State of North Carolina

County of Watauga

On this 18th day of December AD one thousand eight hundred and fifty one, personally appeared before me the undersigned and acting Justice of the Court of Record in and for said County, Elizabeth Horton widow of Captain Nathan Horton of the Revolutionary service and formly citizen of New Jersey and who being by me duly sworn accordingly to law, declare on her oath, that her maiden name was Elizabeth Eagles, and that she was born and raised in Westchester County State of New York, and that she was married to the aforementioned Nathan Horton in Westchester County State of New York (and that the marriage actually took place in the City of New York as she was a citizen of that place)on the 10th day of July one thousand seven hundred and eight three, and that she is still a widow.

Elizabeth Horton

her mark

Sworn to and subscribed before me on the day and year above written, and I hereby certify that Elizabeth Horton is a woman of good character, and credible to full faith and credit, and I believe her to be the widow of Nathan Horton who was reported and believed in this Country to have been a Captain in the Revolutionary Army from the State of New Jersey Inbelieving of which I have set my hand.

James Ragans, Justice