1859 - 1893


April 18. John Henry Phillips to Mrs. Maria Lewis (of James).
May 24.   John Copeland to Mary W. Mayhew, (Colored), both of Westbury.
May 28.   William T. Seaman of Cow Bay, to Miss Hester Jane Gardiner, of Far Rockaway.
May 19.   Huffington, Brooklyn, to Miss Julia E. Vredenburgh.
July   4.   William Oliver Doughty to Miss Catherine Johnson, both of Near Rockaway.
Oct.  10.   David W. Smith of Mineola, to Miss Almay W. Mayhew, of Westbury (Colored).
NOV. 2o.   Raynor R. Smith to Miss Ann Maria Story, both of Freeport.


April 26.   William Mc Crum to Miss Jennie E. French, both of Queens, L. I.
May   7.   Theo. A. Bellows, New York, to Miss Susan A. Pine, Hempstead.


Nov. 28.   Wm. Henry Johnson to Mrs. Mariah L. Platt, both of Hempstead.
Dec. 15. James I. Townsend of Mineola, to Hannah M. Bond (Colored).
Dec. 26.   Sylvanus D. Mott to Catharine J. Gray, both of Hempstead.


April   5.   W. M. Raynor of California, to Sarah J. Carman of Uniondale.
April 17.   David S. Conklin of Babylon, to Martha A. Baldwin of Hicksville.
May   9.   Joseph Lequette to Miss Caroline Reinhart, both of Westbury.
May 12.   Whitehead C. Duryea to Miss Adelia Bedell
May 14.   Charles Weeks to Phebe Mollineaux, both of Hempstead.
May 28.   Chls. H. Schulze of Brooklyn, to Christiana Apler of Farmingdale.
July   lo.   Chls. H. Everitt to Libby Ludlum, both of Hempstead.
Dec.   l1.   Newburry Burch at Atlanticville, to Miss Hariet Baker of Brooklyn.
Dec. 29. Gilbert Baldwin of Westbury, to Miss Elizabeth Hunt, of Plain Edge.


Jan.   7.   Ephraim Hultz of Christian Hook, to Lurah Abrams of Near Rockaway.
Jan.   16.   Jacob Rhodes to Miss Amietta Losea, both of Hempstead.
Jan.   18.   George Moore to Miss Matilda Mc Gill, both of Hempstead.
Jan. 25. George Wm. Demott to Miss Emeline Russell.
May    6. Mr. A. C. Underhill of Oyster Bay, to Miss Marrietta Jones, of Israel Jones, Jerusalem.
June   8.   Mr. Thomas H. Holmes to Miss R. Phillips, both of Hempstead.
Aug. 23. Mr. Joseph Gilmore to Miss Corneilia Ann Barry, both of Far Rockaway.
Aug. 24. Mr. Joseph Thurston to Miss Edith D. Webster, both of Hempstead.
Oct.   6.   Mr. James R. Cordner to Miss Charlotte E. Randall, of N. Y. City.
Nov. 20. Mr. C. B. Ten Eycke of North Branch, N. Jersey, to Miss Susan Thompson, of Hempstead.
NOV. 27.   Mr. Richard Edgar Losea of Hempstead, to Miss Hannah Smith of Merrick, L. I.
Dec. 16. Mr. Abraham Griffen of Jamaica, to Miss Eliza D. Mollineaux of North Hempstead.
Dec. 2I. Mr. Willard Whitmore, of Jerusalem to Miss Margaret Cox, of Freeport.
Dec. 24. Mr. Wm. H. Wright to Miss Ann Augusta Pettit, dau. of Deacon Pettit, all of Hempstead.


Jan.   14.   Mr. Edward Cooper to Miss Lydia A. Thomas, both of Hempstead.
Mar. 15. Mr. Alanson Losee to Miss-Hester Ann Doxey.
April 8. Mr. Richard B. Miller, of North Hempstead, to Miss Charlotte Baldwin, dau. of the late Thomas Baldwin.
May   3.   Mr. Gilbert W. Wanser to Miss Phebe Cora Smith, both of Amityville.
July 12. Wm. H. Seaman to Elizabeth A. Howell, both of Hempstead (Colored).
Aug. 13. Mr. Washington Lowden to Miss Esther A., dau. of Mr. Elbert Wood.
Oct. 22. Mr. Charles Robinson Hendrickson to Miss Mary Ann Pearsall, dau. of Clarkson Pearsall.


May   8.   John Willett to Jeanette Raynor, both of Freeport.
June 10.   John D. Carpenter to Rebecca Van Veghten, both of Hicksville.
June 14. John Henry Southard, of Rockville Centre to Miss Angeline Carman, of Uniondale.
Aug.   3. Thos. S. Oliver to Martha A. Whaley, all of Hempstead.
Aug. 21. James S. Matthews to Rhoda Blydenburgh, all of Hempstead.
Dec. 28.   Sylvester Smith of Farmingdale and Margaretta Powell.


May   6.   H. N. Dewey, of New York and Mary Peterson of Jamaica.
May 20. John Gibson Mc Coy and Winnefrid Garner, both of Hempstead. May 25. Cornls. Van Ronk, of Brooklyn and Mary E. Thompson, Hempstead.
June   6.   Valentine S. Coombs, of South Hempstead to Margaret Ann Davidson, of the same place.
July   4. Danl. R. Lathan to Emma J. Pullis, both of Brooklyn.
July 27.   Charles G. Loper, of Brooklyn to Sarah B., dau. of Nicholas Van Cott, Esq.


Nov. 13. Mr. John E. Norton, of Jersey City (formerly of Yaphank) to Miss Esther H. Gildersleeve, of Hempstead.


Jan. 22. Mr. Smith Pine, of Hempstead to Mrs. Emily Duryea, of North Hempstead.
Feb.   8.   Mr. Joseph Wood and Mrs. Jane Bedell of Christian Hook.
Feb.   25.   Mr. Chas. Henry Newman and Miss Emily F. Ashdown.
April 15.   Mr. Thomas H. Seaman, of Brooklyn and Miss Emma Henderson, of this village.
May 20.   Abram Ramson Young and Catharine Duryea, both of the town of Oyster Bay.
Aug. 18. Edgar Tappen and Hattie Fanning, of Washington Square.


Jan.   13,   Eugend F. Bedell and Anna B. Powell, both of Hempstead.
Jan.   24.   Thos. Little and Eliza Doxey, of Rockville Centre.
Feb.   7.   Benj. W. Brush and Miss Sarah W. Robbins, both of Farmingdale.
April 27.   William F. Conklin and Sarah E. Hendrickson, at the residence of the bride's father, Daniel.
June 29.   Wm. Alex. Pollock to Mary Ann Van Nostrand, at the residence of Mr. Crampton.
Oct.   6.   Mr. George W. Hebard and Mary F. Foster.


Jan.   18.   T. Edward Seaman, of Babylon to Miss Anna R. Coon, of Hempstead.
April 7. John Bedell to Phebe Elizabeth Frost, both of Hempstead.
July 13. Platt Frost and Miss Jane Elizabeth Watson, both of Christian Hook.
Aug. 31.   John Edward Sealey and Phebe Elizabeth Cox, of Freeport.
Dec. 10. Joseph Townsend Green, of Brooklyn to Sarah Elizabeth Mott, of -   Jamaica.
Dec. 21. William C. Jackson and Amelia Burrows, colored, both of Jerusalem.
Dec. 31.   John H. Smith and Margarette Ann Lane, both of Hempstead.


April 5. Sylvester W. Bedell and Harriet A. Green, of Jamaica.
June 1. Wm. Stoothoff, of Jamaica and Emma E., dau. of Edward N. Duryee.
June   2.   John H. Lane, of Hempstead and Mary E. Lewis, of Uniondale.
Sept.   4.   Joseph W. Carson, of Hempstead and Maria Birdsall, of Smithville.
Oct.   8.   Moroni Raynor, of Greenwich Point and Miss Mary Jane Wilson. Oct. 28. James Riley and Ann Dolan, both of Hempstead.
Nov.   8.   William R. Walker and Miss Emma Bailey.
Dec.   8.   Charles W. Abrams and Mary Lester Rhodes.
Dec.   8. Samuel D. Velsor and Antoinette Robbins, of Smithville.
Dec. 11.   John Seaman, East Meadow and Elizabeth Jane Robbins, Smithville. Dec. 30. William Palsey and Elizabeth Ann Belknap.


Feb.   20.   John W. De Mott, Jr., and Christiana Sprague, both of Far Rockaway.
Mar. 26. Henry Stull, of New York and Mamie G. Thompson, of Hempstead.
May   5.   Daniel P. Seaman, of Roslyn and Julia C. Lane, of Hempstead.
July   2. John S. Weeks and Miss Josie Foster, both of Hempstead.
July   16.   John Frederick Fowler and Grace Baker, both of N. Y. (or Baber).
Aug.   18.   John H. Van Wickler and Sarah E. Van Wickler, both of Franklin Square.
Sept.   11.   Sylvester Seeley and Martha A. Willets, both of Hempstead.
Oct.   2. Albert Losee and Miss Maggie Walker, both of Hempstead.
Nov.   7.   Albert H. Seabury and Miss Eliza C. Place, both of Hempstead.
Dec. 16.   Melancthen C. Bennett, of Jamaica and Miss Frances Snediker.
Dec. 21.   John Harold and Miss Emma Snedeker, both of Hempstead.


June 17.   Henry E. Ketchum and Sarah Jane Tilley, of Roslyn.
Oct.   16. Alpheus Augustus Willis, of Mineola and Mary R. Mersereau.
Oct. 16. Joseph L. Cooper, of Brooklyn and Harriet G. Hacket, of West
Nov. io.   Eugene Vincent Marsh and Adiline Baldwin, both of Hempstead.
Nov. 26.   Harry W. Campfield, of Brooklyn and Miss Phebe L. Raynor.


Jan.   15.   Cornelius R. Bergen and Miss Mary Alice Phraner.
Mar. 29. Michael Dunn, of Amityville and Emeline Cornell.
Oct. 25. Patrick Rooney, of North Hempstead and Julia Ann Boyd.

1875.   (MARRIAGES BY REV. ____ NOBLE.

June 28.   James Henry Watson, farmer, born in England, son of John Wesley Watson, and Amanda Lavinia Steers, born at Westbury, dau. of Willis Rinehart and Sarah
            Hulse Rinehart, and widow of Steers.
June 30.   James Walters, of Hempstead, farmer, born at Jerusalem, L. I., son of Jackson and Henrietta Seaman Walters, and Rachel H. Rhinehart, born at Westbury,
            dau. of Willis and Sarah Hulse Rhinehart.
July 20.   Benjamin F. Smith, of Freeport, aged 23, farmer, son of John N. and Amanda Bridges Smith, and Joseph(?) F. Smith, aged 20, dau. of Benjamin Smith.
Aug.   4.   George L. Hunt, of Hempstead, aged 21, farmer, son of James and Mary Hunt, and Georgianna Kellum, aged 23, dau. of John and Mary J. Raynor Kellum.
Aug. 24.   Seaman Sammis, of Hempstead, aged 22, brakeman, born in Oyster Bay, son of Henry and Elizabeth Seaman Sammis, and Mary A. Abrams, aged 22, born
            Rockville Centre, dau. of Lockwood Abrams.
Sept. 29. Israel Chichester, of Amityville, aged 28, barber, born in Amityville, son of Elijah and Elizabeth Smith Chichester, his second marriage, and Nancy M. Weeks,
            of Seaford, aged 23, dau. of Oliver and Sarah W. Rinehard Weeks.
Oct.   13.   William Benjamin Valentine, of Sayville, aged 22, son of John B., and Susan Roe Valentine, and Alice Hendrickson, aged 24, born in Flushing, dau. of
            Cornelius and Elizabeth Higbie Hendrickson.


April 6. Leander Losea, aged 23, conductor, son of Daniel and Phebe D. Hinman Losea, and Lizzie Conklin, aged 21, born in Hicksville, dau. of Henry A. and Jennie
            Sprague Conklin.
June 18. Willets Skidmore, of Jamaica, aged 27, farmer, born in Flushing, son of Samuel and Mary Tyson Skidmore, and Mary H. Ellison, of Brooklyn, aged 22, born in
            Roslyn, dau. of Charles and Charity Williams Ellison.
July 24. John Henry Ritchie, of Hempstead, farmer, born in Freeport, and Arabella Me Dowell, born in Ireland.
Sept.   6.   John K. T. Davidson, clerk, son of John E. Davidson, and Fannie E. B. Mersereau, dau. of John B. Mersereau.
Sept 23.   Joseph Reiter, of Hempstead, tailor, born in Wittenberg, Germany, and Kate Hoffner, dau. of John Hoffner, of N. Y., born in Helsen, Germany.
Oct.   3.   George Clement, of Hempstead, farmer, and Marrietta Tompkins.
Oct. 25. Stephen M. Whealey, of Jamaica, farmer, and Mary Elizabeth Burt, of North Hempstead, dau. of Mrs. Elizabeth L. Burt.
NOV. 21.   Charles C. Powell, of Flushing, farmer, son of Thomas L. Powell and Sarah Gertrude Burt, dau. of Mrs. Elizabeth L. Burt.
Dec. 27. Charles A. Bailey, of Hempstead, farmer, son of Dr. Thomas Bailey, and Mary E. Burt, of Hempstead, dau. of the late John P. Burt.


April   4.   Daniel Franklin Southard, of Freeport, and Emeline Smith, dau. of John N. Smith, of Freeport.
April 15. Abraham B. Edwards, of Hempstead, blacksmith, his second marriage, and Louisa Karst, dau. of Valentine Karst, of Roslyn.
June 20.   C. Fred Skidmore, and Lillian Simonson, both of Hempstead.
June 30. Henry Evers, of Hempstead, laborer, son of Frederick, his second marriage, and Annie A. Smith, dau. of Frederick Smith.
Sept. 13. Horace F. Chatfield, of Brooklyn, son of B. L. Chatfield, and S. Louise Prime, of Huntington, dau. of Claudius B. Prime.
Sept. 20. Thomas A. Hayden, of Hempstead, his first marriage, and Mrs. Elizabeth Coles, of Flushing, her second marriage.
Sept. 26. George Washington Nix, of Hempstead, son of John Nix, and Adeline Bertha Davidson, dau. of J. E. Davidson.
Oct. 31. Walter Franklin Reeve, of Patchogue, son of B. F. Reeve, and Sarah Jane Henderson, dau. of Mrs. Kate Henderson.
Dec. 25.   Roger Lamsen, of New York, and Emma Bogardus, dau. of Abraham Bogardus, of Garden City.


Jan.   12.   Jacob Scholl, of Hempstead, farmer, and Elizabeth Smalley Stringham, of Hempstead.
Jan. 13. Jarvis W. Lawrence, farmer, of Farmingdale, and Antoinette Colyer, of Jerusalem.
Feb.   21.   Frederick W. Werner, of Hempstead, manufacturer of mouldings, his second marriage, and Josephine L. Mersereau, dau. of John B. Mersereau.
Feb. 27. Abram Griffin, farmer, of Westbury, his second marriage, and Huldah Turrell, dau. of Stephen H. Turrell, of East Meadow.
May   7. Andrew Dauch, farmer, of East Meadow, son of Thomas Dauch, and Mary C. Bergold, dau. of Joseph Bergold.
Aug. 2. Charles Henry Johnson, of Baldwins, son of Valentine Johnson, fisherman, and Alnora Ryerson, dau. of Alfred Ryerson.
Aug.   4.   James Eagen, of Hempstead, cigar maker, son of James E. of Lockport, and Lillie Vandewater, dau. of the late James V.
May 22. Edward Cooper, of Hempstead, merchant, his second marriage, to Adeline, dau. of Eliza Hendrickson.
Aug. 22.   Erastus S. Spencer, of New York, merchant, his second marriage, to Annie C. L. Jones, also her second marriage, at 58 West 33d Street, N. Y. City.
Sept. 25. Elbert Layton, of Farmingdale, farmer, his second marriage, to Mrs. Sarah A. Grant, of Bethpage, also her second.
Oct.   1. John A. Box, of Hempstead, carpenter, to Mary Fleming, dau. of William, of Hempstead.
Dec. 26. Adonijah Underhill, of Hempstead, hotel-keeper, to Eliza Suydam, dau. of John L., of Hempstead.


Jan. 16. Peter H. Tredwell, of Hempstead, his second marriage, to Jennie Piedmont.
Jan.   29.   George S. Morrell, of Jamaica, to Phebe A. Burt, of Mineola.
Jan. 29. John H. Gracie, of Jamaica, to Mary L. Morrell, of Mineola.
Feb.   19. George W. Davis, of Greenport, carpenter, to Sarah E. Sprague, of Hempstead.
Mar. 25. John L. Hunt, of Jerusalem, farmer, to Elizabeth A. Baldwin, of Newbridge.
June 26. Adolf Lux, of Jamaica, cigar & stationery, born in N. Y., son of Henry Lux, to Annie Mary Stoffel, of Hempstead, born in N. Y., dau. of William and Sabrina
            Weyrich Stoffel.
June 27.   Robert Van De Water, of Hempstead, painter, born in Buffalo, son of James and Jessie Mc Acrout Van De Water, to Carrie Denton, of Hempstead, dau. of
            John William and Hannah Smith Denton.


Aug. 19. William Stymus, of Oyster Bay, farmer, son of Christopher and Hannah Cornelius Stymus, and Sarah F. Cornelius, of Hempstead, dau. of John and
            Alice Raynor Cornelius.
Sept.   27.   John Johnson, of Hempstead, farmer, born in Norway, son of John Johnson, to Johanna Nillson, born in Norway, dau. of Andrew.


May I0.   Thomas W. Pearsall, of Pearsalls, and Katie E. Abrams.
Aug. 2I. George E. Powell, of Westbury, and Alice Powell, of East N. Y.
Sept. 20.   William Bell Conklin and Julia A. Mowbray.
NOV. 29.   Charles Wesley Southard, blacksmith, of Bellmore, L. I., and Annie M. Smalling, of Hempstead.
Oct.   25.   George Foster, boatman, of Roslyn, and Ida Catoeth, of Staten Island, it being his second marriage.


Sept. 4. William E. Quackenboss, insurance, and Florence R. Linington, both of Brooklyn.
Nov.   8. David L. Van Nostrand, of Little Neck, and Mary Emma Fleet, of Mineola, dau. of Luke Fleet.
Dec.   12.   Sidney Pratt, of Westbury, and Mary Emma Pine, of East Williston.


Feb. 21. J. H. Bogart, M. D., of Roslyn, and Ethelena T. Albertson, of Mineola.
Feb.   26.   Louis Richard Steinsieck, of Oyster Bay, and Ella Robbins Larrabee, of Oyster Bay.
Mar.   6.   William H. Williams, of Mineola, and Anna Hubbs, of Jericho.
Mar. 19   William L. Fredericks, of Queens, and Jennie A. Thorn, of Hempstead.
Mar. 29. Walter C. Bennett, of Baldwins, to Mary Jane Baldwin, of Freeport.
July 15. Robert Seabury and Mary A. Hendrickson, both of Hempstead, it being the second marriage of the groom.


Oct.   18.   Eugene Bond, of Mineola, and Henrietta Skidmore, of Hempstead.
Oct. 22. Edmund Livingston Burchard, of Brooklyn, and Hattie Newell Bedell, of Hempstead.
Oct. 23. Jotham Post, of Westbury, and Cornelia Covert, of the same. Nov. 12. Charles Henry Allen, of Garden City, and Helen Hayden, of Hempstead.
Dec.   3. James Allen, of Garden City and Susie Bedell, of Hempstead.


Mar. 28. Joseph W. Foster, of East Rockaway, and Catharine Elizabeth Raynor, of Hempstead, it being the second marriage of the bride.
April   9.   Cornelius B. Adams and Kate Mc Namara, at the residence of the bride's sister, Mrs. Van Cott, it being the second marriage of the groom.
May 20.   Warren Cruikshank and Augusta Minshull, both of Hempstead.
June   9.   Richard Rhodes and Catherine A. Bennett, both of Hempstead.
Aug. 12.   Alfred T. Duboise and Katie Mc Dermott, both of Hempstead.
Sept. 30 Henry W. Andrews, of Mineola and Eva Gardner, of Hempstead.
Oct.   7.   Arthur Corbin, of Springfield, Mass., and Hattie L. Mott, of Roslyn.
Oct.   14.   John W. Mersereau, of Hempstead and Nora L. Garvey, of Brooklyn, at the house of the groom's parents.
Nov. 29.   Elijah Raynor and Adelaide Smith, of Freeport, it being the second marriage of the groom.
Dec. 24.   Franklin E. Thurston, of Hempstead and Sarah C. Myers, of Garden city.


Jan.   14.   Franklin Turrell, of East Meadow and Frances Post, of Westbury.
Feb.   3.   Carroll Fred Norton, of Greenport and Sara Emma Mersereau, of Hempstead.
Feb. 16. Wm. P. Nickells, of Staatsburgh, N. Y., and Albertia Strong, of Hempstead.
June   2.   J. Frank Bedell and Carrie Davidson, both of Hempstead.
Nov.   i i.   Edward Henry Darville and Edwina Fields, both of Brooklyn.


June 22.   Charles A. Bedell and Mary Vollmer, both of Hempstead.
July 12. Fred. Tracy Munson, of New Haven, Conn., and E. Frances Thayer, of Hempstead.
July 27. George William Rhodes and Irene Ronk, both of Washington Square.
Oct.   26.   Henry Soper, of Oceanville and Mary A. Mills, of So. Hempstead.
Nov. 30. Edgar Ketcham, of Queens, and Mary Powell, of Hempstead.


Jan. 12. Wm. W. Rapelyea and Adelaide Abrams, both of Hempstead.
April 30.   Lewis H. Clowes and Mary Dorlon Wood, both of Hempstead.
May 19.   William F. Thompson, of Washington Square and Mary Elizabeth Shannon, of Norwood.
June   6.   Isaac Snedeker and Bertha Chase Hendrickson, of Hempstead.
Aug. 2. Albert A. Johnson, of Baldwins, and Maggie Mahan, of Hempstead.
July   28.   Francis Ashby and Elizabeth Seaman, both of Hempstead.
Aug. 23.   James Douglas, of Rahway, N. J., and Augusta Squier, of the same, at Rahway, it being the second marriage of both.
Sept. 26. Herbert Smith, of West Saghkanic, N. Y., and Frances Smith, of New Hyde Park.
Oct.   2. William W. Gillett, of South Lake Weir, Fla., and Kate Henderson, of Hempstead.
Oct.   10.   Ferdinand Mc Keige of Hempstead and Cornelia M. Douglas, of Brooklyn, it being second marriage of the groom.
Oct.   30.   Peter S. A. Williams and Mary Fischer, both of Hempstead, it being second marriage of each patty.


Jan. 17. Thos. J. Holliday, of N. Bergen, N. J., and Kate Mc Cullom, of Hempstead.
April 20. Irving Augustus Matthews and Phebe D. Harrington, both of Hempstead.
April 30.   Henry Walters, of Brooklyn and Anna I. Johnson, of Bellmore.
June   5.   Alfred F. Golder and Elizabeth Birchell, both of Mineola.
June 29. Frank H. Pahde, of Northport and Maggie H. Johnson, of Westbury.
July 21 Alfred L. Denton, of Brooklyn. and Jennie B. Weekes, of Hempstead.
July 21. Oliver H. Allen, of Brooklyn and Emma Bradley, of Hempstead.
Aug. 14. William Gartrello and Mary W. De Mott, both of Mineola.
Oct. 12. Willit L. Carman, of Baldwins and Lillie L. Harrington, of Hempstead.
Dec.   3.   Alfred Noon, Jr., of Roslyn and A. Jennie Cox, of Hempstead.
Dec. 23. William Z. James, of East Williston and Clara A. Smith, of Mineola.


Jan. 21. Frank P. Carman, of Brooklyn to Minnie Davis Noon, of Roslyn.
Feb. 25. John H. Meginn, to Mrs. Adaline Ficken, both of Hempstead.
Mar. 15.   Henry Ellsworth Van Wickeler to Mary J. Van De Water, both of Hempstead.
April 1. Isaac Doty to Elizabeth Raynor, both of Hempstead.
April 21.   Ebenezer Kellum, Jr., to Mary Dater Springer, both of Hempstead.
April 22. Frederick E. Jones to Julia Esther Wood (Colored), both of Hempstead.
June 17.   John Van Nostrand, of East Hinsdale to Annie Hopkins De Mott, of Mineola.
Oct.   28.   Frank Arthur Gardinier to Mattie S. Nostrand, both of Northport.
Dec.   9. Charles D. Smith to Nellie Horsefall, both of Freeport.


Feb.   3. Charles Louis Hingle, of Hempstead to Mary Emma Walker, of Mineola.
Sept. 18.   Henry J. Edgar to Emma J. Schultz, both of Hyde Park, L. I.
Dec.   6.   Daniel Doty to Louize Allen, both of Hempstead.
Dec. 12. Gabriel Fillmore Potter, of Sayville to Delia Adelaide Jackson, of Hempstead. (Colored.)


April 16.   Joseph Henshall to Adelaide Cornelius both of Hempstead.
April 26. Charles Wesley Smith, of Merrick to Eleanor Dorthe Lingren, of Brooklyn.
May 24.   Samuel H. Powell to Cornelia E. Davis, both of Hempstead.