, North side.
Jan. 29. Mr. Reuben Pine. Died suddenly after returning from Church Sunday morning, 26th Jan. 1868.
Feb. 28. Rebecca Willets, Saturday, one o'clock.
Mar. 7. A daughter of Mr. Mott,-Tamaica. Niece of Cooper Bros.
April 4. Wm. H. Kellum, son of   benezer.
Aug.   2.   A child of D. N. Duryea, Herrick's, North side.
Aug.   3. Wife of G. W. Smith, Freeport.
Aug. 6. Mrs. Emma Keeler.
Aug. 19. Mr. David Combs, age 78, father of Mrs. Emma Keeler.
Oct. 27. Mrs. Benj. F. Thompson, age 74.
Nov. 2. The wife of Elder Lefferts Bergen.
Dec.   I.   Mrs. Eliz. Vredenburg, age 82 yrs. 9 mos. II ds.



July I6. Elizabeth Hendrickson Newton, wife of J. W. Newton, and dau. of Bernardus & Elizabeth Hendrickson.
July 26. Carrie Amelia, dau. of Herman & Martha Losea, aged 3 mos. 7d
Nov. 16. Emma A., widow of James Pine, aged 65 yrs. 2 mos. 10 ds. Died at Westbury.
Nov. 28. Caroline Underhill, wife of George Smith of Greenpoint.
Nov. 30. Sylvester G., infant son of Sylvester W. & Harriet A. Bedell, aged io mos. 27 ds.
Dec. ___. Mrs.  ___ Lane.


Jan.   5.   Charles H. Jones, aged 56 yrs. 3 mos. 2D ds.
Jan. 23. Helen Mersereau, sister of S. B. Mersereau.
Feb.   2.   Eva Louise, infant dau. of Joseph L. & Anna M. Dickenson.
Feb. 17.   Christina, wife of Dr. Thomas Bailey, Greenfield Cem.
Feb. 19. Mary F. Speicher, Presby. Cem.
April I8.   Josiah Gildersleeve, aged 79.   Greenfield Cem.
April __   son of John Armstrong.   Presbg Cem. April 30.
May __   Maggie Rapelye, wife of H. Luther Weeks. Greenfield Cem.
May 30.   Annie E., dau. of the late John Kellum.   Greenwood, Bkln.
Jttne 13.   Georgianna Kellum, wife of George Hunt. Greenfield Cem.
July   1.   Ellen, dau. of John & Mary McKenzie.   Greenfield Cem.
July   6. Susan Combs, died in Brooklyn. Presby. Cem.
July ___   Richard Simonson Seaman, child aged 7 mos.   Presby. Cem.
Aug. 9. Freddie, son of Silas & Parmelia Shaw. Greenfield Cem.
Aug. 17.   Willie, son of James & Mary Bourdette, aged 1 mo.   Greenfield Cem.
Sept. 5. Mary Malinda Rhodes, dau. of Sylvester & Harriet G. Bedell, aged 3 yrs. Greenfield Cem.
Sept. 20.   Mary Emma Southard, aged 17 yrs. Greenfield Cem.
Sept.   7.   Elbert Cooper, aged 44 yrs. Greenfield Cem. Oct. 12. John Lowther, aged 75 yrs. Greenfield Cem.
Oct. 21.   Clarissa, wife of Scudder White, aged 74 yrs.   Greenfield.
Oct. 29. John Harold, aged 71 yrs. Greenfield Cem.
Nov. 13.   Walter Smith, aged 74 yrs.   Buried in Jamaica.
Nov. ___. Spencer son of Christopher & Anna Snedeker. Greenfield.
Dec.___.   Frank, son of the late John J. Mott. Greenfield, Dec. 5.


Jan.   4.   Josephine R. Allen, age 34 yrs. 9 mos. Hempstead Cem.
Jan. 11.   Alonzo G. Reynolds, aged 68 yrs.   Hempstead Cem.
Feb. 12 Sarah A. Healey, of New York, aged 55 yrs. Greenfield Cem.
Feb. 19. Alfred Stuart Weekes, aged 22 yrs. Greenfield.
Mar.___.   Charles Henry Ryder, aged 4 mos., grand-child of David Bedell. Presby Cem.
Mar. ___   Charles I. Watrous, aged 74, died in Brooklyn. Presby. Cem.
April 3. Chauncey, son of Gilbert Smith, aged 11 yrs. Greenfield Cem.
May   4.   Mary Ann Rollings, aged 64 yrs. Episcopal Cem.
May   5.   Abby Seaman Pine Higbie, wife of Henry Higbie, aged 72.y . Presbyterian Cem.
May 11. Benjamin Franklin, son of Smith Pine, aged 3 yrs. 7 mos. Died at Herricks. Presbyterian Cem.
May 24. William Potter, aged 62 yrs. Greenfield Cem.
May 28. Addiette, dau. of Oliver & Mariette Hendrickson, aged 11. Greenfield Cem.
June 10. Hannah, widow of John Kellum, aged 65 yrs. Greenwood, Bklyn.
June 13. Horace Edgar, aged 13, son of Richard E. Losea. Greenfield.
June 16.   William Fleming, aged 48 yrs. Greenfield Cem.
June 27.   Edward S., son of Smith & Susan Pine, died at Herricks, aged 6 yrs. Presbyterian Cem.
July 13. Ada L., aged 15 yrs., dau. of Charles H. Everitt. Greenfield.
Oct.   11.   Elizabeth, wife of Nicholas Van Cott.  Presby. Cem.
Oct. 26.   Ann, wife of Daniel Vandewater, aged 34 yrs.   Greenfield.
Nov. 19.   John A., son of Jacob Ryder, aged 9 yrs. 11 mos.   Presby. Cem.
Dec.   2.   Mrs. Jane S. Jackson, aged 6o yrs. Hempstead Cem.


Jan.   13.   Elias, son of John Oeffinger, aged 13 mos. 1 da.   Greenfield.
Jan. 23.   Kate Paulina, dau. of Franklin and Emma Prime Noble, aged 5 yrs. 6 mos. Greenfield Cem.
Feb. 21.   Sarah Gowan, aged 70 yrs. Greenfield Cem. Member.
Feb. 28.   Phebe Ann, wife of David Fowler, aged 66 yrs. Greenfield.
Mar. 10.   Mary E. Cornwell, aged 38 yrs. Hempstead Cem.
Mar. 2. Phebe Ann, wife of Albert W. Hendrickson, died in Westbury aged 71 yrs. Presby Cem. Member.
April 2. Philip Gustave Hansonberg, son of Peter Hansonberg, died at East Meadow, aged 17 yrs. Greenfield Cem.
April 12.   Henrietta, dau. of Theodore and Elizabeth R. Nostrand, died in Brooklyn, aged i yr. 5 mos. Greenfield.
April 23.   David Montgomery of Florida, aged 42 yrs. Greenwood, Bkln.
April 28.   Mary E., wife of Philip Karst, aged 69 yrs.   Greenfield.
May 3. Alice C. Allen, dau. of Josephine R. Allen (No. 31) died in New York, aged 14 yrs. Hempstead Cem.
June 26.   Charles H. Everitt, aged 42 yrs. Greenfield Cem.
June ___ Edward H., child of Herman H. and Martha Losea, died in Brooklyn. Presby. Cem.
July 18. Clarence Barker, died in Brooklyn, aged 24 yrs. Hempstead Cem.
Oct. 15. Carrie W., dau. of Smith and Susan Pine, died at Herrick's, buried Oct. 17 in Presby. Cem.
Dec.   9.   Mrs. Frances Rushmore, wife of Elbert Rushmore, aged 61 yrs. Greenfield Cem.
Dec. ___   Mrs. Clara R. Oldrin, wife of J. M. Oldrin, died at Sea Cliff.
Dec. 3o.   Nicholas Van Cott, aged 64 yrs.   Presby. Cem.


Jan.   9.   Sands Powell, aged 74 yrs. Greenfield Cem.
Feb.   3. Mrs. Sarah Gildersleeve Finney, aged   . Presby. Cem.
Feb. 22. Mrs. Celia A. De Mott, wife of Sidney De Mott, aged 35 yrs. died at Passaic, N. J. Greenfield Cem.
Feb. 28. Carrie Fleet, dau. of Mrs. M. A. Fleet, aged 18 yrs. Greenfield.
Mar. 11.   Mabel Higbie, child of Charles Fred and Lilian Simonson Skidmore, buried in Greenfield Cem.
April 8.   Lewis G. Randall, aged 61 yrs. Member. Greenfield Cem.
April 15.   Susie Emory, dau. of Dr. E. D. & Anna Skinner, aged 1 yr. 10 mo., died at Mineola. Buried at Greenport.
April 22.   James Matthews, aged 64 yrs., died at Greenwich Point. Greenfield Cem.
June 26. William Pickens, aged 82 yrs., died in Harlem. Hempstead Cem.
July 27.   Abigail Chichester, wife of Geo. W. Hendrickson, aged 62 yrs. died at Foster's Meadow, and buried there.
Aug. 5. Ebenezer R., child of Theodore & Elizabeth Nostrand, died in Brooklyn, aged 8 mos. 11 ds.   Greenfield Cem.
Aug. 17. George W. Hendrickson, Deacon in this Church, died in Jamaica, aged 66 yrs.   Buried at Foster's Meadow.
Aug. 25. Fanny Willets, dau. of Sylvester and Martha A. Sealey, aged 1 yr. 3 mos. io ds. Greenfield Cem.
Sept. 10 . William C. Archer, grand-child of Jacob Archer, aged 4 yrs. 7 mos. Greenfield Cem.
Nov. 17.   John Charlick,' aged 53 yrs. 6 mos., died in Roslyn.   Buried at Freeport.


Mar. 13.   Mary R. Willis, wife of A. A. Willis, aged 29 yrs.   Greenfield.
Mar. 14.. Samuel M. Pine, aged 66 yrs.   Greenfield Cem.
Mar. 18.   Calvin, son of John Oeffinger, aged 8 weeks. Greenfield Cem.
Mar. 28.   William James,. son of Mrs. E. Browne, aged 13 yrs.   Presby. Cem.
April 3. Eliza Mersereau, sister of S. B. Mersereau, aged 88 yrs. Buried in Presby. Cem.
May 30.   Richard L. Simonson, aged 64 yrs.   Presby. Cem.
June 15. Willie, child of Thomas Watt, aged 11 mos. Greenfield Cem.
June 19. Jennie, wife of Peter B. Gildersleeve, aged 36 yrs.   Greenfield.
July 3I. Edith Price, child of Chas. H., and Jennie W. Ludlum, aged 7 mos. Greenfield Cem.
Aug. I4. Annie, dau. of George and Nancy Brown, aged 6 mos. Greenfield.
Sept. 18. Anne, wife of John Lander, aged 65 yrs. Greenfield Cem.
Oct. 25.   Valentine Wood, aged 66 yrs. Hempstead Cem.



Oct. 29.   Henry. Higbie (Elder), aged 74 yrs.   Buried in Church yard.


Aug. 25. Frederick L. Everitt. Greenfield Cem.
            Scudder White. Greenfield Cem.
            Mrs. Abraham Skidmore. Greenfield Cem.
Aug. 31   Mrs. H. Amelia Seabury, aged 36 yrs., wife of Robert Seabury. Greenfield Cemetery.
            Mrs. Weekes, of Mineola. Greenfield Cem. Seeley. Buried in Church yard.
Jan. 20. Mrs. Ann E. Whaley, wife of Smith Whaley, buried in Cemetery adjoining Presby. parsonage.
Oct. 20. Ann Elizabeth Van Wyck, aged 35 yrs., died at Kansas City. Mo. Buried in Church yard.
Nov. 17.   Mrs. Platt Willets, aged nearly 81 yrs. Buried in Church yard.


April 12.   Willis M. Fleet, of Mineola, aged 27 yrs.   Greenfield Cem.
Aug.   3.   Samuel B. Mersereau, aged 89 yrs.   Presby. Church yard.
Oct.   7.   Mattie May Jerome, dau. of Edward Jackson Jerome, Greenfield.
Dec. 2. Marietta Wyckoff Clements, aged 26 yrs. Died at Queens. Greenfield Cem.
Dec.   7. John K. T. Davidson, aged 3o yrs. Greenfield Cem.


June 15.   Miss Mary G. Thompson, buried in Presbyterian burial ground.
July 24. Ann Hendrickson, wife of Smith. Greenfield Cem.



Sept. 8. An infant child (boy) of Mr. and Mrs. Andrews at Mineola. Greenfield Cem.
Sept. __.   Mr. Plyer of Hempstead village. Greenfield Cem.
Oct. 24. Mr. Wm. Sealy of Hempstead. Greenfield Cem.
Nov. 14. Mrs. Cynthia Hewlett, of Mineola. Greenfield Cem.
Dec. 10. Mr. Philip Karst, at Hempstead. Greenfield Cem.
Dec. I5. Mrs. Charles M. Waterbury, at Brooklyn. Evergreen Cem., Bkln.
Dec. 20. Mr. Charles Sammis of Mineola. Cem. rear of Pres. Chh.
Dec. 30. Dr. John Davidson, of Hempstead. Greenfield Cem.


Jan. 11. Mr. Henry Birchell (who was killed in his engine on the L. I. R. R.). Greenfield Cem.
Jan. 22. Miss Willets, of Brooklyn, buried in Cem. at back of Chh.
Feb.   6. Mrs. Luke Fleet of Mineola. Greenfield Cem.
Feb.   7.   Mrs. Wood of Mineola. Buried at Westbury.
Feb.   9. Maud and Henry C. Eldridge, children of Mr. & Mrs. Henry C. Eldridge. Greenfield Cem.
Feb.   9.   Laura Clapp, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. L. R. Clapp.
Feb. 13. Mr. Coon of Hempstead. Greenfield Cem.
Mar. 14. Mrs. Eliza Kelly of Hempstead. Greenfield Cem.
Mar. 20. Mr. Kerner's youngest son (infant). Greenfield Cem.
April 1. Miss Pine of Herrick's. Cem. at rear of Church.
April 7. Mr. Bergen of Brooklyn. Cem. in front M. E. Church.
April 8. Infant dau. of Mr. Seaman of Hempstead.
June 7.   Eldest son of Mrs. of Mineola, at the house of Mr. Willis. Interment, Episcopal Cem. Hempstead.
Aug. 21. Infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Hegeman of Front St. Greenfield.
Sept. 17. Ida Belle Jennings, infant dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Ellsworth Jennings of Hempstead. Greenfield Cem.
Oct.   2. Mrs. McCoy of Mineola. Greenfield Cem.
Dec.   5. Mrs. Harriet Losea of Springfield, Mass. Interment at Cemetery rear of Church.
Dec.   7. Mr. Elisha Bedell of Hempstead. Greenfield Cem.


Jan. 12. Only child of Mr. and Mrs. Christopher Scaly of Uniondale. Interment at Greenfield.
Feb. 19. Mrs. Julia A. Conklin of Hempstead. Greenfield Cem.
Feb. 26. Miss Greene of Hempstead. Greenfield.
Feb. 27. Mrs. Sands Powell of Hempstead. Greenfield.
Mar. 27. Mrs. Mary Wright, of Hempstead. Greenfield.
April 19. Mrs. Smith Ketcham, of Hempstead. Greenfield.
May 19. Mrs. Wood, mother of Mary Dorlon Wood of Norwood. Greenfield.
June 5. Ansie Parker, dau. of Mr. & Mrs. Richard Parker. Greenfield.
June 21. Mr. Christopher Sealy of Uniondale. Greenfield.
Sept. 27. Mr. Joseph S. Green of Brooklyn. Buried from the house of his brother-in-law, Sylvester Bedell. Greenfield.
Oct. 17. Mr. Stuart Johnson, Jerusalem Ave. Greenfield.
Oct. 28.   Mr. Michael Bennett of Hempstead. Interment at New Utrecht.
Dec.   5.   Mrs. Ann Hendrickson, wife of James, at Hinsdale.   Greenfield.
Dec.   6. Mr.   Davis, brother of Russell B. Davis. Greenfield.
Dec. 25.   Sprague, oldest child of Mr. & Mrs. Sprague (sister of Sylvester Bedell), 5 yrs. Greenfield.


Jan.   7.   Walter Hubbard (child), son of Joseph Hubbard, Mineola.   Interment at Westbury.
Jan. 18.   Hubbard (child), son of Joseph Hubbard, at Mineola. Interment at Westbury.
Feb.   1.   Samuel B. Mersereau, aged 34 yrs., eldest son of John & Aletta Mersereau. Greenfield.
Feb. 24.   Miss Nettie Smith, eldest dau. of George and Julia Ann Smith, at Mineola. Greenfield.
Mar. 17.   Mr. Jepson (German, East Meadow). Greenfield.
May 27. Mrs. Daniel R. Hendrickson, at the Church. Interment at Elmont.
June 15.   Edward Harold Duryea, eldest child of Cornelius & Emeline Duryea, interment at Greenfield.
June 19. Emeline G. Duryea, aged 26 yrs., wife of Cornelius Duryea. Interment at Greenfield.
June 26. Mrs. George (Phebe) Willets. Interment at Greenfield.
July 19. Mr. Samuel Armstrong. At the Church. Greenfield Cem.
July 28. Mrs. Mary Ann Fleet. Greenfield.
Aug. 9. Infant child of John Bedell. Greenfield.
Sept. 8. Mrs. Joseph Paynter. Greenfield.
Oct.   3. Charlotte E. Smith. At the Church. Greenfield.
Oct.   5. Hannah Losea. Greenfield.
Oct. 14.   Sprague, aged 7 yrs., of diphtheria. Greenfield.
NOV. 25. Mrs. Cornelia Hendrickson, of Elmont, widow of Isaac Hendrickson. Interment at Elmont.
            ___ Weekes, child of Mrs. Weekes of Front St., whose husband had shortly before committed suicide. Interment at Greenfield.
            Grace Southard, aged io yrs.   Interment at Freeport.


Jan.   9. Mrs. Hendrickson of Mineola, mother of Abram & John Hendrickson. Interment near Cypress Hills.
Jan.   9.   Hayden Allen. Greenfield Cem.
Feb.   3. Smith Whaley, of Hempstead, aged 77 yrs. Interment next to Presby. parsonage.
Feb.   8. Frank Curly, of Hempstead, aged 12 yrs. Greenfield.
Feb. 22.   Mary B. Hunt, relict of Abram Hunt, aged 76 yrs.   Interment at Jericho.
Mar. 20. Mrs. William Rushmore, mother of Mrs. Seymour Snedeker.
Mar. 31.   Valentine, infant child of Mr. & Mrs. Valentine, residing next to Asylum at Hempstead, interment in burial ground adjoining Presby. parsonage.
April 1.   Hanks, infant son of Mr. & Mrs. Hanks, residing south of village. Greenfield.
April 2. Mr. Nostrand of Franklin St., Hempstead. Greenfield.
April 13.   Warren Day, aged 6 yrs.   Greenfield.
May 21. Mrs. Bernardus Hendrickson, of Hempstead. Greenfield.
May 24. Mr. John Green, of Hempstead. At the Church. Interment behind Church.
June 2. Mr.   De Mott (cousin of Mrs. Thos. Gilbert) of Hempstead. Greenfield.
July   1.   Mrs. Franklin Thuston, of Hempstead, aged 22 yrs.  Greenfield.
June 26. Cushing Tredwell, infant son of Fred Tredwell of Brooklyn. Interment at Greenfield.
July   7.   Tredwell, infant son of Fred Tredwell of Brooklyn. Interment at Greenfield.
Sept. 4. Arthur La Force Fish, eldest son of John D., & Julia Fish, interment at Greenfield.
Sept. 20. Mrs. Carpenter, mother of Benj. Carpenter. Greenfield.
Oct. 17.   Emma C. Van Cott, eldest dau. of Chas. & Elizabeth Van Cott, aged 5Ys. 11 mos. 9 ds.   Greenfield.
Oct. 19.   Mrs. Ann Painter, relict of Wm. Painter.   Greenfield.
Oct. 20.   Mrs. John Meginn. Greenfield.
Oct. 26.   Van Cott, infant dau. of Chas. & Eliza Van Cott. Interment at Greenfield.



Jan. 22. Richard Derby, not a Church member. Greenfield.
Jan. 17. Miss Julia A. Hendrickson, 81 yrs. old. Church member. Buried at Foster's Meadow.
April 20.   Sylvester W. Bedell, 41 yrs. old, not a church member.   Buried at Greenfield.
April  30.   Edward L. Thompson died April 27.   Buried back of Presby. Chh.
June 6. Hattie Maginn Cornelius, buried at Greenfield,
June 8. June 15. Mr. Robinson. Buried in Conn.
July   11.   Jason B. Hendrickson.   More than 57 yrs. ago joined the Church, and in old age moved back to, and died connected with Church of his early days. Greenfield.
Aug. 7. S. G. Smith. Greenfield.
Aug. 17. John Walker, aged 36. Died of typhoid fever. Greenwood.
Nov. 11.   F. G. Allen, a youth from Brooklyn.   Buried south of parsonage.