[Adopted by the Freemen, Freeholders, and inhabitants of the city and county of New-York, on Saturday, the 29th of April, 1775, and transmitted for signing, to all the counties in the Province.]
"Persuaded that the Salvation of the Rights and liberties of America, depends, under God, on the firm union of its inhabitants, in a vigorous prosecution of the measures necessary for its safety; and convinced of the necessity of preventing the Anarchy and confusion, which attend the dissolution of the powers of Government, we, the Freemen, Freeholders and Inhabitants of............ being greatly alarmed at the avowed design of the Ministry, to raise a Revenue in America, and shocked by
the bloody scene now acting in Massachusetts Bay, do, in the most Solemn manner Resolve never to become Slaves, and do associate under all the ties of Religion, honour and Love to our Country, to adopt and endeavor to carry into execution, whatever measures may be recommended by the Continental Congress, or resolved upon by our Provincial Convention, for the purpose of preserving our Constitution, and opposing the execution of the several arbitrary and appressive acts of the British Parliament, until a reconciliation, between Great Britain and America, on Constitutional Principles, (which we most ardently desire) can be obtained; and that we will in all things, follow the advice of our General Committee, respecting the purposes aforesaid, the preservation of Peace and Good Order, and the safety of individuals and private property.

John Chatfield, Abraham Gardiner, Burnet Miller, David Mulford, Thomas Wickham, Stephen Hedges, John Gardiner, Samuel Buel, John Hudson, Nathaniel Huntting, Eleazar Miller, Jeremiah Dayton, Thomas Dibble, Noah Barnes, Lemuel Mulford, Jeremiah Gardiner, Aaron Isaacs, Daniel Conkling, Elisha Daviss, John Daviss, Jacob Wickham, William Conkling, Nathan Conkling, John F. Chatelain, Thomas Hedges, John Parsons, 3d, William Huntting, John Mulford, Jeremiah Bennet, Samuel Hunt, Selah Pike, Elias Conkling, Abraham Mulford, Jeremiah Conkling, John How, Samuel Parsons, Benjamin Stratton, David Osborne, Elisha Mulford, Daniel Hand, David Mulford, Matthew Mulford, John Miller, John Dayton, Joseph Osborn, Jr., Ebenezer Conkling, Henry Chatfield, John Miller, Jr., Abraham Barnes, Patrick Goold, David Talmadge, Seth Barnes, Jason Miller, Simon Dibble, William Mulford, Jeremiah Sherril, Gurdon Miller, Aaron Isaacs, Jr., Elisha Jones, Lewis Chatfield, Enos Talmadge, Thomas Jones, Huntting Miller, Samuel Stratton, Abraham Sherrill, Recompense Sherrill, John Stratton, Stephen Hand, John Dayton, Daniel Hedges, Jonathan Barnby, William Conkling, Jr., David Dayton, David Miller, Henry Hopping, Josiah Osborne,  Joseph Hopping, John Strong, Nathaniel Talmadge, Jeremiah Miller, Jr., Abraham Dimon, Isaac Dimon, Cornelius Osborne, William Hedges, Elisha Talmadge, George Gladden, Abraham Hand, Stephen Stratton, Thomas Osborne, Jeremiah Osborne, Jr., Jonathan Mulford, Isaac M. Huntting, James Hand, Jeremiah Talmadge, Jeremiah Miller, George Strong, Lewis Osborne, Joseph Osborne, William Hedges, Jr., Recompense Sherill, David Edwards, Ezekiel Mulford, Cornelius Payne, David Fithian, SamuelConkling, Thomas Baker, Isaac Van Scoy, Isaac Van Scoy, Jr., Nathaniel Hand, Matthew Barnes, Philetus Osborne, Merry Parsons, William Parsons, Henry Downing, John Parsons, Jonathan Osborne, Joseph Osborne, Jeremiah Conkling, Samuel Conkling, John Mulford, Jonathan Tuthill, Jesse Dayton, Jacob Dayton, Jeremiah Parsons, Mulford Conkling, Matthew Stratton, Joseph Miller, Abraham Edwards, Samuel Parsons, Samuel Sherrill, Jr., Eleazar Hedges, Abraham Mulford, Jr., David Loper, Nathaniel Dominy, Isaac Pain, Benjamin Parsons, Jacob Conkling, Jacob Conkling, Jr., Christ Dibble, Samuel Gardiner, David Leek, Abraham Leek, Samuel Dayton, Uriah Miller, Nathan Miller, Abraham Schellinger, Jeremiah Conkling, Nathaniel Baker, Jeremiah Conkling, Zebulon Conkling, Isaac Conkling, Jonathan Edwards, Abraham Loper, Philip Hedges, George Miller, Thomas Edwards, Jr., Elias Mulford, Edward Conkling, Jedediah Conkling Joseph Hicks, Zacheriah Hicks, Jeremiah Dayton, Daniel Baker, Isaac Schellinger, Abraham Baker, Nathan Mulford, Jacob Hedges, Jeremiah Barnes, John Gardiner, Jr., Aaron Fithian, David Talmage, Jr., Jeremiah Sherrill, Nathan Conkling, 3d, Elnathan Parsons, Cornelius Bassett, David Miller, Peleg Miller, Elisha Miller, Daniel King, Daniel Edwards, Nathan Miller, Stephen Burnet, James Field, Samuel Mulford, Benjamin Conkling, Gamaliel Bennett, Seth Parsons, Richard King, Mulford Conkling, William Bassett, Ezekiel Miller, John Huntting, Abraham Quaw, David Loper, John King, Ichabod Rayner, Smith Osborne, Abraham Miller, Jonathan Miller, Samuel Mulford, Ezekiel Jones, Ezekiel Jones, Jr., Nathan Conkling, Daniel Loper, Jeremiah Loper, David Edwards, Jr., Edward Bennett, Ludlam Parsons, John Parsons, Josiah Mulford, Elisha Mulford, Jr., Stephen Russell, Jeremiah Hedges, Thomas Talmage, Jeremiah Osborne, John Hedges, Samuel Hutchinson, Jacob Miller, Henry Miller, Ezekiel Hand, Abraham Conkling, Elisha Conkling, Elisha Osborne, Matthew Osborne, Jedediah Osborne, Jacob Osborne, Benjamin Hopping, Jonathan Squier, Jeremiah Hand, John Talmage, Abraham Osborne, Henry Hopping, Elias Hand, Henry Dayton, Zebedee Osborne, John Parsons, John Stratton, Jacob Sherrill, Samuel Baker, Micah Hart, Benjamin Leek, Abraham Hedges, Jacob Osborne, Jonathan Schellinger, Thomas Edwards, David Baker, Sineus Conkling, James Loper, Stephen Cooper, Jr., Benjamin Eyres, Benjamin Hedges, John Parson, 4th, Nathaniel Dominy, Edward Wick, Jeremiah Terry, William Barnes, Ananias Miller, Thomas Filer, John Hoox.

"These may certify that every male in the Town of East-Hampton have signed the above Association, that are capable of bearing arms.
By Order of the Committee,


1650, Oct. Thos. Talmage, Jr. chosen Secretary; Robert Bond, John Mulford and Thos. Baker Committee.
1651, October 7, John Mulford, Robert Bond and Thos. Baker, Magistrates; Ralph Dayton, Constable; Benjamin Price, Secretary.
1652, October, probably John Mulford, Ralph Dayton and Robert Bond, and also John Hand, Thos. Baker, Tho. Chatfield and Benj Price.
1653, October 4, John Mulford, Thomas Baker and John Hand; Benjamin Price, Secretary; Thos. Osborne, Sr., Constable.
1654, October 3, Robert Bond, Lion Gardiner and Thomas Baker; Wm. Edwards, Constable; Luke Lillie, Secretary. Assistants, John Mulford, Ralph Dayton, Annanias Conklin and Luke Lillie.
1655, October 3, John Mulford, Thomas Baker and Lion Gardiner; Richard Stratton, Constable; probably Luke Lillie, Secretary.
1656, October 7, Lion Gardiner, John Mulford, Robert Bond; Richard Stratton, Constable; Thomas Talmage, Secretary.
1657, October 6, John Mulford, Thos. Baker and John Hand; Wm. Mulford, Constable; Thos. Talmage, Secretary. ("Consent of the church," 116.)
1658, October 27, probably John Mulford, Thos. Baker and John Hand; Thos. Osborn, Jr. Constable; Benjamin Price, Secretary. (Isaac Hedges Lot Feb. 6, 1660.)
1660, February 5, John Mulford, Thos. Baker, Robert Bond, Magistrate; Jeremy Meacham, Constable; Ben Price, Recorder.
1661, February 4, John Mulford, Thos. Baker, Robert Bond; Robert Dayton, Constable; Benj. Price, Recorder.
1662, October 28, Robert Dayton, Thomas Thompson, Richard Stratton, Mr. Gardiner and Stephen Osborn.
1662, February 3, Thomas Baker, Robert Bond, John Mulford; John Osborne, Constable; Benj. Price, Recorder.
1663, February 23, Thos. Talmage, Thos. Osborne. Robt. Dayton; Benjamin Price, Recorder; Stephen Hedges, Constable.
1664, December 21, the same.
1664, February 23, Wm. Edwards, Wm. Mulford and John Osborne; Richard Brookes, Constable; Ben. Price, Recorder,
1665, April 6, Wm. Edwards, Wm. Mulford, John Osborne, Jeremy Meacham, John Stratton, Tho. Thomson and Jeremy Conklin. Overseers; Thomas Chatfield, Censtable.
1666, May 2, Wm. Mulford, John Stratton, Jeremiah Conkling, Thomas Thomson, Overseers; John Osborne, Constable; Richard Stratton, Thomas Baker, Thomas Osborne, Jr., Robert Bond and Stephen Hedges, Overseers.
1667, April 1, Robert Dayton and Wm. Fithian, Overseers and Thomas Baker, Constable. July, Jeremiah Osborne, Secretary.
1667-8, Feb. 25, Thomas Osborne, Richard Stratton and Robert Dayton, Overseers; Samuel Mulford, Recorder.
1669, John Mulford, Justice of the Peace.
1670, the same, and Thos. Talmage, Recorder.
1671, March 21, John Mulford, Justice; Thos. Talmage, Recorder.
1672, September 18. the same.
1673, the same.
1673, Aug. 22, John Mulford, Lieut. Thos. Talmage, John Stretton, Sr., Richard Stretton, Magistrates.
1674, April 1, Jeremiah Conkling, Thomas Chatfield, Sen. and Robert Dayton, Selectmen; Steven Hand, Constable.
1676, April 1, Thomas Chatfield and Jeremiah Conkling, Overseers; Joseph Osborne, Constable; Thos. Chatfield, Town Clark and Recorder.
1677, December 27, Thos. Talmage, Recorder.
1677, February 17, Joseph Osborne, Constable.
1678, April 2, Robert Dayton, Nathl. Bishop, Overseers; Benjamin Conkling, Constable.
1679, April 1, John Miller, Sen., Steven Hedges, Overseer, and Thomas Chatfield, Sen., Constable; Thos. Talmage, Recorder.
1680, April 2, Thomas Osborn, Jr. and Jeremiah Conkling, Overseers; Stephen Hand, Constable; Samuel Mulford, Recorder.
1681, April 2, John Stratton, Sen. and John Mulford, Jr. Overseers; Benj. Conkling, Constable; Samuel Mulford, Recorder.
1682, April 2, Cap. Josiah Hobbert and William Miller, Overseers, and Samuel Fithian, Constable; Thomas Talmage, Recorder. 1683, April 2, Robert Dayton and John Kirle, Overseers; Benjamin Osborne and probably Thos. Talmage, Recorder.
1684, April 1, Capt. Josiah Hobart, William Miller and John Kirle, Overseers; also Samuel Parsons, Enoch Fithian and John Hoppin. John Parsons, Constable.
1686, April 1, Ensign Samuel Mulford, Lieut. John Wheeler and Benjamin Conkling chosen "Commissioners for ye trial of small cases" and "Overseers or Selectmen." John Mulford, Constable, probably Thos. Talmage, Recorder.
1687, April 5, Jeremiah Miller, Jeremiah Conkling, Sr., Thomas Chatfield, Jr. Commissioners; Enoch Fithian, Nathaniel Talmage, Constables; probably Thomas Talmage, Recorder.
1688, April 3, John Mulford, Lieut. John Wheeler, Mr. Thomas Baker, Commissioners; Benjamin Conkling, Steven Stretton, Constables; probably Thomas Talmage, Recorder.
1689, April 2d, Daniel Bishop and John Stretton, Constables; probably Thomas Talmage, Recorder.
1691, April 7, Richard Shaw, Cornelius Conkling, Constables; probably Samuel Mulford, Justice, and Thos. Talmago, Recorder.
1692, April 5, Samuel Mulford, Justice: Thomas Chatfield, Recorder; for Constables Cornelius Stratton and John Squire.
1693, April 4, John Mulford and Enoch Fithian, Constables.
1693, Sept. 10, Thomas Chatfield chosen Supervisor.
1694, April 3, probably Benjamin Conkling Justice and Thos. Chatfield, Recorder.
1694, Oct. 4, Mr. John Mulford, Lieut. Enoch Fithian, Constables and John Mulford, Supervisor.
1695, April 2, John Wheeler and Samuel Parsons, Jun. Constables;
probably Thos. Chatfield Recorder and John Mulford Justice
1696, April 7, Constables Seth Parsons, Richard Shaw; probably Thos. Chatfield, Recorder.
1696, November, Benj Conkling, Justice.
1697, April 6, Daniel Osborn and John Hedges, Constables; probably Thos. Chatfield, Recorder.
1698, April 5, Samuel Filer, Ebenezer Leek, Constables.
1698, Oct. 3, Capt. Wheeler, Supervisor; probably Thos. Chatfield, Town Clerk.
1699, April 4, Ebenezer Leek and William Edwards, Constables; Thos. Chatfield, Treasurer and Town Clerk; Samuel Mulford, Justice.
1700, April 2, Ebenezer Leek and William Barnes, Constables; Abraham Schellenx, Supervisor; probably Thomas Chatfield, Clerk.
1701, April 1, Probably Josiah Hobart Justice, Thomas Chatfield Supervisor and Recorder, Eperaim Edwards and Matthias Burnat Constables, Josiah Hobart Justice, John Wheeler Justice.
1702, April 7, John Mulford, Supervisor; Robert Hudson and John Hossinton, Constables; Thomas Chatfield, Town Clerk; Josiah Hobart, Justice.
1703, April 6, John Mulford, Supervisor; Thomas Edwards and Samuel Hedges, Constables; Josiah Hobart, Justice; Thomas Chatfield, Recorder; John Mulford, Justice; Cornelius Conkling, Town Clerk; John Wheeler, Justice.
1704, April 4, Capt. Wheeler, Supervisor; Ebenezer Leek and Ebenezer Belden, Constables; Thomas Chatfield, Recorder and Town Clerk; Josiah Hobart and John Wheeler, Justices.
1705, April 3, Cornelius Conkling, Sapervisor; Robert More and John Jones, Constables; Thomas Chatfield, Recorder and Town Clerk; John Wheeler, Justice, and also Josiah Hobart.
1706, April 2, Capt. Wheeler, Supervisor; William Edwards and Robert Parsons, Constables; Thos. Chatfield, Town Clerk.
1707, April 1, John Wheeler, Supervisor; Ebenezer Leek and Joshua Garlick, Constables; Thos. Chatfield, Town Clerk; Jacob Baillergeau, Justice, and Josiah Hobart, probably.
1708, April 6, Capt. Wheeler, Supervisor; Isaac Mulford and Daniel Miller, Constables; Thos. Chatfield, Town Clerk; Josiah Hobart, Justice.
1709, April 5, Capt. John Wheeler, Supervisor; Abiel Carle and Thomas Talmage, Constables; Thos. Chatfield, Town Clerk and Cornelius Conkling; Justice, Josiah Hobart.
1710, April 4, Capt. Wheeler, Supervisor; David Wells, John Mulford, Jr., Constables; Thos. Chatfield. Town Clerk; Josiah Hobart, Justice.
1711, April 3, Capt. Wheeler, Supervisor; Nathl. Dominy and Eliakim Conkling, Constables; Thos. Chatfield, Town Clerk; probably John Mulford, Justice.
1712, April 1, Capt. John Wheeler, Supervisor; Thomas Chatfield and William Hedges, Constables; Cornelius Conkling, Town Clerk;
1713, April 7, Capt. John Wheeler, Supervisor; Nathan Miller and Aaron Fithian, Constables; Robert Hudson and Capt. Burnit to supervise intestate estates; Cornelius Conkling, Town Clerk; Matthias Burnett, Justice.
1714, April 6, Capt. Wheeler, Supervisor; Wm. Edwards and Thomas Osborne, Jr., Constables; Cornelius Conkling, Town Clerk; probably Matthias Burnett and John Mulford, Justices.
1715, April 4, Capt. Wheeler, Supervisor; Aron Fithiah and Daniel Osborn, Constables; Cornelius Conkling, Town Clerk; Matthias Burnett. Justice.
1716, April 3, Capt. Wheeler, Supervisor; Isaac Mulford and John Conkling, Constables; Cornelius Conkling, Town Clerk; Matthias Burnet, Justice and Robt. Hudson.
1717, April 2, Capt. John Wheeler, Supervisor: Benjamin Townsend and Thomas Dibble, Constables; Corneliua Conkling, Town Clerk; Robert Hudson, Justice.
1718, April 1, Capt. Matthias Burnet, Supervisor; Edward Petty and John Merry, Constables; Cornelius Conkling, Town Clerk; Robert Hudson, Justice.
1719, April 7, Capt. Matthias Burnet, Supervisor; Wm. Osborn and Ephriam Burnet, Constables; Cornelius Conkling, Town Clerk; Robert Hudson, Justice.
1720, April 5, Capt. Matthias Burnett, Supervisor; John Squire and Stephen Hand, Jr., Constables; Cornelius Conkling, Town Clerk.
1721, April 4, Capt. Matthias Burnet, Supervisor; Cornelius Conkling, Town Clerk; Nathl. Baker, Jr. and John Stratton, Jr., Constables; Robert Hudson, Justice.
1722, April 3, Capt. Matthias Burnet, Supervisor; Thos. Mulford, Jr. and Recompense Leek, Constables; Cornelius Conkling, Town Clerk; Robert Hudson, Justice.
1723, April 2, Capt. Matthias Burnet, Supervisor; Eliphalet Stratton and Daniel Jones, Constabies; Cornelius Conkling, Town Clerk; Thomas Chatfield, Justice.
1724, April 7, Capt. Matthias Burnet, Supervisor; Samuel Baker and Daniel Baker, Constables; Cornelius Conkling, Town Clerk; Thos. Chatfield, Justice.
1725, April 6, Capt. Burnet, Supervisor; John Conkling and Aron Fithian, Constables; Cornelius Conkling, Town Clerk.
1726, April 5, Capt. Burnet Supervisor; Samuel Parsons, Jr. and Samuel Conkling, Constables; Cornelius Conkling, Town Clerk.
1727, April 4, Capt. Matthias Burnet, Supervisor; Josiah Miller and Cornelius Conkling, Jr., Constables; Cornelius Conkling, Town Clerk; probably Matthias Burnet, Justice.
1728, April 2, Capt. Matthias Burnet, Supervisor; John Stretton, Jr. and Nathan Dayton, Constables; Cornelius Conkling, Town Clerk and Thomas Chatfield, Justice.
1729, April 1, Capt. Matthias Burnet, Supervisor; Joseph Hix and Isaac Hedges, Constables; Cornelius Conkling, Town Clerk; Matthias Burnet, Justice.
1730, April 7, Capt. Matthias Burnett, Supervisor; Joseph Hicks and Jacob Schellinx, Constables; Cornelius Conk ling, Town Clerk; Matthias Burnett, Justice.
1731, April 6, Capt. Matthias Burnett, Supervisor; Geo. Smith and Seth Parsons, Constables.
1732, April 4, Capt. Burnet, Supervisor; Timothy Hudson and Joseph Hicks, Constables; Cornelius Conkling, Town Clerk; Matthias Burnett, Justice.
1733, April 3, Capt. Matthias Burnett, Supervisor; Joseph Hicks and Eliakim Conkling, Constables; Matthias Burnet, Justice; Cornelius Conkling, Town Clerk.
1734, April 2, Capt. Matthias Burnett, Supervisor; Joseph Hicks and Eliakim Conkling, Constables; Cornelius Conkling, Town Clerk; Thos. Chatfield, Justice. 1735, April 1, Capt. Matthias Burnett, Supervisor; Joseph Hicks and Eliakim Conkling, Constables; Cornelius Conkling, Town Clerk; Thos. Chatfield, Juctice.
1736, April 6, Capt. Burnett, Supervisor; Joseph Hicks and Samuel Parsons, Constables; Cornelius Conkling, Town Clerk; Matthias Burnett, Justice.
1737, April 5, Capt. Matthias Burnett, Supervisor; Joseph Hicks and Samuel Parsons, Jr., Constables; Cornelius Conkling, Town Clerk.
1738, April 4, Capt. Matthias Burnett, Supervisor; Samuel Parsons. Jr. and Joseph Hicks, Constables; Cornelius Conkling, Town Clerk; probably Thos. Chatfield, Justice.
1739, April 3, Eleazer Miller, Supervisor; Joseph Hicks and Nathan Conkling, Constables; Cornelius Conkling, Town Clerk; Thomas Chatfield, Justice.
1740, April 1, Eleazer Miller, Supervisor; John Parsons 4th and Nathan Conkling, Constables; Cornelius Conkling, Town Clerk.
1741, April 7, Thomas Chatfield, Supervisor; Benjamin Leek and Nathan Conkling, Constables; Burnet Miller, Town Clerk; Thomas Chatfield, Judge.
1742, April 6, Thos. Chatfield, Supervisor; Ananias Conkling and Nathan Conkling, Constables; Thomas Chatfield, Judge; Cornelius Conkling, Town Clerk.
1743, April 5, Thomas Chatfield, Supervisor; Jonathan Baker, Jr. Ananias Conkling and Henry Dayton, Constables; Cornelius Conkling, Town Clerk.
1744, April 3, Cornelius Conkling, Jr., Supervisor; Adam Cady and Annanias Conkling, Constables; Cornelius Conkling, Town Clerk.
1745, April 2, Cornelius Conkling, Jr., Supervisor; Adam Cady and Thomas Dibble, Jr., Constables.
1746, April 1, Cornelius Conkling, Supervisor; Beriah Dayton, Jr. and John Parsons, 3d, Constables.
1747, April 7, Cornelius Conkling, Jr., Supervisor; Burnet Miller, Town Clerk; Beriah Dayton and Simon Conkling, Constables.
1748, April 5, Cornelius Conkling, Jr., Supervisor; Beriah Dayton and Timothy Mulford, Constables; Burnet Miller, Town Clerk.
1749, April 4, Cornelius Conkling, Supervisor; Beriah Dayton and Abraham Mulford, Constables; Burnet Miller, Town Clerk;
1750, April 3, Cornelius Conkling, Supervisor; Beriah Dayton and Thomas Osborn, Constables; Burnet Miller, Town Clerk.



Cornelius Conklin, 1750, '51, '52, '53, '54, '55, '56, '57, '58, '59, '60, '62, '63.
Capt. Isaac Barnes, 1761. Burnet Miller, 1764, '65, '66, '67, '69, '70, '71, '72, '73, '74, '75, '76.
Col. Abraham Gardiner, 1768.
Nathaniel Dominy, 1777, '78, '79.
Ezekiel Mulford, 1780, '81, '82, '83, '84.
Capt. John Dayton, 1785, '86, '87, '88.
Abraham Miller, 1789, '90, '91, '92, '93, '94, '95, '96, '99.
Jonathan Dayton, 1798.
Abraham Miller, 1800, '03, '04, '05.
Jonathan Dayton, 1801, '02, '06, '07, '08, '09, '10, '11, '12, '13, '14, '15.
Jonathan S. Conkling, 1816, '17, '18, '19, '20, '21, '22, 2'3, '24, '25.
David Hedges, Jr., 1826. '36, '37, '38, '39,
Abraham Parsons, 1827, '28.
Abel Huntington, 1829, '30, '31, '32, '44.
Daniel Dayton, 1833.
Felix Dominy, 1834, '35.
Charles H. Miller, 1840, '41, '42, '43.
Samuel B. Gardiner, 1845.
George L. Huntington, 1846, '47, '48, '49.


1841, June 1. A whale was seen in Gardiner's Bay to-day.
June 16. The ship Henry sailed to-day; D. Youngs, captain; Geo Brown and Henry Conklin, mates; William Hunting, boatsteerer.
July 28. A whale was killed off Amagansett day before yesterday.
Oct. 3. Heavy blow from the east; greatest wind experienced in 25 years.
Nov. 8. In the moraing snow; during the day very dark; required candles lighted.
Nov. 10. Ellis Parsons died, aged 85 years.
Dec. 9. Thanksgiving Day.
1842, June 8. Cold for the season; some ice formed last night at Freetown.
Aug. 2. Yesterday the corner stone of the Presbyterian church in Bridge-Hampton was laid.
Sept. 25. Mr. Livingston and Mr. Henry Hedges delivered addresses to the Sabbath School. Oct. 14. Mr. Jeremiah Dayton's house burnt with all its contents
1843, Jan. 17. The new Presbyterian church at Bridge-Hampton was dedicated to-day.
Feb. 15. This day, according to the predictions of the Israelite, is the day when the dissolution of the world is to take place. But nothing at present has occurred to the natural eye in the heavens above or on the earth beneath. Everything assumes the same appearance.
June 15. To-day the corner stone of the new Presbyterian church in Sag-Harbor was laid.
July 4. Celebration in East-Hampton to-day.
Aug. 30, Wednesday. To-day Doctor Lyman Beecher administered the Sacrament. It was indeed a very solemn, interesting and delightful occasion. His two sons were also present. Their parting addresses, winged with much Christian love and affection, will long be remembered, and as this day was appointed as a day for visitation of neighboring ministers, no less than 9 or 10 were present. The day is pleasant, although warm. Doctor Beecher preached from Luke 7th Ch. 36 to 48 vs.
Dec. 14. Thanksgiving.
1844, Feb. 6. The wife of Isaac VanScoy died to-day, aged 84 years.
Aug. 6. Mr. Ezekiel Payne died to-day, aged 92 years. " 11. Joseph Osborn, Sr., died to-day, aged 90 years.
Sept.10. Abraham Parsons died to-day, aged 73 years. " 14. E. G. Hedges left for the west. H. P. Sherrill left for the west yesterday.
1845, Sept. 25. Ex-President Tyler and his lady visited East-Hampton to-day.
Oct. 3. General Training in East Hampton to day.
Dec 31. Twenty-eight deaths in East-Hampton in 1845.
1846, Sept. 19. Gov. Wright and Mr. Flagg, comptroller of the State are visiting East-Hampton.
Oct. 14. The most heavy wind I ever knew--many fences blown down.
Nov. 30. Unusually high winds this month. A number of wrecks along our shore. The steamer Atlantic cast ashore on Fishers Island.
Dec. 31. 31 deaths in 1846.
1847, Jan. 22. Killed a whale off Amagansett yesterday.
Mar. 25. Killed a whale off Wainscott to-day.
Apr. 13. Killed a whale to-day.
Apr. 14. Took a whale at Bridge-Hampton this morning: also one at Southampton. These make six whales taken in two days. A great show of whales off the coast, such as has not been known for many years.
May 1. Went on board a ship which is ashore opposite Bridge-Hampton.
Dec. 31. 28 deaths in 1847. 1848, March 1. To-day a Parish meeting was held for the purpose of incorporating the Society and calling it the First Presbyterian Church of East-Hampton. Six trustees were chosen as follows: Stephen Hedges, Baldwin C. Talmage, David H. Huntting, Sylvester D. Ranger, David H. Miller and Talmage Barnes.
March 2. A whale captured off Amagansett.
March 13. Vendue at Montauk off the wreck of a schooner,
Sept. 13. Abraham P. Sherrill and family left here to-day for the far west. Also George Cook for Brooklyn.
Dec. 31. 26 deaths in 1848.
1849, Jan. 31. A bull was butchered by John Hedges which weighed 1,604 1/2 pounds.
Feb. 16. Thermometer stood 40 below zero last night. 28 deaths in 1849.
1850, May 6. A ship came on shore at Montauk loaded with coal.
1851, Aug. 23. The ship Catherine, of Liverpool, from Dublin, with near 300 passengers came ashore last night off Amagansett.
1852, July 28. Ex-President Martin Van Buren and his son John came in town this afternoon.
1853, Feb. 17. A schooner went ashore at Napeague last night.
1854, Nov. 10. The French ship Virgin Mary came ashore at the highland and loaded with emigrants.
1856, Feb. 4. Thermometer 2 below zero this morning. The ocean frozen for nearly two miles from shore.
Feb. 5. Ice piled up 7 to 10 feet high.
Feb. 6. People are crossing from Gardiner's Island on the ice.
Nov. 20. Samuel Mulford and Cynthia Lester were married in the Presbyterian Church to-day. The first marriage that ever took place there.
Dec. 14. A brig came ashore on Montauk this afternoon.
1858, Feb. 21. A ship came ashore at Montauk yesterday.
Feb. 23. Eleven bodies have been picked up along shore from the wrecked ship John Milton.
May 4. The schooner A. L. Hardy came ashore last night.
Oct. 11. Mrs. Elizabeth Bennett died to-day, aged 99 years.
1859, April 1. The first daily mail stage from Amagansett to Sag-Harbor commenced running to-day--Jeremiah Baker contractor.
Aug. 21. Mr. Charles Beecher, a son of Rev. Doctor Lyman Beecher, preached to-day.
1860, Feb. 21. Amagansett has this day formally withdrawn from our church.
June 7. To-day the Sag-Harbor Savings Bank commenced operations. There were 26 deposits amounting to $729.75.
Feb. 18. The corner stone of the Presbyterian Church in Amagansett was laid to-day.
Aug. 4. The corner stone of the new church was laid at 1/2 past 2 this afternoon. Dec. 28. Wires were put on the telegraph poles between Sag-Harbor and E. H. to-day.
1861, May 17. Erecting a Liberty Pole in front of Samuel B. Gardiner's and Nathaniel Huntting's.
May 21. This afternoon the United Stages flag was raised on our Liberty Pole. Speeches by Rev. S. L. Mershon, John Wallace and Lawton S. Parsons.
1863, Aug. 6. Gen. George B. McLellan, former commander of the Army of the Potomac arrived here to-day, stopping with Capt. Jeremiah Mulford.
1864, Jan. 27. Killed a whale to-day.


It would be a mistake to credit East-Hampton with little wit. Few villages would surpass it, in condensed epigram, quaint humor, and sparkling repartee. Some anecdotes of Dr. Buell have been noticed. The following, it is believed, was never printed:
In crossing from Gardiner's Island to the Fire Place, a severe gale endangered the safety of the Dr. and his grandson, when the Doctor oxpressed great alarm for his life. After landing, the former said to the latter, "Why should you be so much afraid of drowning? If you died you would go right to heaven." "I know it," he answered, "but I don't wont to go to heaven by water."
Tradition attributes to Huntting Miller the saying "Nobody was ever married, but somebody was mad," and "Nobody ever died, but somebody was glad."
When Jeremiah Dayton, driving stage, offered to give Sam Parsons a ride homeward, Sam replied, "I can't stop. I'm in a hurry."
When some one wondered how Bob Hedges got the credit of keeping the stillest school in the County, Bob said, "I had but one scholar, and he was asleep."
When East-Hampton was rocked as in a sea over the question "shall an exhibition be held in Clinton Academy?" it was decided against the ominous forebodings of the old, that it be held. On the early morning of the next day, tradition tells of a terrific hurricane, that blew off the roofs from houses, broke off gigantic limbs, overthrew majestic trees, drove the waves of mighty ocean into Hook Pond, and joined it with Town Pond. Looking from her window on the wide desolation, and the raging storm, an old maiden lady said, "This is some of that plaguey 'Cademy work."
The Inspectors of Election in early times, sat to receive votes in the villages, and for that purpose were at Wainscott, when Abraham Parsons, Esq., one of the board, enquired after a missing beast, describing age, color and mark, when John Strong, an old Revolutionary soldier, said, "Yes, I know such a critter; Continental has got him." "Who is he!" said the Esquire. Strong replied, "Elisha Osborn." "Why do you call him Continental?" was asked, and was answered, "Because he is just like Continental money; he is good for nothing." There were two Elisha Osborns, one of whom in the Revolution fled to Connecticut (the continent), and to distinguish them was called "Continental." He was a worthy man, and brother-in-law to John Strong.
East-Hampton was a world in miniature. Her citizens had troubles, real or imaginary. The old lady to whom one said, "I suppose you have no troubles," replied, "Yes, I do. In spite of me, the black hen will set on the white hen's nest."
It was a bitter cold night, when Dr. Geo. L. Huntington found Sam. Parsons in the street overcome with liquor, and took him in his carriage to Sam's front gate, pointing him to the door and in a fair way to reach it. As the Doctor was leaving, Sam says, "Doctor stop." The Doctor says, "What is it?" Sam, just able to articulate, says, "Doctor, do you think you are sober enough to get home without my help?" Poor Sam! With ability to attain eminence, one weakness made him a wreck.
Mrs. Helen Stratton relates this of Abel Huntington, when in Congress. Having occasion to visit the room of a member from Connecticut, who had therefrom a barrel of apples, (none of which he had given to his fellow members) he saw a large one on the table. He cut off the top, scooped out all the inner part, inserting in the hole this squib:

"In Adam's fall we sinned all."--Old Primer.
Full well I know that thou did'st grapple,
Oh, Mother Eve, the fatal apple.
As thou didst, so thy children feel,
A strange propensity to steal,
When good things tempt the sensual eye,
Though but to taste is soon to die.
Thou mightst have played more cautious game,
And 'scaped both penalty and shame,
For hadst thou like a Yankee sly,
Scooped out the substance at the eye,
And left the outside fair and slick, None e'er had guessed who did the trick."

The owner of the apple, the next day, opened the door of the Doctor's room and threw the scooped apple at his room mate, not dreaming that the Doctor was from the State of Connecticut and the guilty one. In the memories of my youth, the robust form of chorister Joe Dimon often lises up. I hear his pitch pipe, remember how he called "Windham," and sung the fearful lines commencing:

"Broad is the road that leads to death,
And thousands walk together there,
But wisdom shows a narrow path,
With here and there a traveller."

It seemed then, and seems now, as if the theological sieve of Dr. Watts was exceeding fine, yet not much more so than that of the old egotist who said, "There are but two men in East-Hampton who will not lie; I am one, and Dr. Buell is the other; and Dr. Buell will equivocate."


A list of those who served, by land or sea, in the war for the maintenance of the Union of the United States, from the Town of East-Hampton,
compiled chiefly by the aid of Clothier H. Vaughn and Geo. C. Morris:

Arch, Nathan R., 55th Mass.
Bailey, Wm. B., Co. K, 127th N. Y.
Baker, David J., Co. A Marine Art.
Baker, Henry L., | Co. E, 1st N. Y.
| Light Artilery.
Bennett, Andrew J., Co. H. N. Y.
Bennett, Augustus P. Co. K 127 N.Y.
Bennett, Geo. E., 11th N. Y. Cav.
Bennett, Gilbert, Co. E.
Bennett, John A.
Bennett, Milton
Bennett, Myron T.
Bennett, Nathan
Bennett, Wm. W. Co. H. 81st N. Y.
Bone, John Co. H. 81st N. Y.
Bone, Joseph 81st N. Y.
Boyenton, John
Brown, S. E.
Clark, A. S.
Colvin, Saml. 127th N. Y.
Conkling, Henry T. Co. H. 81st N.Y.
Conkling, Wm.
Cook, John C.
Cooper, James H., 81st N. Y.
Corwin, J. L.
Cullum, Richard
Dayton, Chas. B., M. D. 127 N. Y.
Davis, Thomas J., Navy
Edwards, Edward H. Co. B. 81 N. Y.
Farley, James
Farrell, Thomas
Field, Saml. B. 1st N. Y. Light Art. Field, Sylvester
Filer, Charles W. 1st Conn. Art.
Filer, Geo. G. Co. H. 81st N. Y.
Foster, John L. Navy.
Fowler, Wm. Jr. Montauk.
Gould Alexander. Co. H. 81st N. Y.
Gould, Theodore P. Co. K. 127 N. Y.
Green, Charles H.
Hall, Wm. Co. H. 81ct N. Y.
Handy, Aaron, 127th N. Y.
Havens, Chas. O. Co. H. 81 N. Y.
Havens, Joseph
Havens, Joseph A.
Holland, John, Navy.
Howell, James L. Co. H. 81 N. Y.
Howland, Edson Co. H, 81st N. Y.
Hudson, C. James
Sergt. Co. A 11th N. Y. Cav.
Humphreys, Arthur, Navy.
King, Edward T. Navy.
King, Geo. E. Co. E. 11 N. Y. Cav.
King, Harry B. Co. K 127th N. Y.
King, H. P.
King, Lodowick H. Co. I 15 N. Y.
King, Oliver G. Navy.
King, S. M.
King, Venus E. Navy.
King, William
King, Wilson B. 127 N. Y.
Knapp, Geo. 81st N. Y.
Lawrence, John B. Navy
Lawrence, Wm. 127th N. Y.
Leek, David
Lester, Geo. B. Co. A, 11th N. Y.
Lester, G. T.
Lester, W. C.
Loper, David B. Co. K, 127 N. Y.
Loper, Geo. S.
Loper, Henry J. Co. H, 81st N. Y.
Loper, Oliver L Co. F, 6 N. Y. Cav.
Lowen William, Navy.
Lynch, Michael
Meigs, Edgar C. 81st N. Y.
Merchant, Chas.
Miller, David K. Co. C, 165th N. Y.
Miller, E. H.
Miller, Jonathan A. Navy.
Miller, Josiah P. Co. K. 127.h N. Y. Miller, Nath'l Co. E. 11 N. Y. Cav.
Miller, Nath'l J. Co. K 127th N. Y.
Miller, Wm. B. Co. K, 127th N. Y.
Mulford, Wm. Navy.
Myers, John 11th N. Y. Cav.
Overton, Theodore Co. K, 127 N. Y.
Overton, Warren Co. K, 127 N. Y.
Paddy, William
Payne, Albert M. Co. H. 48th N. Y.
Payne, Elias R. Co. K, 127th N. Y.
Penny, Joshua.
Petty, Wm. E. Navy.
Pharaoh, Stephen
Pidgeon, Stephen B. Co. G, 127 N. Y.
Price, James H. Co. H. 81st N. Y.
Raisen, Thomas
Reney, John W. Co. H. 81 N. Y.
Sherrill, David S. Co. K, 127th N. Y.
Simons, John, 8th Conn.
Snooks, John
Squires, Stephen, 127th N. Y.
Stanton, Joseph B. Co. H. 81st N. Y.
*Stanton, Oscar F. Regular Navy
Stanton, Wm. C.
Strong, James M. Co. K. 127th N. Y.
Strong, Charles
Strong, William
Terry, David
Terry, Benjamin
Tillinghast, Chaules T.
Topping, Edward
Wright, Isaac
Wright, Jerry
--*Now Rear Admiral.

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