1805 - 1858


July   27.   Rayner Smith with Ruth Whaley.
Aug.   4. Richard Sopus with Levinah Miller.
Sept.   8. Daniel Smith with Phoebe Tredwell.
Sept. 29. Herman Lamberson with Hannah Parker.
Nov. 12.   Increase Pettit with Abbigail Elderd.
Nov. 30.   Moris Southard with Molly Smith.
Dec.   29.   Samuel Seaman with Polly Raynard.


Jan. 27. Daniel Tredwell with Mary Smith.
Mar. 26. Daniel Southard with Mary Story.
May 11. John Rhoades with Nancy Porterfield.
May 14.   Smith Rayner with Hannah Cornwell.
June 21.   Steven Bedell with Hannah Dorlon.
July   5.   James Sopus with Phoebe Lewis.
July   6.   Reuben Shaw with Phoebe Cornwell.
Aug.   9.   Hezekiah Bedell, Junr. with Nancy Seaman.
Aug. 28. Samuel Carman with Elizabeth Jackson.
Sept.   6.   Adam Anthony with Sally Sopus.
Oct.   5. Richard Gritman with Polly Terry.
Oct.   12.   Wm. Arrow Smith with Ann Wats.
Nov. 30. Tredwell Brant with Sarah Shaw.
Dec.   2. James Pettit, Junr. with Phoebe Gritman.


Jan.   28.   Daniel Smith with Mary Shaw.
Feb.   8. Charles Brewer with Polly Langdon.
Feb.   10.   John Mott with Sally Pearsall.
April 25. Jesse Smith with Mary Baldwin.
April 25. James Lush with Mary Carman.
May  3. Jonah Frederick with Bekky Thurston.
Aug. 30.   Philip Walters with Deborah Concklin.
Sept.   3.   John Cornelius with Nancy Demodt.
Sept.   6.   Benjamin Williams with Hannah Dodge.
Oct.   31.   Timothy S. Cheesman with Phoebe Bricket.
Nov.   3. William Brewer with Mary Frost.
Nov. 15.   Oliver Cornwell with Sarah Coovert.
Dec. 11. John Mott, Esq. with Lucy Nicolls.
Dec.   24.   William J. Hendrickson with Mary Higbie.
Dec. 25. Hendrick Hendrickson with Margaret Watts Smith.
Dec.   25.   Daniel Cornwell with Hannah Hendrickson.


Jan.   6.   Samuel Shaw with Phoebe Wanser.
Jan.   9.   Thomas Pearsall with Catharine Murray.
Jan. 10. Stites Johnson with Molly Bedell.
Jan.   16. Albert Adriaans Brinkerhoff with Elizabeth Noostrandt.
Jan. 24. Benjamin Tredwell with Hetty Smith.
Feb.   3.   Steven Abrams with Sally Devenport.
Feb.   11.   Valentine Losea with Polly Cornwell.
Feb.   21.   Charles Jackson with Elizabeth Terrill.
Mar. 12. Jordan Seaman with Elizabeth Mills.
Mar. 19. John Gildersleave with Patty Lawrence.
April 2. Andrew Pearsall with Phoebe Rodgers.
April   9.   James Ditmars with Sarah Roe.
April 10. Samuel Thorn with Mary Mitchell.
April 21.   Robert Wilson with Amy Dorlon.
May 15.   Daniel Noorstrand with Justie Noorstrand.
May 18. Peter Hendrickson with the widow Watts.
July  3.  Robert Shelley with Elizabeth Smith.
July   16.   Benjamin Petitt with Mary Smith.
Aug. 16. Samuel Hicks with Nancy Searing.
Oct. 4. Peter Noorstrand with Sukey Powell.
Oct.   4. Tredwell Kelam with Elizabeth Smith.
Oct. 15. Robert Allen with Letty Whaley.
Oct. 20. Rem Rapeljie with Sarah Allen.
Oct.   27.   Richard Hewlett Van Noostrand with Elizabeth Tredwell.
Nov.   6.   Samuel Willis with Polly Denton.
Nov. 28. Nathaniel Frost with Letty Dorlon.
Dec. 17. Simon Oaks with Anna Sammis.
Dec. 19. Rulef Ludlum with Mary Monfortt.


Jan.   3.   Israel Smith with Dianna Matross.
Jan.   10.   Steven Hicks with Elizabeth Losea.
Jan.   28.   Jervis Seaman with Mary Smith.
Feb.   4.   Increase Pettit with Marletty Sutton.
Feb.   9. Jacob Burr with Sarah Cornwell.
Feb.   18.   William Petit with Melly Combs.
Mar.   5. Elijah Raynor with Phebe Smith.
April   5.   Joel Smith with Amy Raynor.
April   8.   Elijah Smith with Margaret Langdon.
April 30.   William Townsend with Catherine Hendrickson.
May 13.   Michael Demodt with Hannah Webb.
June   6.   Foster Burtis with Mary Burtis.
Aug. 13.   Cornwell Denton with Sarah Fowler.
Aug. 26.   Samuel Smith with Elizabeth Nicolls.
Aug. 26.   Patrick Mott with Nancy Wood.
Aug. 27.   Samuel Seaman with Elizabeth Baxter.
Aug. 28.   Robert Craft with' Sarah Langdon.
Oct.   3. Townsend Willis with Mary Coles.
Oct.   3. Jarvis Johnson with Elizabeth Hults.
Nov. 29.   Abraham Bedell with Phebe Smith.
Nov. 22.   Daniel Pearsall with Abigail Losea.
Dec. 10. Daniel Losea with Hannah Bedell.
Dec. 11. Michael Combs with Harriet Valentine.
Dec. 16.  Oliver Dorlon with Nancy Thurston.
Dec. 16. John Charlick with Ann Rayner.
Dec. 19.  Richard Mott with Phebe Noostrand.
Dec. 23.  Benjamin Birdsall with Jerusha Mott.
Dec. 30. Israel Elderd with Ruth Hulstz.
Dec.  30.  George Baldwin with Phebe Hawkins.


Jan.  6. Charles Baxter with Ruth Gildersleeve.
Jan. 14. Samuel Jarvis with Diana Hendrickson.
Jan. 28. John Carman with Abigail Seaman.
Feb.   10.   David Valentine with Mary Langdon.
Feb.   10.   Wm. Bedell with Peggy Smith.
Feb.   11.   Nicholas Mabee with Sarah Monfortt.
Mar.   12.   Robert Carpenter with Ann Bedell.
Mar. 15. Jonas Frederick with Nancy Burtis.
Mar. 24.   Richard Pool with Martha Abrahams.
Mar. 25.   Caleb Erwin with Sarah Brant.
April 7. Steven Johnson with Mary Combs.
April 15. Elijah Carman with Phebe Gildersleave.
May   5.   Jacob Abrams with Patty Abrams.
May 13. Henry Golden with Mary Bedell.
May 19. Thomas Smith with Elizabeth Vanderbilt.
May 26. Joseph S. Allen with Elizabeth Ketcham.
June 6. David Demott with Sarah Smith.
June 16.   Isaac Hendrickson with Elizabeth Cornwell.
June 16.   Abraham Selovir with Mary Demodt.
July   8. Abraham Burtis with Hannah Wright.
Aug.   2. Robert Davison with Ann Bedell.
Aug. 11.   John Wright with Susan Pearsall.
Aug. 18. David V. Horton with Mary Ammerman.
Sept.   1.   Flower Hultz with Nancy Smith.
Sept.   5.   Jesse Abrams with Catherine Pearsall.
Sept. 15.   Benjamin Pearsall with Elizabeth Hawkins.
Oct.   6. Samuel Pearsall with Sarah Wright.
Nov.   3. Isaiah Doughty with Catherine Abrams.
Nov. 17.   Alpheus Lewis with Elizabeth Pine.
Dec.   15.   Walter Abrams with Elizabeth Doughty.
Dec. 22. Samuel Wood with Phebe Mott.


April 28. Hezekiah Ditmars with Phebe Mott.
Sept.   15.   Albert Valentine with Rachel Powel.
Nov. 18.   Abraham Santons with Ann Chapple.


Jan.   5.   Steven Carman with Sarah Fower.
Jan.   5. John Jackson Sands with Hannah Baldwin.
Jan. 20. Charles Mott with Charity Mitchell.
Jan.   30.   Walter Burr with Eliza Burr.
Feb.   2. John Ludlum with Elizabeth Sweet.
Feb.   6. Joseph Mott with Susan Gautier.
Feb.   9.   Michael Whaley with Mary Allen.
Feb. 10 . John Simonson with Phebe Rayner.
Feb. 16. Samuel Mott with Hannah Sopus.
Feb.   16.   Robert Wilson with Martha Bigs.
Feb.   16.   William Pettit with Elizabeth Gritman.
Feb.   20.   Jesse Wright with Margaret Bennet.
Mar.   9.   Nathaniel Abrams with Elizabeth Abrams.
Mar. 16.   Benjamin Hatfield with Ester Valentine.
April 20.   Caleb Mott with Hannah Carman.
June 2. Samuel Tredwell with Hannah Barker.
June   4.   Henry Van Cott with Ann Smith.

1813.   (BY REV. MR. ANDREWS).

May   1  Gilbert Lawrence with Fanny Bedell.


Mar. 16.   Cornelius Schapes to Elizabeth Hanford.


Dec. 11 John Seydam with Catharine Sprag.
Dec. 28. Daniel Smith to Eliza Allen.
Dec.   28.   David Combs to Susan Bedell.


Jan.   22.   James Losea to Eliza Gildersleeve.
Jan.   25.   Samuel Van Wyke to Sarah Denton.
Jan. 28. Henry Lewis to Mary Ann Platt.
Mar.   5.   David Simonson to Phebe Bedell.
May 20.   Stephen Combs to Mary Ann Elderd.
June 11.   Daniel Youngs to Catharine Youngs.
July 28.   Lawrence Sprag to Nancy Smith.
Aug. 23.   Nathan Terrel to Betsey Abrams.


April 25.   Charles Brewer to Eliza Doxey.
April 29.   Lewis Bedell to Abigal Smith.
June 30. Timothy Rhodes Pettit to Elizabeth Smith.
Aug. 30. James Pine, Junr. to Mary Losee.
Sept.   2.   David Gildersleeve to Phoebe Fowler.
Oct.   7. Laton Baldwin to Elizabeth Smith.
Oct. 11. Jonathan Jones to Mary Ackley.
Nov. 11. Benjamin Smith to Phoebe Baldwin.
Dec. 26. William Smith to Sarah Carman.   (Coloured.)


Feb.   24.   Jacob Cole to Matilda Bedell.
Mar.   3.   Henry Jackson to Eliza Rayner.
Mar.-   4.   Samuel B. Eldred to Catharine Willitt.
Mar.   9.   Jacob Pine to Abigal Hendrixson.
Mar. 13.   Thomas Cornell to Elizabeth Verrity.
April 6. Thomas Lewis to Priscilla Wandsor.
April 14.   Eliphalet Willits to Hannah Thurston.
May 13.   Briant Hawkins to Sarah Watters.
May 15.   Joshua Smith to Phoebe Spragg.
July   3.   Phineas Wandsor to Hannah Verrity.
July 13. Cornelius Eldert to Jane Wiggins.
Sept   1.   Skillman Brush to Susan Nostrand.
Sept. 25. Uriah Bedell to Hannah Smith.
Nov.   3. John Burtis to Sarah Smith.
Nov. 10 . Evert Van Size to Dorethy Nostrant.
Dec. 30. David Steel to Julia Miller.   (coloured).


Jan. 12. Laton Simonson to Sarah Smith.
Jan. 29. Bates Pearsal to Sarah Ann Shaw.
Jan.   30.   Jarvis Duryea to Rhoda Wood.
Feb.   1.   Stepher Rainer to Amy Smith.
Mar. 25.   Alexander Parker to Elizabeth Abrams.
April 3.   Lattin Seaman to Eliza Pettit.
May   3.   Bamet Burtis to Ann Ludlum.
Aug. 16. Richard Bedell to Elizabeth Elsworth.
Nov.   8.   William Tarby to Elcy Gildersleeve.
Dec.   2.   Charles Jackson to Ann Shaw.
Dec.   14.   Thomas Herring to Joanna Reeves.
Dec.   20.   William Smith to Patty Burr.


Jan.   2.   Joseph Rayner to Nancy Smith.
Jan.   20.   Henry Combs to Abigal Bedell.
Feb. 25. Daniel Fowler to Hannah Losea.
Mar.   1.   Henry Doxey to Eliza Ryder.
Mar. 24.   William Hart to Maria Wandser.
Mar. 24.   Nathaniel Wilmot to Dense Haff.
June   9.   William Field to Catharine Griffin.
Aug. 25.   Leonard Hawks to Theodotia Smith.
Sept.   1.   William Van Cott to Deborah Smith.
Sept. 15. Daniel Wandser to Eliza Verity.
Sept. 29. Ephraim Seaman to Eliza Carman.
Dec.   20.   Mahalael Pane to Margaret Miller.   (Coloured).
Dec.   22.   William Bailey to Mrs. Mary Horton.
Dec. 22. Jarvis Combes to Mariah Seaman.
Dec.   29.   John Johnson to Charlotte Bedell.


Jan.   1. Samuel Foster to Margaret Rhodes.
Jan.   9. Timothy Platt Carll to Mary Ann Strong.
Jan. 12. Elias Leek to Sarah Cornell.
Jan. 19. Jacob Brewer to Ann Abrams.
Feb.   14. George Post to Mary Pearsall.
Feb.   14.   John Stillwell to Sarah Ann Pine.
Feb.   23.   Stephen Wood to Ann Smith.
Mar. 10.   Isaac Clowes to Sarah Duryea.
Mar. 24.   Benjamin Mott to Catharine Cayman.
April   6.   Joseph Pettit to Abigal Raynor.
June 27.   George Steel to Esther Carll.   (Coloured).
July   6.   Benjamin L. Bedell to Hannah Treadwell.
Aug. 3. Jacob Baldwin to Mary Pool Baldwin.
Aug.   8.   Morris Treadwell to Betsey Brown.   (Coloured).
Sept.   7. Adam Cannon to Elizabeth Bedell.
Oct.   12. Zechariah Abrams to Miriam Pearsall.
Oct. 30. Jesse Holdredge to Fanny Smith.
Oct. 30. Miles Wood to Rhoda Holdredge.
Nov.   6. James Murry to Ann Brewer.
Nov.   7.   Thomas Hendrickson to Sarah Rhodes.
Nov. 30. Amos D. Williams to Mary Smith.
Dec.   11.   Thomas Baldwin to Sarah Brewer.
Dec. 22. Ezekiel Clevenger to Mary Antonides.


Jan.   21.   Felix Fowler to Rhoda Bedell.
Jan. 25. Jesse Crafts to Hannah Pearsall.
Feb.   5. William Treadwell to Elizabeth Cornell.
Feb.   5. Silvanus Baldwin to Fanny Raynor.
Feb.   6.   John Combs to Amy Smith.
Feb. 26. Joseph Gosline to Sarah Darby.
Mar.   1 George Willard to Ann Evins. (Coloured).
Mar.   9. Richard Carman to Ann Raynor.
Mar. 21.   Thomas Sopus to Sarah Smith.
Mar. 21. Joseph Raynor to Eliza Raynor.
May 31. Abraham Bond to Cornelia Ammermon.
June 14. Isaac Van Sicklen to Emeline Augusta.
June 14. George Smith to Freelove Whaley.
June 29.   James Hewlet to Clara Anti Bedell.
Aug.   6. James Whaley to Elizabeth Rhodes.
Aug. 17.   Hewlett Story to Deborah Traverse.
Sept. 27.   Isaac Kirby to Mary Lawrence.
Nov.   5.   Dr. James Townsend to Ann S. Valentine.
Dec.   4. David Vandewater to Martha Walker.
Dec.   6. Richard Smith to Elinor Post.
Dec.   13.   Daniel Searing to Ruth Valentine.
Dec.   17.   Isaac Wiggins to Margaret Suydam.
Dec. 29.   Samuel Cooper to Maria Cornell.


Jan.   27.   Ezekiel Smith to Hannah Mott.
Feb.   12.   James Powell to Hannah Fowler.
Feb.   21.   Albert Doxey to Maria Bergen.
April 24.   Samuel Post to Abigal Heges [or Heges].
May 18.   Edmond Smith to Rebecca Smith.
May 26. Carlton Jarvis to Susanna Everit.
May 29.   Cornelius Van Sicklen to Jane Barto.
June   9.   Henry Spragg to Sarah Combs.
June 12.   John Newton to Hannah Weekes.
June 19.   James Brower to Martha Combs.
Sept. 11.   John Doty to Mary Ann Beaty.
Sept. 14.   Edward Hendrickson to Alletta Rapelye.
Oct.   16. Jordan Lewis to Martha Fowler.
Nov. 24. Cornelius Rhodes to Mary Hendrickson.
Dec.   11.   Joseph Denton to Abigal Van Nostrand.
Dec.   14.   Wright Fowler to Abigal Baily.
Dec. 22. Nicholas Bergen to Eliza Flower.


Jan. 12. William Raynor to Eliza Bedell.
Jan. 29. John Abrams to Mary Combs.
Feb.   5.   Stephen Langdon to Hannah Abrams.
Mar.   9.   John Baldwin to Mary Ann Allen.
Mar. 23.   Thomas Raynor to Elizabeth Whaley.
Mar. 23.   George Raynor to Sarah Golder.
April 9.   Zadock Pettit to Phebe Shaw.
April   9.   William Shaw to Jane Abrams.
April 12. Richard Wandsor to Mary Ann Baisly.
May 24.   Elias C. Bedell to Lydia Bedell.
June 11. Jacob Raynor to Phebe Whaley.
June 14.   Bedell Verity to Pamelia Pearsall.
June 25.   Richard Tooker to Martha Powers.
July   6.   Joseph Golder to Jane Seaman.
Sept.   3.   Richard Berry to Rachel Foster.
Sept. 20. Conklin Powell to Hester Wandsor.
Sept. 24. Nathaniel Box to Phebe Nichols.
Oct.   4. John Newman to Mrs. Eliza Albin.
Oct.   5.   Robert Cornell to Sarah Hendrickson.
Nov.   8. Roe Haviland to Mary Cutter.
Nov. 26.   Daniel Treadwell to Susan Ellsworth.
Dec.   1. Richard Hicks to Mary Hewlet.
Dec.   15.   George Smith to Elizabeth Treadwell.
Dec. 22. Baruch Cornell to Eliza Cornell.


Jan.   7. Thomas Smith to Phebe Raynor.
Jan.   7. Samuel Burchel to Mariah Raynor.
Jan.   8.   Benjamin Sutphin to Elizabeth Wiggins.
Jan.   11.   Mott Lewis to Amelia Abrams.
Jan.   11.   Jackson Abrams to Frances Watts.
Jan.   18. Peter Suydam to Ann Eliza Fish.
Jan. 22. John Rider to Eliza Jackson.
Jan.   22.   Samuel Shaw to Lavina Watts.
Feb.   4.   Samuel Van Nostrand to Sarah Frost.
Feb.   9.   David Raynor to Sarah Biggs.
Feb.   15.   John Covert to Roletta Lefferts.
Feb.   15.   Richard Brewer to Amy Southard.
Feb.   16. Richard Place to Zippora Verity.
Feb. 22. Thomas Ketcham to Charity Terry.
Mar.   2.   David Bedell to Ann Ryder.
Mar. 18. Stephen Dodge to Harriet Searing.
Mar. 26. Samuel Smith to Margaret Van Cott.
April   9.   John Jackson to Charlotte Valentine.   (Coloured).
April 12.   Gideon Seaman to Elizabeth Lewis.
April 17. Richard Cock to Rebecca Underhil.
April 17.   Gilbert-Brewer to Julia Ann Brewer.
April 24. Henry Abrams to Catharine Hulce.
April 30.   Mott Pettit to Phebe Pearsall.
May 1. Nehemiah Brown to Henrietta Conklin.
July 23. William Ardway to Mahala Sands.
Aug.   1.   Henry Durrie to Margaret Nostrand.
Aug. 21.   Samuel Mc Clintock to Diannah Barns.
Aug. 31.   Lorenzo Rushmore to Ann Gildersleeve.
Oct.   24. Joseph Dorlon to Mary Simonson.
Oct. 29. William Smith to Rachel Smith.
NOV.   2. Edmund Matthews to Lavina Watters.
Nov.   6.   Sidney Seaman to Phebe W. Valentine.
Nov. 11.   Silvanus Langdon to Phebe Brewer.
Nov. 15. Ezra Kellum to Eliza Cummings.
Dec.   2.   Silvanus Hewlet to Elizabeth Mott.
Dec.   9. Sammis Wilson to Elizabeth Cornelius.
Dec. 10 . William Cook to Nancy Ellison.
Dec.   30.   William Rhodes to Elizabeth Hutchins.
Dec. 31. Garret Dunbar to Catharine Bedell.


Jan.   1.   John Lamberson to Jane Box.
Jan.   17. William A. Gregory to Mary Ann Ketcham.
Feb.   ___.   Valentine Smith to Mrs. Sarah Tuthil.
Mar.   1.   George P. Gildersleeve to Mary Ann Simonson.
Mar. 26.   John Thomas to Elizabeth Treadwell.
April 3. William Cornell to Sarah Barton
April 14.   Isaac Willitts to Phebe VAlliams.
June 10.   Thomas Hulce to Mary Ann Losea.
June 10.   Daniel Post to Amelia Dodge.
June   16.   Zophar Smith to Eliza Smith.
June 27. Samuel Armstrong to Deborah Denton.
July   28.   John Bedell to Susan Smith.
Sept. 16. Waldo Brown to Mary Ann Brant.
Nov. 17.   Stephen Stringham to Hannah Brewer.
Nov. 26. John Carpenter to Elizabeth Rhodes.
Dec.   29.   Whitson Jarvis to Susannah Mott.
Dec.   29. James Smith to Lucinda Baldwin.


Jan.   9.   James Smith to Mrs_ Eliza Raynor.
Jan. - 12.   William Doughty to Mary Ann Abrams.
Jan. 15. Samuel Clowes to Letitia Smith.
Jan. 27.   Benjamin Mott to Rosina Bennet.
Feb.   2.   William Smith to Amy M. Smith.
Feb.   7.   William Brown to Deborah B. Smith.
Feb. 12. Silvanus Bedell to Mary Ann Southard.
Feb.   21.   Caleb S. Frost to Ann Soper.
Mar. 1.   Oliver Smith to Hannah Bedell.
Mar. 12. William Valentine to Mary Ann Bedell.
Mar. 24.   Jacob Ryder to Alletta Hendrickson.
April 6. Hewlet Smith to Ann Meekes.
April 9. Richard Jackson Seaman to Ann Duryea.
April 21. Eliphalet Willets to Mary Gildersleeve.
May 10.   John Armstrong to Susan Cheeseman.
May __. Eldred Platt to Mariah Bedell.
May ___. Abel Smith to Hannah Mott.
June   8. Miles Wood to Arabella F. Carman.
July   6.   Richard P. Losea to Elizabeth Bedell.
Aug.   2. Henry Portal to Hannah Caust. (Coloured).
Aug. 31.   James Smith to Elizabeth Thurston.
Sept.   4. Oliver Pearsall to Martha Flower.
Oct.   5.   William Henry Johnson to Elizabeth Losea.
Oct. 11. Carman Day to Elizabeth Smith.
Nov. 11. Henry Noon to Mary Ann Seaman.
Dec.   21.   Rulef V. B. Bennet to Mary Ann Spader.
Dec.   27.   Wesley Alliby to Ann Anthony.
Dec.   31.   Jacob S. Vandewater to Mary Johnston.


Feb.   19.   David Sands Seaman to Ann Mariah Bunting.
Mar.   7. Oliver Smith to Harriet Raynor.
Mar. 25. Lewis Wood to Phebe Hendrickson.
April   1.   Timothy Nostrand to Drucilla Watts.
April 5.   Milo Root to Hannah Sweet.
April 18.   Richard Rhodes to Phebe Foster.
April 26.   James D. Smith to Elizabeth M. Havens.
May   2.   Elijah P. De Mott to Ann Langdon.
May   2.   Stephen Johnson to Phebe Ann Gritman.
May 14.   David Spragg to Amelia Southard.
May 23. Richard Hulce to Abby Gritman.
June 21. Joseph Matthews to Mary Nichols.
July 11. Timothy Abrams to Elizabeth Smith.
July 11. Edward Doubty to Phebe Smith.
Aug.   1. Thomas Mott to Ann Bedell.
Aug.   9. Thomas Hewlet to Letitia Carpenter.
Sept.   17.   Jacob Bedell to Jane Bedell.
Sept. 19.   James Hutchins to Hannah Shaw.
Sept. 25.   William Treadwell to Hannah Dorlin.
Sept. 27. Jeremiah Keeler to Phebe Brown.
Oct.   8.   William R. Finney to Sarah Gildersleeve.
Nov.   7. Stephen Hicks to Hannah Jackson.
Nov. 28.   William Smith to Mary Ann Pratt.
Dec. 12. William Rhodes to Susan Foster.
Dec.   30.   Townsend Jackson to Susan Fish.
Dec. 31. John Cornell to Catharine Cornell.


Jan.   2. Raynor R. Smith to Elizabeth Dixon.
Jan. 16. William Ackley to Lydia Brewer.
Feb.   6.   Skidmore W. Pettit to Julia Elmore Baker.
Feb. 18. Platt Willets to Martha Hageman.
Mar.   1.   Thomas Edwards to Rachel L. Carman.
Mar. 23. George Southard to Abigail Stephens.
June   1.   Dr. John Davidson to Mrs. Caroline A. Van Zant.
June   3. Andrew Powell to Jane Duryea.
July   4. Joseph G. Kirstead to Mary Crafts.
July   13   William Pettit to Sarah Pine.
July   24.   Ketcham Brush to Phebe Fleet.
April   5.   Eli Newson to Jannette Gildersleeve.
Aug. 10.   Thomas Adrian Silleck to Elizabeth Losea.
Aug. 12.   William Spragg to Rebecca Southard.
Aug. 22.   Hallet Abrams to Sarah Carman.
Aug. 22. Thomas Crampton to Margaret Shaw.
Aug. 25.   Aaron Bedell to Phebe Terry.
Sept.   3.   John De Mott to Sarah Bedell.
Sept.   3.   John Smith to Eliza Bedell.
Oct.   19. Robert Van Nostrand to Patience Oakley.
Oct. 24. Robert Smith to Margaret Beaty.
Oct. 30. Josiah Waltre to Miriam Weekes.
Nov. 20. Samuel Nichols to Mary Brush.
Dec. 15. Isaac Baylis to Elizabeth Wiggins.


Jan.   12.   Henry Alonzo Concklin to Jane Spragg.
Jan. 19. George Duryea to Maria Denton.
Jan. 22.   Jacob Dow to Phebe Pettit.
Jan.   24.   James Beaty to Elizabeth Ryder.
Mar. 12. John Baylis to Susan Dow.
April   3.   James H. Kealer to Susan Beaty.
April 12. John Duryea to Maria Duryea.
April 30.   Peter Duryea to Phebe Van De Water.
May 11.   Joseph Bedell to Phebe Langdon.
May 28. John Kellum to Hannah Raynor.
June   1.   John A. Everit to Ann Cornell.
July   2.   Stephen Dorlon to Julian Pettit.
July   3.   Lewis Searing to Susan Treadwell.
July   4. Amasa Bridges to Emeline Mott.
July 20.   Henry Pearsall to Mary Carman.
July   21.   William Snediker to Lois A. Pine.
July 31. Samuel Baldwin to Ann Morice.
Aug. 13.   Phineas Smith to Martha Wilmot.
Aug.   13.   Samuel De Mott to Mrs. Letitia Johnson.
Aug. 27.   Jeremiah Davidson to Jane Johnson.
Sept.   7.   William Thomas to Agnes Searing.
Oct.   11.   Samuel Dorlon to Margaret Mott.
Oct.   29.   Robert Van Size to Marth Nostrand.
Nov.   5. Christopher Miller to Maria Treadwell.
Nov.   9.   Mott Simonson to Esther Whistson.
Dec.   2.   Raynor Pine to Catharine Edwards.
Nov. 12.   Isaac Cause to.Mary job.   (coloured).
Dec.   7. John Pettit to Sarah V. Hendrickson.
Dec.   7.   John Van De Water to Jane Place.
Dec.   17.   Hamilton Matthews to Elizabeth Raynor.
Dec.   24.   Morice Mott to Amelia Smith.


Jan.   4. Lefferts Bergen to Mary Ann Wiggins.
Feb.   2.   Gilbert Hicks to Elizabeth Sweet.
Feb.   8.   William H. Orr to Charlotte Powley.
Mar. 9.   ___ to  ____ Terrel.
April   7.   John M. Seaman to Sarah Ann Mott.
April 10. Joseph U. Valentine to Mary Cock.
May 19. Henry Mott to Abigail Hendrickson.
June   9.   James Wright to Letitia Wright.
June 13. William Simonson to Mary Jane Maybee.
July   7.   George Mott to Nancy Valentine.
Aug. 18.   Oscar Santes to Daphne Ann Coos.
Aug. 30.   William Hageman to Ann Duryea.
Sept.   2.   Stephen Steel to Elen Miller.
Sept.   8. Oliver Cornell to Amelia Crafts.
Sept. 10.   Jeremiah Birch to Hannah Williams.
Sept. 21.   John Abrams to Elizabeth Fogarty.
Sept. 22.   Oliver S. Denton to Eliza Mott.
Sept. 22.   Sammis Mott to Elizabeth Cornell.
Oct.   6.   Selah Bailis to Sarah Ann Robbins.
Oct.   20.   Alexander Sammis to Eliza Ann Johnson.
Oct.   23.   John Remsen to Mary Kiles.
Oct. 24.   Sylvester Skidmore to Phebe Wood.
Nov. 10. George Mott to Abby Coos.
Nov. 12. Charles Hoyt to Amy M. Soper.
Nov. 29.   Thomas Raynor to Miriam Smith.
Dec.   1.   Ambrose Arnold to Catharine Brewer.
Dec.   18.   Obediah Barto to Mrs. Mary Thompson.
Dec. 24. Robert B. Hilliard to Esther Powell.


Jan.   26.   Sylvanus Lawrence to Lydia Brewer.
Feb.   2. William Southard to Phebe Southard.
Feb. 23. William Shaw to Mary Abrams.
Mar. 16.   Smith Brush to Elizabeth Holms.
Mar. 19.   Daniel Searing to Rebecca S. Baker.
Mar. 27.   Benjamin Smith to Caroline Carman.
Mar. 30.   Isaiah Thomas to Maria Bedell.
Mar. 30. John Mott to Mary E. Brown.
April 3. Henry Nichols to Phebe Seaman.
April 27.   Benjamin Stringham to Mary Mc Hann.
May 11.   George Thomas to Sarah Ann Fowler.
May 22.   Stephen S. Hicks to Catharine Ann Cornell.
July 31. William Wright to Wilhelmina Pangburn.
Aug. 11. Alexander Rhodes to Ann Charlick.
Aug. 24.   Charles S. Watrous to Mary C. Tuthill.
Oct. 26. William Watts to Eliza Carman.
Oct.   26.   David Coos to Mary Townsend.
Oct.   26.   Richard De Mott to Clara Ann Bedell.
Oct. 31. Samuel Sammis to Rachel Hentz.
Nov.   5.   Daniel Rider to Emeline Fish.
Nov.   6. Lewis Pettit to Elcy Golder Smith.
Nov.   7.   Abraham Simonson to Elizabeth Downing.
Nov. 3o.   Losee Van Velsor to Amy Thomas.
Dec.   31.   Elijah A. Smith to Ann E. Rhodes.


Jan.   1. Henry Mott to Frances Ann Fowler.
Jan. 25. Zechariah R. James to Mary A. Smith.
Mar.   2.   Samuel Stilwell to Lavina Losea.
Mar.   2.   David John Lewis to Nancy Jackson.
Mar.   6.   Samuel Denton to Mary Elizabeth Curtis.
Mar. 12. George Mc Pherson to Elizabeth Craft.
Mar. 15.   Foster Cornell to Jane E. Golder.
April 15. Abraham S. Onderdonk to Phebe S. Remsen.
May   6.   Rufus Brown to Eliza Webster.
June   7.   Samuel S. Jones to Eleanor D. Althouse.
June 11.   John De Mott Bergen to Hannah Simonson.
June 21. James Story to Jane Jackson.
July   20.   James Smith to Phebe Robbins.
July 20. Samuel Place to Sarah Place.
Aug.   9.   Allen Raynor to Jane Watts.
Oct.   15.   Abiathar Higbie to Jannet Rodgers.
Oct.   16.   Martin L. Robbinson to Sarah A. Terry.
Oct.   16. Gilbert T. Chard to Mary Stubbs.
Oct.   22.   John B. Post to Ann B. Seaman.
Nov.   1. Nathaniel Ketcham to Charity Ketcham.
Nov.   3.   Thomas Smith to Phebe Raynor.
Nov.   8.   Lewis Abrams to Martha Brower.
Nov. 19.   William H. Brant to Susan Leavitt.
Dec.   18. Emmory Abrams to Elcy Golder.
Dec.   22.   Peter Holms to Martha Abrams.


Jan.   17.   Emory Smith to Mary Rhodes Dikeman.
Jan. 17. Joseph Haviland Dikeman to Adelia Abrams.
Jan. 29. Charles Mills Pine to Elmira Loper.
Feb.   14. John Cornelius to Mary Baldwin.
Feb. 28. Daniel Ellison to Eliza Southard.
Mar.   7.   George Webb to Elizabeth Carman.
Mar.   8. Elbert Smith to Phebe Ann Place.
Mar. 19.   Charles Van Velsor to Susan L. Brown.
Mar 21. James M. Seaman to Martha A. Seaman.
Mar. 21. Jesse Baldwin to Rebecca Smith.
Mar. 28. John Hicks to Emily Jane Abrams.
April   2.   Jacob Smith to Hannah Raynor..
June 21.   Whitman Warner to Catharine Ritchee.
July   11.   George Southard to Mrs. Maria Thomas.
July 23. Charles Pearsall to Phebe Pearsall.
Aug.   4. Daniel Fower to Ann Langdon.
Aug.   5. Abraham Powel to Eliza Seaman.
Aug. 22. Isaac Johnson to Rachel Combs.
Sept. 25. Thomas Hutchins to Mary Brewer.
Sept. 26.   Demot Dorlon to Elizabeth Langdon.
Oct.   27.   Jerome Abrams to Anna Bedell.
Oct. 28. William Creed to Phebe Ann Hendrickson.
Nov.   7. Jeremiah Pearsall to Catharine Abrams.
Nov. 14. Benjamin Baldwin to Abigail Ann Smith.
Nov. 26.   Thomas Mc Gee to Amelia Allen.
Dec.   5.   John Gilbert Seaman to Jane Elizabeth Althause.
Dec.   5.   Edmond Kinsey to Jane Buckbee.
Dec.   13.   Israel S. Jones to Elizabeth Seaman.
Dec.   23.   George Wilson to Phebe Ann Wilkey.
Dec.   23. John Wood to Sarah Wilkey.
Dec.   23.   Lewis Flower to Elizabeth H. Valentine.
Dec. 24.   Robert Crafts to Amelia Foster.
Dec. 29. James Cornell to Phelie Burtis.
Dec. 31. Amos T. Hubbs to Catharine Stivonsson.


Jan.   1.   Daniel Kitson to Sarah Wandsor.
Jan.   1. Henry Entwisle to Mary Ann Rodgers.
Jan.   11.   Samuel Merrit to Mary Kirk.
Jan.   16.   Hiram K. Abrams to Alletta Smith.
Jan. .16.   Capt. Martin F. Abrams to Amelia Mott.
Jan. 21. John B. Kelsey to Mrs. Sarah Scudder.
Feb.   2.   David R. Long to Catharine Van Cott.
Feb.   7. Valentine Wood to Eliza Jane Abrams.
Feb.   10.   Tredwell Davidson to Phebe Ann De Mott.
Feb. 10. Peter C. Barto to Phebe Brinkerhoof.
Feb.   17.   Benjamin W. Cornell to Amanda Malvina Rasco.
Feb. 25. Huelett Smith to Ann B. Post.
Feb. 25. Joseph Golder to Frances Carman.
Mar.   5. Oliver Smith to Abby Ellison.
Mar. 24. James Seaman to Mary Seaman.
April 28. Richard N. Seaman to Mary L. Pettit.
May 14.   Jesse Bedell to Mary Bedell.
June   5.   Samuel Hendrickson to Ellen Dunn.
June 23.   Joel Pettit to Martha Sealey.
June 25.   James Amberman to Rachel Haviland.   (Coloured)
July   2. Samuel Sprague to Mary Terry.
July   16.   Shadrach A. Hewlet to Aner Strong.   (Coloured).
July   23.   Treadwell Pearsall to Sarah Langdon.
July 24.   Johannes Schenck to Ann Wright.
Aug   3. Elwood Sprague to Phebe Ann Wright.
Aug   6. Townsend Wandsor to Eliza Perry.
Aug 17. Elhanan Thompson to Ida Ann Hendrickson.
Aug 18. Daniel Bailey to Phebe Ann Dickenson.
Aug. 20 . James Stilwell to Lavina Gritman.
Aug. 24.   James Brown to Margaret Pettit.
Aug. 24. Daniel Smith to Julia Wandsor.
SepL   1. Peter B. Gildersleeve to Mary Hinman.
Sept.   1. Samuel M. Pine to Frances Gildersleeve.
Sept.   1. Benjamin Smith to Jemima Golder.
Sept. 10.   Isaac Waters to Irene Wilmot.
Sept. 21.   Foster Van Wickler to Mary Ryder.
Sept. 25.   Richard Carpenter to Margaret Provost Weeks.
Sept. 28.   Richard Smith to Mary Ann Sprague.
Oct.   6. Benjamin Smith to Jane Raynor.
Oct.   23.   Henry M. Jackson to Mary Betts.
Oct.   28.   Alexander Hadden to Caroline Ann Smith.
Nov.   1.   Zopher Anthony to Anna Lush.
Nov. 20. Franklin Sheriden to Anna Ritchie.
Nov. 23. Richard Rhodes Hendrickson to Abigail Fowler.
Dec.   5. William Hendrickson to Maria Davidson.
Dec.   13. John Burtis Hendrickson to Mary Ann Ludlum.
Dec. 24. Capt. Richard Craft to Elizabeth Cornell.
Dec.   31.   John B. Powell to Anna Pettit.


Jan.   3. Richard W. Greenfield to Sarah Ann Speedling.
Jan. 30. John P. Rhodes to Amelia Ann Wright.
Feb.   2.   Jacob Van Nostrand to Jemima Pratt.
Feb.   11.   Isaac Cornell to Lydia Shaw.
Mar. 16.   Gilson Smith to Ester P. Seaman.
Mar. 20. Joseph Bedell to Eliza Ann Platt.
Mar. 23.   Samuel Addison Smith to Mary Elizabeth Losea.
May 10. Joseph Raynor to Alletta Golder.

Nov.   5.   Mr. Samuel Chadwick to Miss Ann Eliza Gildersleeve.


Jan. 11. Mr. Jason Hendrickson to Miss Jane Oakley.
Jan. 13. Samuel Cornell to Ann Eliza Allen.
Feb.   5.   Jeremiah Mc Gourck to Margaret Canaway.
Feb. 11. John Miller, Jr., to Susan Golder.
Mar.   8. Leonard Losea to Lydia Ann Smith.
June 21.   John T. Waters to Maretta Rogers.
July   2.   Eliphalet Mowbray, Esq. to Mrs. Whitson.
Aug.   4.   Edward Tappan to Harriet Allen.
Aug. 18.   William Carman to Ann Doxie.
Aug. 22. William Coon to Mary Hentz.
Aug. 26.   George Soper to Elizabeth Smith Hemp. S.
Aug. 26.   David Piersall to Phebe Mott.
Sept. 26.   Daniel S. Johnston to Ellen Hall. Hemp. Har.
Nov. 25.   Stephen Baldwin to Elisabeth Eldert.
Oct.   7.   Carman Doty to Nancy Jackson. Hicks. N.
Dec.   29.   Benjamin Treadwell to Elisabeth Doty.


Jan.   1. Garret Montfort to Mary Sammis.
Jan.   29.   Daniel Sealy to Eliza Mott.
Feb.   6.   James Golder to Kebecca Raynor.
April 11. Saml. T. Green to Elizabeth Pettit.
May   2.   Saml. C. Doty to Miss Abigail Homan. H. N.
            Joseph Hicks to Sarah Van Cott.
May 12.   Davis Weekes to Sarah Burtis.
May 31.   George Duryea to Harriet Cornelius.    H. E.
Feb. 10. Joseph N. Hicks to Sarah Van Cott.
June 13.   Samuel B. Dodge to Ann Eliza Pettit.
Oct.   2.   James Gritman to C. Van Sicklen.
Oct.   9.   Henry Hentz to Miss Elizabeth Wright. R.
Oct   10.   John D. Remsen to Eliza Beadle. V.
Oct.   15.   George Wells to Martha Bedell. Bkln.
Nov.   6.   James Sealey to Lydia Jane Miller. H. N.


Jan.   28,   Elbert Soper to Marian Smith.
Feb.   1.   Edward Wood to Miss Ann Pine.
April 22.   George Brockett to Jane Covert.
Mar. 24. John F. Jarvis to Hannah A. Hendrickson. F. M,
May 6. George W. Mott to Martha Jane Wright. Rock'y.
May 13. Thomas Pettit to Margaret F. Teacham. F. M.
Mad 26.   Ephraim Smith to Sarah Elizabeth Baldwin.   [B.-i66]
June 1. John Mott to Sarah Hicks. (Lakeville).
June 14. Michael Nolan to Mary Riley.
June 24. Daniel Smith to Mary Southard.
July   29.   Jacob Story to Huldah Terry.   (Hicks. 1V.)
Ang. 23.   Townsend C. Willis to Mary S. Jackson.
Sept. 27.   Richard O. Gildersleeve to Jane Jones.   H. B.
Nov. 26. Mr. William Creed, Jr., to Ann Eliza Jackson. H. N.
Dec. 28. Parmenius Bedell to Phebe Bedell.


Jan. 24. Samuel Birdsall to Pamelia Southard.
Feb.   18.   Cornelius Van Wyck Hendrickson to Elizabeth C. Higbie. Ja
Feb. 24. Phillip V. Clement to Sarah Ludlum. (Foster Meadow). M
ar. 14.   Judah H. Miller to Sarah Flower.   F. M.
Aug. 23.   Mr. William H. Lane to Elizabeth Ann Simonson,
Oct. 12. Edward Francis Smith to Susan Maria Smith.
Oct.   14.   William R. Hinman to Mary Elizabeth Mitchill.
Dec.  1.   Alfred R. Willis to Latitia Ann Waldon.
May 11.   Henry Southard to Augusta Bedell.
June   3.   Reuben Pine to Jane Carman.
June   3.   Christopher Golder to Ann Carman.


Jan.   6.   Robert Titus to Mary W. Hopkins.   H. Har.
Feb.   1.   Marcellus Farmer to Jemimaette Tuttle.
Feb.   8.   Mr. Charles Carman to Charlotte Fish.
Mar. 15.   Samuel Stillwell to Phebe Ann Losee.
Mar. 16.   Latten Smith to Elizabeth Smith. R. S.
April 6. William S. Rendell to Phebe Covert.
June 9. Frances Skillman to Sarah Ann Schenck.
Aug. 23.   Franklin Merril to Mary Gildersleeve.
Sept. 11.   Abraham Skidmore to Jemima P. Jones.
Date lost. William Smith Frederick to Mary Elizabeth Davidson, of Jamaica, L. I.
Nov.   9. Thomas Hicks; to Hannah Conklin.
Nov.   9.   Samuel Carman to Eliza Raynor.
Nov. 29.   Edward Maebert to Ann Garritson.
Dec.   15.   Ephraim Baker to Sarah Burt.
Dec.   20.   Elbert Johnson to Rhoda Carman.
Dec,   21.   Philetus Smith to Ann Carman.
Dec.   21.   Lott Carman to Phebe Smith.


Jan.   5.   George G. Gardiner to Mary Caroline Bryun.
Feb.   5.   William Carman to Mary Ann Mott.
Feb.   16. William D. Andrews to Mary Miller.
Feb.   18.   Richard D. Edwards to Phebe L. Mott.
Mar. 15.   Samuel G. Smith to Mary Post.
Dec.   24.   Thomas W. Fowler to Sarah Jane Carman.
June 11.   Timothy Treadwell to Loranah Carman.
July   8. Israel Frost to Mary Beadle.
July 25. John Jackson Allsop to Priscilla Horton.   (Coloured).
Aug. 16.   Joseph Soper to Mary Ann Smith.
Sept.   3.   James Waley to Catherine Eldred.   [elsewhere Caroline]
Sept. 13.   Richard J. Willis to Mary Waldon.
Oct.   12.   Sidney Fanny to Phebe Ann Bedell.
Nov. 22. James Smith to Margaret Ann Southard. Nov. 23.   Thomas Cornwall to Catherine Hentz.
Nov.   8.   Benjamin Flower to Hannah Hendrickson.
Nov.   8.   Morrell Whaley to Sarah Ann Elisabeth Pattison.


Feb.   7. Cornelius Cornwall of North Hempstead to Marietta Dorlon of Hempstead.
Feb. 22. Joseph Golder of Turtle Hook, Hempstead to Elisabeth Nostrand of Trimming Square.
Mar. 20. Townsend Duryea of Herricks, North Hempstead, to Madeline Paff, Hempstead.
Mar. 31. Jacob Carpenter of Glen Cove, Oyster Bay, to Elisabeth Sticklon, of the same place.
April 16. Calvin S. Coles of New York, to Lucinda Mott, of Rockaway, Hempstead.
Oct.   30.   John Skidmore Hendrickson, of the Plains (Flushing) to Elisabeth Burtis, of Foster Meadow, Hempstead.
Nov. 12. Alanson Ketchum of Farmingdale, to Ruth Powell of the same place.
Nov. 13. Stephen Tyrrell of Hempstead (East Meadow), to Sarah Ann Mollineau of the same place.
Nov. 23. Enoch Seaman of Jerusalem South (Oyster Bay) to Eliza, dau. of Nathaniel Box of the same place.
Nov. 27. Willett Carman of Hempstead (South), to Ann Maria Smith of North Hempstead.
            Leonard Boice of Hempstead, to Mary Ann Mc Laughlin of Brooklyn.
Dec.   18.   John C. Raynor of Raynor South to Ann Rhodes of the same place.


Feb.   8. Joseph Carman of Raynor South, to Rebecca Rhodes of Greenwich Point.
Feb.   24.   Alfred Abrams of Raynor South, to Emmeline Raynor of the same place.
June 29.   William De Mott to Ann Eliza Smith.
July   3.   Charles Powell to Eliza A. Smith.
Oct.   12.   Jacob Cropsey of New York City, to Mary Ann Golder of Raynor South.
Nov. 12. Daniel H. Burtis of Foster Meadow, to Elsey Bergen of Little Plains.
Dec.  1.   James Raynor to Sarah Whaley.
Dec.   21.   De Mott Smith to Emmeline Johnson. Dec. 24. John Cornelius to Abigail Seaman.


Jan.   14.   Edward Mott of Manhasset, to Deborah Louisa Burtis of the same place.
Feb.   5.   Albert W. Goble of New York, to Mary Adeline Tarby, of Hemp.
April   8.   Samuel Nelson of East Meadow, to Mary Ann Baker of same.
April 8.   Benjamin Bedell of Raynor South, to Matilda Smith of same.
Aug. 12.   Benjamin Simonson to Norchy Ann Miller.
Aug. 27. Charles Bailey to Sarah Ann Hendrickson.
Sept. 16.   William D. Akley to Frances Seaman.
Oct.   7. George Willetts to Phebe Gildersleeve.
Oct.   3.   Smith Abrams to Maria Raynor.
Oct.   5.   Benjamin C. Jackson of Jerusalem, to Hannah Coles of Glen Cove.
NOV.   5. James Hendrickson to Nancy Fleet.
Nov. 19.   Phineas Kellum to Emily Powell.
Dec.   9. Thomas Wm. Jones to Mary Ann W. Jackson.
Dec. 31. Nehemiah Smith to Caroline Hendrickson.


Jan.   6.   Morrell Smith to Catherine Bedell.
Jan. 14. John Camdon to Abby Valentine.
April 7. Garrett Smith to Ann Jeanette Miller.
May   6. Elbert Pettit to Elizabeth Powell.
May 13.   Mathew Keeler to Mary Ann Wiggins.
Sept.   2.   Jacob Smith to Abby Charlick.
Sept.   5.   David Seaman to Harriet Romans.
NOV.   4.   Mott Smith to Mary Merritt.
Dec.   5.   George Fryer, 20, to Louisa Haff, 21.
May 25.   ___________Grummer, to   ___________Coles, Glen Cove.


Jan.   12.   Abraham D. Bedell, born March 13, 1823, Hempstead, to Emmeline, dau. of Thomas Dorlon, born Oct. 2, 1828.
Jan.   16.   George Smith, born at Hicks Neck, Hempstead, Sept. 11, 1826, to Delia Ann Smith, born same place Nov. 21, 1829.
Jan. 24. Francis Reilley, born Nov. 28, 1825, in County Meath, Ireland, to Maria Pine, dau. of the late James Pine.
Feb.   8.   Benjamin Raynor, Jr., born Feb. 29, 18o8, in Hempstead, to Mary Ann Southard, born April 22, guessed in 1818.
Mar.   2.   Joel D. Cornell and Kate, dau. of William Tarby.
Mar. 15. I. Manning Nevius, of New Brunswick, N. J., and Sarah Loper.
Mar. 15. George Hewlett of Merrick, and Susan, dau. of the late Elijah Mott of the same place.
April 12. William Thomas of Hicks Neck, and Eliza Bedell, dau. of Capt. Treadwell Bedell of Christian Hook.
April 23.   Nicholas Van Cott of Cedar Swamp, Oyster Bay, and Miss Sarah, Maria, dau. of Mr. Stephen Baylis of Oyster Bay Cove.
June   7.   Leonard Smith and Catharine Smith, both of Hempstead.
Jane   8.   Arnold Fleet and Maria P. P. Seaman, both of Oyster Bay Cove.
July   30.   William H. Cornwell, of Raynor South, and Cornelia S. Tredwell of Millburn.
Aug. 13. David M. Jackson, of Near Rockaway and Hester Ann B. Miller of Millburn.
Sept 17. Samuel Starr of Yorkville and Mary Ann Bedell.
Sept 18. John Young and Eliza Williamson, both of Westbury.
Sept 30. William Major and Drusilla Drew (Coloured) both of Foster Meadow.
Oct.   8. Ira Kinyon of Hudson, Columbia Co., and Mary Smith of ar Rockaway.
Oct.   25.   William Powell of Hempstead and Maria Baldwin of Westbury.
Nov. 14.   Benjamin R. Raynor, Jr., and, Mary Louisa Jackson.



May 23.   Samuel Fleet and Frances Hewlett.


Mar.   7.   Charles T. Ruland and Ann Catherine De Mott.


Dec. 29. Edward H. Mills of Staten Island to Mary Ann Pine.


Jan.   1.   Dr. Job Davis, Williamsburgh to Mary Elizabeth Bedell.
April 10.   Edward N. Duryea to Emeline E. Hewlett.
Aug. 13.   Thomas S. Dorlon to Mrs. Ann Hoffman.
Sept 21.   Andrew Petit, Hempstead South to Esther Cochran, Paterson, N. J.
Oct.   15.   Rev. Ezra H. Gillett, Harlem, N. Y., to Maria H. Ripley, Brooklyn.
Oct. 20. Benjamin C. Everitt to Mary Lavinia Burtis both of Foster Meadow.
Nov.   4.   Milton Smith of Manhasset to Sarah E. Howell of Sweet Hollow.
Nov. 12.   John Kellum to Mary Jane Raynor, both of Hempstead.
Dec.   4.   Charles Skidmore of Jamaica, to Margaret P. Ostrander of Brooklyn.
Dec.   Io.   Edward Hillan to Mrs. Eliza Adams.


Mar. 21.   John B. Post to Mrs. Maria Seaman, both of Jerusalem South.
April   1.   Jacob Dean to Ann Durell, both of Hyde Park (Colored).
April 11.   Henry Higbie to Miss Abby S. Pine, both of Hempstead.
Oct.   6.   Albert S. James of New York to Mary L. Whitaker.
Oct.   13.   James Seaman to Susan Duryea, both of Jerusalem.
Oct. 21. Isaac Steams of Greenpoint, to Elizabeth C. Duryea.
Dec. 18. James Golder of Turtle Hook, to Mrs. Phoebe Baker.


Jan.   I.   William Peachy of Williamsburgh, to Miss Hannah M. Smith.
Jan.   26.   Thomas C. Weekes to Miss Caroline Edwards.
April 21.   William R. Hunter of Flushing, to Margaret Ellen Willard.
April 21. William R. Hunter of Flushing, to Margaret Ellen Willard (Colored).
July   17.   Seth H. Gildersleeve, to Miss Sarah Smith of Merrick.
Oct. 26. Edward Jackson Jerome, of the Branch, to Harriet Gildersleeve.
Dec.   4.   Richard Shaw of Christian Hook, to Maria Louisa Abrams.


Jan.   5.   Elias Baldwin to Miss Ruth Ann Nichols.
Mar.   9.   Henry De Mott to Miss Phebe Ann Box.
June I9.   Martin Willets of Babylon, to Mary Emma Coon, of Hempstead.
Aug. 14.   Joseph U. Smith of New York, to Miss Maria Langdon.
Sept. 13.   Rudolph Ruhbaum to Miss Mary Powell, both of Farmingdale.
Sept. 17. John Booth of Fishkill, N. Y., to Miss Ann Hatterick, of Ireland.
Sept. 28. Smith Pine to Miss Ann Maria Pearsall.
Oct. 22. William Raynor of Brooklyn, to Catherine G. Smith, Freeport.
Oct.   22.   Henry Box to Margaret A. Jackson.
Oct. 29. Elbert Soper, of Rockville, to Miss Amelia A. Brower, of same.
Nov. 14.   Edward W. Smith of Smithville, to Miss Sarah A. Smith of Greenwich Point.
Nov. 23. James D. Walters of Brooklyn, to Miss Mary Ann Ryder (of Jacob).
Dec. 30.   Bernard M. Heywood, of New York, to Margaritta E. Whiting.
Dec.   31.   William T. Golder of Jamaica, to Caroline Raynor of Freeport.


Jan.   14.   Charles H. Clarkson to Miss Catherine M. Twibille.
Jan. 29. James Losee to Rachel Abrams of Rockaway.
Mar.   8. Benjamin Stringham of East Meadow, to Miss Mary Riley.
June 12.   Henry E. Smith of Manhasset, to Phebe A. Howell, Farmingdale.
Sept. 30.   Duncan Fowler, North Side, to Sarah Williams, Merrick.
Sept. 30. Franklin H. Molineaux, North Side, to Elizabeth A. Smith.
Sept. 30.   John J. Molineaux, North Side, to Lydia Louisa Fowler, N. Side.
Sept. 30. William H. Richards, Norwalk, Ct., to Phebe A. Losee.
Sept.   30  Ezra W. Seaman, Cold Spring, L. I., to Delia C. Smith, Merrick.


Feb.   12. James Whitten to Ann Townsend, both of North Side.
Feb. 21. James Seaman of Jerusalem, to Armina Duryea.
June 19. Moses Gildersleeve, Brooklyn, N. Y., to Ellen Gildersleeve (Cousins).
July   19.   John Vandewater to Rebecca Jane Stringham.
Oct.   8. Charles C. Denton, North Side, to Miss Eveline B. Baylis.


April 12.   Daniel H. Golden to Miss Sarah Ann Noon, both of East Meadow.
May   2.   Frederick Hendrickson to Anna Maria Powell, both of Hempstead.
Sept.   6.   David Seaman of Westbury, to Emeline Smith of East Meadow.
Sept. 26.   Daniel Fogal to Miss Margaret Lidner, both of Hyde Park.
Oct.   4.   Daniel Bedell of Christian Hook, to Mary Jane Bedell.
Oct.   18.   Nelson W. Hill, Oceanville, L. I., to Sarah Elizabeth Pearsall.
Oct.   18.   Sidney B. Pearsall, Hempstead, to Hannah Eliza Smith, Flushing.
Nov.   8.   Valentine L. Combs to Miss Anna E. Southard, both of Hempstead.
Nov.   11.   Albert Watts to Caroline Johnson.


Jan.   24.   William Pecure to Mrs. Sarah Wanzer, both of North Hempstead.
Mar. 29.   Abraham Johnson to Elizabeth Ann Poland.
April   6.   James De Mott to Miss Mary Box.
April 15.   Abraham Johnson to Judy Dixon.   (My servant, Colored).
April 19. Dr. William H. Watkins, California, to Ann Elizabeth Bloomfield.
April 28.   Geo. F. Smith of Brooklyn, to Miss Cordelia Smith.
May 27.   Henry Feilbach to Margaret Wilson.
July   4. Francis Raynor to Elizabeth Raynor, both of Freeport.
July   11  Thomas B. Ketcham of Babylon, to Ruth A. Sprague.
July 21.   Robert Sidney Mills to Esther Hinman Losee, both of Hempstead.
July 28. Zebulon W. Seaman, North Hempstead, to Mrs. Maria Louisa Platt (Eldred).
Aug.  5. George Scott to Mary Ann Frances Kirwan, both of Hempstead.
Nov. 12.   John Van Nostrand to Caroline Bradshaw of New York.
Nov. 30.   Frank Hermen to Phillipene (Asslar) Zander, wid., both of Farmingdale.