Descendants of William "Wait" Smith
     Some of this information was obtained from an article in "The Ameriacan Genealogist" circa 1948, entitled "William Smith of Jamaica.  Additional information came from: Glenn Smith  Glenn's Web page can be found at

    William Smith, born after 1600, died after Jan. 1663/4 and some time before 1670; married Magdalen ___, who married second, by 1670, Capt. Richard Olmstead of Norwalk, Conn.
    He was a magistrate at Weymouth, Mass., 1638-43, and was of Rehoboth, Mass., about 1643-51.  He settled in Huntington, Long island., where house lots were granted to "William Smith and his son Nehemiah Smith," 11 January 1663/4.  Her did not long survive that date, for on 6 September 1670 Magdalen Olmstead of Norwalk, late wife of William Smith of Jamaica, deceased, gave her housing in Jamaica to her sons Wait Smith and Samuel; and Samuel Smith assigned his share to "my brother Wait Smith."  The will of Richard Olmstead, made 30 September 1684, gave to Samuel Smith "the bed that was my last wife's."
    At Huntington in 1684, Thomas Smith, Joseph Smith, Nehemiah Smith and Wait Smith confirmed land there as children of William Smith now deceased, formerly of Huntington; Daniel Denton and Joseph Smith, Jr., witnessed.
    Benjamin Smith of Milford, Conn., at his first marriage there in 1660, was described as son of William Smith of Huntington.  It will be noted that Benjamin named sons Samuel, Joseph and Nehemiah; and that his brother Thomas named a son Benjamin.
    Thomas Smith, Sr., of Jamaica, in his will in 1689 called himself 62 or 63 years old and referred to Nehemiah Smith as his brother.
Joseph Smith is mentioned in Huntington records, for he took inventory there in 1661, and in 1663 reference is made to a lot "Formerly Joseph Smith's."  He appears in Jamaica records, 14 February 1663, and was Townsman there, 22 December 1663.  On 14 January 1714, Joseph Smith, Sr., of Jamaica, made an agreement with Nathan, Wait and Caleb Smith of Jamaica, to divide a lot, and Joseph was to have the west side and the other three the east side; in the contemporary index this is called "An Agreement between Joseph Smith and ye sons of Wait Smith."  Beneath the agreement is entered a release from Magdalen Smith of Jamaica, stating that "my husband William Smith resigned with her consent the land "that my husband William Smith and my son Joseph Smith bought of Henry Whitney unto my son Joseph Smith afore said."  This release was doubtless given before 1670, since Magdalen was still named Smith, and by 1670 she was "Olmstead" and she had died before Olmstead made his will in 1684.
    In 1668 Winthrop's Medical Journal mentions Ruth wife of Joseph Smith of Jamaica and calls him brother of "Goody" Higby.  Nehemiah Smith called John Carpenter his cousin (nephew), making it likely that Hannah, wife of John2 Carpenter, was daughter of William Smith.