Union Cemetery R-Z

By Elaine Moffitt Short on Friday, May 8, 2015 at 2:39pm

RAAGA, SELMA, 1892-1981 


RAKER, JENNIE, died 1961 age 64 


RANDA, DOROTHY,  died 1803 age 30 


RANDALL, ADA,  was born in Ridge in 1869 then lived in Middle island. She graduated Oneonta College and was a school teacher in Coram, Yaphank, Wading River and Orange City, California. She died at the Sierra Madre Dr. Groh's Sanitarium in Pasadena, California of Pneumonia December 23 1924, age 55. 


RANDALL, ADALIZA J., 1859-1860, daughter of Ezra and Polly Randall 


RANDALL, ALBERT DAVIS,  was born February 1 1831 in Ridge and died October 13, 1859 in Louisiana at the age of 27, the son of Horace and Sabra. He married Maria Jayne in 1854. They moved to Minnesota in 1855. He was a school teacher, merchant and a lawyer. 


RANDALL, ALICE REBECCA, was born in March 24 1857 in Coram. When she died September 16 1930 at Mather Hospital in Port Jefferson. Her will provided for 22 relatives. She had a winter home on 2 1/2 acres in Avon park. She was 73 when she died. 


RANDALL, ALTHA,  died 1945 age 68 


RANDALL, ASA,  was born August 13 1872 in Ridge to John O. & Jemima Randall. he died October 27 1963 in Woodlawn, NY, 91 years old. He married Edith Roe Smith of East Patchogue, they lived in Woodhaven New York. Asa was a New York Post Office Railway mail clerk, and was very interested in the Randall geneaology. Much of the Randall research you will read here is possible in part because of his work. 


RANDALL, AUSTIN,  was born 1818 and lived with his wife, Mary and their six children in Ridge. Their home was located on Middle Country Road across from Smith Road where he was a farmer and a deacon in the Middle Island Presbyterian Church. He died 1893 at the age of 75. After his death his wife remained in the house. His son Jason would also live their with his family 


RANDALL, AUSTIN D, 1850-1851, son of Austin and Mary.


RANDALL, BLANCHE, was born June 8 1881 in Ridge, the daughter of Charles and Charlotte Randall died September 1 1961 in Palos Verdes Estates, California, 80 years old. She attended Moody's School in Northfield, Massachusetts, she never married. 


RANDALL, CHARLES J., was born 1837, was a farmer who also cut cordwood that was sold to be shipped off at Shoreham. He was well known in Brookhaven Town Republican circles and served the town as the Assessor and tax Collector and was a long time member of the Middle Island Presbyterian Church. He also sold real estate. He sold his 500 acre Middle Island farm in 1902 which was situated north of Whiskey Road extending into Ridge and moved to Woodhaven, Queens where he died in 1913 at the age of 76. He and wife Charlotte Helen Overton had seven children. 


RANDALL, CLARENCE,  was born to Robert and Phoebe Randall on September 1 1890 in Ridge and died October 10, 1919, 29 years old.. He and his wife Julia Wilson, had three children. Clarence was a local farmer and also a riveter in a Newark, New Jersey shipyard. 


RANDALL, CLARISSA, l died March 15 1842 2 months old. 


RANDALL, CLIFFORD,  was born in 1870. Son of James and Elizabeth Randall and grandson of Lester H. Davis. He was in poor health since 1884 suffering from a hip disease that left him an invalid since he was 14. He was confined to bed and the pain led to an increase of opiates to ease the pain. He died January 25 1892 at the age of 21. 


RANDALL, DORIS,  1889-1930 


RANDALL, DOROTHY,  1773-1803, 30 years old 


RANDALL, EDITH ROE SMITH,  was born in East Patchogue June 25,1881 and died on June 11 1967 in Forest Hills, NY. She was 86 years old. Her sister Adella was the wife of Joseph Randall, Ediths husband Asa's brother. 


RANDALL, ELIZABETH,  died 1872, 1 day old 


RANDALL, ELIZABETH,  died October 6 1945 age 94 


RANDALL, ELIZABETH J.,  1845- 1939 age 85. Wife of James 


RANDALL, ELLA ELIZABETH,  was born July 18 1890 in Hampton Bays, the daughter of Nathaniel Brewster and Ida Melissa Terrell Hawkins. Ella was a school teacher in Patchogue, Westhampton and Nesconset. She died August 4 1983, 93 years old. 


RANDALL, ELLSWORTH HAWKINS,  was born June 28 1890 in Yaphank and died May 11 1978 in Riverhead. He married Ella Evelyn Hawkins in 1915 at her home in Patchogue. Ellsworth lived in New York City before he was married then moved to Quogue for fifty years where he operated a buisness. His wife was a school teacher. They retired to Westhampton Beach. 


RANDALL, EMERETTA A., 1841-1860 19 years old, daughter of Ezra and Polly. 


RANDALL, ERNEST,  was born September 6 1872 in Ridge and died February 21 1944 in Ridge, age 70. married to Grace Bidwell, lived with his wife in his parents house. (James & Elizabeth) 


RANDALL, EVA J.,  1862-1864, 2 years old, daughter of Ezra & Polly. 


RANDALL, EZRA K.,  was born to William and Pheobe on September 29 1918 and died April 27 1974 at the age of 56. He married Phoebe Gildersleeve. 


RANDALL, FRED,  was born in 1875 in Ridge and when he turned 21, he left his family to live in California. He returned to Ridge in 1937 and asked Albert Bayles to build him a bungalow on his property. The first Ridge Post Office would be built on the property where Alfredo's Pizza is now located. He died in Ridge in 1961 age 83 


RANDALL, GEORGE ELBERT,  was born March 6 1844 in Yaphank and died April 28 1913, 69 years old, married Sarah E. Hawkins of Middle Island and he was a farmer, merchant, electrician and mechanical expert. 


RANDALL, G. HORACE,  died 1872, 5 months old 


RANDALL, GILBERT O.,  died 1935 age 89 lived in Ridge with his wife and son Orville. In 1926 a year after his death the Randall home built in 1836 burned to the ground from a fire that may have been started by an overheated hot air furnace. His widow, Elizabeth and son, Orville were in the house at the time entertaining friends. They all escaped unharmed. Friends tried to extinguish the fire but the brisk February winds fanned the flames. The house was located a mile and a half north of Middle Country Road just east of Wading River Hollow Road on property he owned until 1910 with his son Orville. 


RANDALL, GRACE, was born April 17 1882 in East Hartford, Connecticut and died in1975, 93 years old, married to Ernest. 


RANDALL, HELEN OVERTON,  died 1900 age 62, wife of Charles 


RANDALL, HORACE GATES,  was born to Jeffrey and Sarah on March 10 1804 in Ridge died April 10, 1878, 74 years old. Horace was a farmer and merchant and married twice, first to Sabra "Aunt Patty" Davis, she died in 1848 at the age of 38. He married again in 1850 to Deborah Ann Swezey. 


RANDALL, IDA ELIZA,  1862-1863 daughter of J. Orlando and Jemima Randall 


RANDALL, IRA DAVIS,  was born in April 1844 and died June 10 1902 in New York City age 52. The son of Samuel and Joanna Davis Randall was married twice, first to Iratte Davis, they divorced in 1866. He then married Jennie Mildred Tuthill in 1888 in Cutchouge. He fathered two children with each wife. A farmer in Yaphank, he was known as "Uncle I.D."


RANDALL, J. "JOHN" ORLANDO,   resided in Ridge was born in 1819 and died 1885 age 66 


RANDALL, JAMES,  was born in 1844 and died 1900 age 55, the son of Ezra & Polly. He and his wife Elizabeth had three children. He lived in Ridge where he was a farmer 


RANDALL, JASON,  son of Austin and Mary Randall was born on August 8 1893, died June 18 1972, 


RANDALL, JEMIMA,  the daughter of Horace and Sabra Randall was born November 23 1834 in Ridge and died December 5,1915 at the age of 81 and died at the home of her son Asa. She was married to John Orlando Randall. When Jemima was 14 years old, her mother died leaving her to help care for her seven siblings until her father re-married in 1850. Jemima was a school teacher 1850 to 1855. She and her husband occupied the house of the original Randall settlers. They had five children. 


RANDALL, JEMIMA, (wife of Jeffrey?) 


RANDALL, JENNIE CHARLOTTE PETERSON,  was born in 1898 and died January 5 1978. She and her husband Robert J.lived in Patchogue and had five children. 


RANDALL, JEROME J.,  died April; 17, 1873 when he was killed by a falling masthead from a sailing ship off Edgarton, Massachusetts. He was 17 years old. 


RANDALL, JOANNA,  daughter of Elbert and Clarissa Davis, was the wife of Samuel W.Randall. She died March 15 1849 at the age of 24. 


RANDALL, JOHN,  Died February 15, 1860, age 78, husband of Jerusha.


RANDALL, JOSEPH HORACE,  was born 1843 in Middle Island went to school locallyand attended Eastman's Business College and until he was 27 years old was inthe wood business with his father buying large tracts of woods, cutting thetrees down sand shipping lumber to Haverstraw. He left the island for threeyears on a coasting Schooner. he returned home and for the next 18 years was awell known merchant selling everything from hay rakes to darning needles andalso running a 150 acre farm, which was located on the south side of MiddleCountry Road at the crest of a hill where Mangano Funeral home is located, thehouse was purchased from the Hutchinson family, and was eventually sold andrenovated as Rainbow Ranch Dress shop and now is the Carl Hart Bycicle Shop. Healso was Justice of the Peace for eight years. In 1892 with his health failinghe went to Florida purchasing a large tract of land in Avon Park. He then soldhis store and farm in Middle Island but a year or so later he bought a 136 acrefarm not far from his original one. He built a house barn and outer buildingson the rundown property. He grew vegetables, peach and apple trees as well asplum, pear not to mention chestnut and Japanese walnuts and cherry trees. Hehad large tracts of raspberry, blackberry, strawberry and dewberries. Hemarried Lydia King who was born in 1841 the grand-daughter of Rev. Ezra King in1871. She died at their winter home in Avon Park, Florida in 1894, One yearlater he married Alice Davis, the daughter of Lester H and Clarissa Roe. Shedied in 1930, Joseph Died September 14, 1921 age 78


RANDALL, JOSEPH L., was born February 20, 1842 to Austin and Mary Randallin Ridge. He joined the Revolution, and drowned off the coast of Hilton HeadSouth Carolina on October 27 1864. The 22 year olds body was brought to shoreat Beauford, South Carolina, and transferred for burial to long Island.


RANDALL, LEWIS,  1870-1873


RANDALL, LILLIAN N.,  was born August 19 1880 in Yaphank and died January1, 1967 in Winter Park, Florida, 87 years old. She lived in New York City,Setauket, Southampton and Winter Park. She managed the Webster Apartments aresidence for women on 34th Street Manhattan. She spent her later years at theTowers Retirement Home in Winter Park. She donated her body to the Universityof Florida medical Center. Her family erected a stone in the cemetery in hermemory.


RANDALL, LYDIA KING, was born May 14 1841, died March 2 1894 age 53, the first wife of Joseph H Randall


RANDALL, MALCOLM,  was born 1910 in Middle Island and died in1984 in Boynton Beach Florida. In 1935 he married Sylvia Olga Mykland who was born in Norway. They lived in New Hyde park, NY and Boynton Beach. He was an electrical welder, they had one daughter.


RANDALL, MARY,  was born 1821 the daughter of Lewis and Clara Hulse. She was married to Austin D. Randall, she died 1901, 80 years old.


RANDALL, NANCY O., born 1811 died 1888 age 77. She was the wife of Samuel..RANDALL,


ORLANDO ALBERTUS,  was born August 25 1874 in Ridge to John O. and Jemima Randall.. He was an architect, carpenter and farmer. He cut, split and poled pinewood and then would cart the wood with three teams of horses to Shoreham to be sent to Haverstraw to make brick. He died in 1954 in Riverhead, age 87. He married Althea Buckelew in 1891 in Fort Lee N.Y. They lived in Woodhaven, Ridge, Riverhead and Orlando, Florida where his wife died December31, 1945. They were members of the Methodist, Presbyterian and Baptist churches


RANDALL, ORVILLE MILLER,  was born August 25 1874 in Middle Island to Gilbert & Elizabeth Miller Randall. A carpenter by trade he also was a farmer for 30 years until his death in January 1938 at the home of his cousin Ernest Randall in Ridge age 74.


RANDALL, PHEBE, 1803-1819, the daughter of William and Phoebe died at fifteen years of age


RANDALL, PHEBE, 1778- 1832 age 54, married to William


RANDALL, PHOEBE J. COREY, was born in 1856 in Cutchouge and lived in Middle Island for 47 years. Her husband Robert died in 1934. She died at Mather Hospital in Port Jefferson in 1936 at the age of 80. She had one son and 8 grandchildren.


RANDALL, POLLY "PHOEBE",  died 1894 age 74, wife of Ezra K.Randall


RANDALL, ROBERT,  was born in 1859. He owned 45 acres in Middle Island,married to Phoebe. He died in 1934 at the age of 75,


RANDALL, ROBERT JASON,  son of Robert and Phoebe was born August 9 1893 inRidge and died June 18 1972, was a member of the Patchogue Fire Department andwas married to Jennie Charlotte Peterson, they had five children


RANDALL, SABRA, 1818-1848 wife of Horace.


RANDALL, SABRA NELLIE,  born August 19 1868, died August 10, 1960, She taught school in Patchogue. She never married


RANDALL, SAMUEL W.,  was born in 1808 and was a farmer and sold realestate. He may be the only local death cause by the Blizzard of 1888. In theearly morning hours of March 12 Long Islanders felt the first effects of whatwould become the worst snowstorm to hit the area in over 40 years. By the timethe sun came out on March 14th the temperature barely got above 10 degrees, andtwo feet or more of snow was on the ground and winds of 45 MPH. More would comelater that day resulting in snow banks four to ten feet deep in some places. Sometime during the day on March 12th Samuel made his way to his barn apparently to care for his horses a barn door flew off in the wind falling on him as he fell into the deep snow. Two nurses who were caring for his ill wife found him in a snowdrift unconscious. They along with his 26 year old daughter were unable to help or move him and ran for help. He suffered a concussion and exposure. he died the following day. He was 80 years old.


RANDALL, SARAH E.,  was born August 25 1852 in Middle island, the daughterof Elkanah and Lydia Hawkins and died May 31 1945 age 93 in Setauket, wife ofGeorge E. Randall


RANDALL, SHERWOOD, was born in 1920 at Sag Harbor, NY the son of Robert and Jennie. He retired as Hospital attendant and lived in Patchogue, he died in1997, 77 years old.


RANDALL, SHIRLEY, 1875-1876. daughter of James and Elizabeth


RANDALL, STEPHEN E.,  1799-1825, 26 years old, was a farmer


RANDALL, STEPHEN R.,  was born in 1816 and died August 4,1848 at the age of32. He was a Master Mariner and died at sea, off the coast of Vera Cruz Mexico. He was the son of John & Jerusha.


RANDALL, THERON,  died August 24,1882 age 23 in Buffalo, NY of scarlettfever. He was the son of J. Orlando and Jemima.


RANDALL, VERNON,  died 1882 in Bridgeport Connecticut 9 months old, son ofWilliam and Sarah, the family lived in Trumbull Connecticut.


RANDALL, WALLACE BRYANT, was born December 11 1832 in Ridge and died August 9, 1859 in Brooklyn, 26 years old, son of Horace and Sabre. Married Mary C Shannon in 1857.


RANDALL, WILLIAM, was born December 4, 1777 in Ridge and died January 231853, 78 years old. In 1878 he married Phoebe Woodruff, she died in 1832. He then married a second time "Widow Gillette" of Patchogue. A farmer,William fathered 10 children.


RANDALL, WILLIAM PRIOR,  was born in Ridge on April 23 1808 to William andPhoebe and died May 11 1837, 29 years old. He was a carpenter and member of the Middle Island Presbyterian Church.


RATSEP, RUDOLPH,  1897-1984


RECHT, MARY,  died 1941 age 80


REEVE, ANNIE,  died 1941 age 87


REEVE, GEORGE, died 1946 age 56


RICHARDSON, BEATRICE,  died 1965 age 44


RIDGEWAY, JOHANNA, died 1834 age 27


RIOPEL, ELEAZER,  1882-1973


RIOPEL, ROSE, died February 18 1958 age 71


RISLEY, ANNA,  was born in Ireland in 1839


RISLEY, BESSIE,  was born in Buffalo, NY in 1894. She lived in Patchogue for a while and was a member of the Betty Stark Council Sons & Daughters ofLiberty. She then moved to Setauket where she died at home age 65 in 1959


RISLY, ELLA, died 1956 age 71, married to Joseph


RISLEY, JOHN, was born in 1830 in England , died 1857 age 70


RISLEY, JOHN,  was born December 9 1823 in England and died June 9 1884 in Middle Island, age 61


RISLEY, JOSEPH, died 1926 age 44, was a farmer in Middle Island, Married to Ella, they had four children, one, Leslie served in the U.S. Army in World War I


RISLEY, JOSEPH JR.  died 1905, 8 years old.


RISLEY, KENNETH, 1920-1980


RISLEY, LESLIE NEIL,  was born in 1890 in Middle Island, the fourth son of Joseph and Ella. Risley served in World War I and was a carpenter, a lifelong resident of Middle Island, living on Middle Island Yaphank Road with his wife and three sons. He was found dead of an apparent heart attack June 17 1948 lying face down in a cow stall in Marion Van Horn's barn. He had asked Mrs VanHorn to care for his livestock while he was on vacation. He was 57 years old. He was married to Lillian M Pfundstein of Coram. They were married in 1919 and lived in Coram at the time, they later moved to Middle Island Yaphank Road inMiddle Island


RISLEY, LILLIAN,   died in 1905


RISLEY, LUCILLE E.,  died 1968 age 72


RISLEY, PERCY,  1896-1981


RITCH, ALLEN "ALLIE",  1897-1988 (91 years old), the son of Lewis and Catherine (Kate), employed as an Engineer for Wallace Silver Company of Wallingford. He served in World War I in the Merchant Marines


RITCH, AMELIA S.,  1837- 1925 age 88


RITCH, BEATRICE,  1901-1963. Daughter of Lewis & Catherine (Kate) She was confined to the Suffolk Infirmary since 1931.


RITCH, CHARITY,  born March 11 1778 in Middle Island died March 3 1871 in Middle Island age 83 


RITCH, GEORGE SHEPARD,  was born in 1880. In September of 1907 he was at Hammer's Saloon in Yaphank and after a night of drinking, he left with a 50 year old recluse who lived in the "River house" in Middle Island near the Prosser property named Christopher Inglert. They went to the homearound midnight and Ritch asked Inglert to make him pancakes, he refused and Risley left, but an argument ensued and Inglert shot Risley in the stomach with a musket gun. Inglert ran to Yaphank, two miles away and called on Dr. Baker and Sheriff John E. Davis and surrendered.In January of 1908 a jury acquitted Ingelert despite the District Attorney saying it was deliberate and premeditated. Inglert stated it was in self defense despite reports of certain threats he had made prior to the shooting. Risley was 26 years old. A few years later Inglert was found dead one night beside the Port Jefferson-Patchogue Road in Port Jefferson Station.


RITCH, GEORGE W.,  was the youngest of six children of Lewis and Charity,born 1825. He lived in the family home after the death of both his father andmother and acquired the interest of the 10 acres purchased by his grandfather. His three brothers left for Washington, North Carolina where they were shipbuilders and coastal tradesmen. Another brother Thomas remained in Middle Island as did his sister Mary. George served Brookhaven Town as a tax collector, Election Inspector and Town Assessor. He converted his fathers shop into a small grocery and general store. George died November 10th 1889 age 64


RITCH, ISAAC,  1816- 1853 age 37


RITCH, ISABELLA,  1914-2000


RITCH, KATIE (CATHERINE HOMAN),  wife of Lewis was born in 1869 to Marcus and Ellen Homan, she died in 1930 age 61


RITCH, LEWIS, was born in 1776 to John and Molly Ritch in Connecticut, in 1789 he married Elizabeth Wallace and lived in North Salem, New York where he worked as a hat maker. They had three children John W, Lewis and Lucy. His wife died in 1803 and he met and married Charity Hulse of Middle Island in 1810. He left his children to live with relatives in North Salem and moved to Middle Island and fathered six more children where he continued his hat making business. Between the years 1813 and 1829 he served Brookhaven Town as Town Trustee, Overseer of Highways and Town Assessor. He died September 3 1835 at the age of 59


RITCH, LEWIS,  was born October 11 1869 on a farm on split by Middle Country Road east of Bartlett Road that was purchased in 1811 by his grandfather Lewis Ritch from Charles Gerard inheriting it from his father George. The property amassed 50 acres, one half being farmland, the other half wooded. He lived on the farm and was custodian and caretaker of the Union Cemetery for over 40 years. He was one of the last men in the area to remain active in the cordwood business. Thousands of cords of wood would be cut every winter then carted to Shoreham where they were loaded on sloops and sent up the Long Island Sound to the Hudson River onward to Haverstraw where the wood was used in fires to cure the bricks manufactured there. Up until his death at 96, he cut and piled wood every winter for heat and cooking. Mr Ritch was known as a man with a wealth of information, familiar with property lots and roads throughout the area and was often consulted by town officials. He celebrated his 80th birthday by walking the 10 miles from Port Jefferson to Middle Island.He always had time to stop and talk to all and was one of the few remaining men of a past generation whose simple kinfly ways made him stand out. Uopn his death he was the oldest resident of Middle Island and had two sons, 2 grandchildren and 6 great grandchildren. He died in 1966. he was married to Katie Homan


RITCH, LILLIAN,  1899-1981RITCH, MARY E.,  1817-1843, 26 years old wife of Simeon


RITCH, RAYMOND,  was born in Middle Island, the son of Lewis (1869-1966) in 1904. His father had sold him his property in 1945 and kept ownership until he sold it in 1969 to a development company ending 160 years of Ritch family ownership and residence. Raymond was 67 when he died. The house and hat shop was moved to the Old Bethpage Villiage Restoration park where it still stands.


RITCH, SIMEON H., was born December 11 1811 and died in north Carolina October 10, 1855 age 44


RITCH, ULYSSES H.,  was born September 14, 1819 and died in North Carolina September 3 1866 age 47


RIX, ALMA,  1885-December 16 1969. Her headstone is inscribed "Ruhe Sanft Mutter" "Die Kinder" a rough translation is Rest in Peace Mother. Kinder translates to Children in the German language.


RIX, GERTRUDE,  1904-July 29 1978ROBINSON, GENEVE, 1904-1956ROBINSON, GEORGE,  1918-1977




ROBINSON, JAMES, was born January 16 1868 and died May 21 1937, 69 years old was a Long Island Railroad ticket Agent at the Shoreham station. He married Sarah "Sadie" Randall.


ROBINSON, JAMES,  died 1947 age 66




ROBINSON, MILDRED,  was born in 1889 to Charles and Cornelia Edwards Robinson, she died in 1969 80 years old


ROBINSON, SADIE RANDALL,  was Born December 25 1881 in Ridge and died at St. Charles Hospital in Port Jefferson in February 1965 at the age of 80. Married to James with no children, Sadie was a member of the Shoreham Country Club, Brookhaven Town Republican Committee member for Election District 35 formany years. She was also a member of the Wading River Historical Society, a Voluinteer at Mather Hospital, member of both the Mt. Sinai Congregational and Middle Island Presbyterian Churches and the Eastern Star. Sadie also served on the Shoreham Board of Education for 25 years. She retired as a dispatcher and freight agent at the Shoreham Railroad station which closed in the 1930's. She and her husband lived on the north west corner of Randall Road and Route 25-Ain Shoreham, where a medical office complex is now located. James and"Aunt Sadie" were Jeff Davis' fathers Aunt and Uncle.


ROES, MYRTLE, M 1904-1989


ROES, RUTH,  1907-1980


ROWLAND, LUCINDA,  died 1831 age 24


ROWLAND, SUSAN R.,  died 1832 2 months old


RULAND, ELBERT,  died 1926 age 82


RULAND, FLORA,  was born in Huntington in 1860. She married Wallace Ruland and had a daughter Myrtle. They lived on Rocky Point Road in Middle Island. She died in 1947 at the age of 87


RULAND, HANNAH,  died 1896 age 79


RULAND, IRVING,  was born in 1879 in Middle Island. He was a Baker. He died in 1957 at Pine Rest Nursing Home in Patchogue at the age of 78


RULAND, LESTER,  died 1880 age 65


RULAND, LILLIAN,  died March 1930 in Patchogue age 60


RULAND, LUCILLA J.,  1853-1858


RULAND, MYRTLE,  was born in 1893 to Wallace and Flora Ruland, lived in Middle Island and died in 1973




RULAND, SARAH J.,  died 1830 age 86


RULAND, WALLACE,  was born in 1865 and was a farmer on Rocky Point Road in Middle Island. In April of 1939, he was clearing trees damaged in a hurricane. He was 2 1/2 miles from his home when a large branch from a tree he was cutting crashed down severly injuring him. He died one week later in Mather Hospiotal,he was 74.


RULAND, WILLARD,  died 1949 age 84.


RUPPERT, ANN,  1905-1971


RUPPERT, FRED,  1908-1968, Enlisted in to the U.S. Army in 1942 served his tour at Camp Swift in Texas, being discharged in 1943.


SAARIKKO, ESTHER,  1915-1997


SAARIKKO, VIENO, 1914-1978


SAARNI, FREIDA, born 1906 died 2000 in Tornoto Canada


SCHEMER, FREDERICK,  died 1960 age 65, married to Hilda Marie Kaup, daughter of Kesenia Eck.


SCHIRMER, JOHN FREDERICK,  was born in October 27 1955 and was just 2 years old when the car he was a passenger in with his father driving was struck by a tractor trailor as it turned onto Church lane off Route 25. The Schirmers lived on Church Lane. Following the accident the community came together with a petition to change

the speed limit to 40 MPH and requested a double solid white line. The truck driver was from Massachusetts.



SCHLEYER, FRANK,  1908-1997




SCHMIDT, EDUARD,  1906-1985 Corporal in U.S. Army Air Corp


SCHMIDT, WOLDEMAR, 1906-1985 Private U.S. Army World War II


SCHURIG, DIANE,  September 14 1951-March 5 2008




SCOTT, JAMES R.,  born March 17 1885, died December 22 1962 in Hardistonville, New Jersey age 77


SCOTT, LORRAINE,  1908-1998


SEDLAK, JOHN,  was born 1922 in New York City, relocated in Lake Panamoka where he lived with his wife and two children for 11 years. He was employed as a Heating and Air Conditioning contractor. He was in the Ridge Fire Department and was Chief of the department in March 1966 when he was killed in an accident involving a car and his van. Two other people were injured in the crash. Medlak was 44 years old.    


SEDLAK, JULIA,  1922-1975


SELLARS, JOSEPH,  died 1960 age 51


SELLARS, RUTH,  1910-1983


SHAW, ANITA, February 1 1924-December 1 1977


SHAW, HAROLD,  1913-December 9 2008SHEA, ESTELLE J., died 1859, 1 year old


SHEA, JULIA A., died 1897 age 61


SHERRY, ENOS,  was born 1806 and died 1870 age 64 and lived in Middle

Island with his wife Mary and five children. The three children all grew to

adulthood and had families of their own and are buried in Oak Hill Cemetery in

Stony Brook.


SHERRY, MARY A.,  died 1894 age 71


SHERRY, MARY JOHNSON,  was born in 1797 and died 1867 age 70


SHEVLIN, CALLA  Died December 2004


SILVERSTEIN, CHARLES,  died 1965 age 77SILVERSTEIN, INGA, died 1968 age 77




SIMS, WILLIAM,  1901-1970 age 69


SISAS, EDWARD, 1905-1975 Born in Estonia, the 75 year old lived in Rocky Point. he was a member of the Estonian Legion.



SISAS, ELISABETH,  1899-1974





SIVERTSEN, JANET,  1913-1972




SMITH, ALFRED, SMITH, ALMIRA,  died 1894 age 70




 SMITH, EDWARD HENRY,  was born in 1859 in Coram, he was a farmer andoperated a dairy. He later moved to Patchogue. He died July 12 1928 at the ageof 69.

SMITH, ELIZA,  died 1881 age 71


SMITH, ELIZABETH,  died 1909 age 85




FLORENCE M.,  died 1903 age 20


SMITH, FORREST L.,  died 1897 1 month old


SMITH, GEORGE R.,  1844-1864


SMITH, HAM,  died 1888 age 62


SMITH, HARRIET A.,  died 1839 age 2


SMITH, CAPTAIN HENRY,  died 1910 age 86


SMITH, JACOB B., died 1876 age 69


SMITH, JOHN,  died 1858 age 73


SMITH, JONATHAN,  died 1856 age 58


SMITH, JOSEPHINE,  was born 1862 in Smithtown. A Patchogue resident for 25 years,she died at her daughters home June 19 1941 at the age of 79.



SMITH, LARRY,  1920-December 8 2010


SMITH, MARY M.,  1852-1859


SMITH, NANCY D.,  died 1932 age 72


SMITH, ORVILLE,  was born in 1889 and died November 1892 in a fire. He was playing with matches in his parents barn and died of burns when he hid in a stable. His father Thomas J. Smith was not home at the time


SMITH, ROY,  died 1958 age 72


SMITH, RUTH,  died 1846 Age 50


SMITH, SARAH C.,  died 1872 age 82


SMITH, SAVILLA K.,  born 1885 was a member of the Trinity Methodist Churchin Coram and was married to Elroy Smith. They had 6 children. She died at Brookhaven Hospital Patchogue in 1964 age 79


SMITH, SELDEN,  died 1938 age 35


SMITH, THOMAS BURNELL,  February 6 1893-January 16 1977


SMITH, TOM,  was born 1856 and died 1928 age 72. In November of 1892. Father of Orville.


SNOW, CHARLIE,  died 1934 age 52




SOKK, AARE, died in 1963, he was married to Sirje Karulaas, lived on Middle Island Blvd.


SOKK, HELMI,  1901-1963



SPRINGER, ANNA,  1913-2001


STEIN, ELSA, 1911-1980STEIN, HERMAN,  1902-1980STENZEL, ERWIN,  died 1961 age 70STERNUM, MATHILDA,  1857-1873 age 16


STEWART, EVA ELLSWORTH, E 1887-1974 age 87


STEWART, REVEREND WILLIAM,  was born 1876 in Scotland. Served as pastor at Yaphankand Manorville Presbyterian Church and joined Middle Island Presbyterian Churchin 1929. He served the congregation from 1929 until 1950 the longest since David Rose and Ezra King.  He died in Huntington Hospital March of 1950 age74.


STILL, ANDERSON B., died 1900 age 85


STILL, BERTHA,  was born 1882 in Crystal Brook and celebrated her 50th wedding anniversary with her husband Harry in 1952. They had two sons and lived in Middle Island. She died in 1953 at Bellaire Nursing Home in Patchogue. Shewas 71.


STILL, BERTRAM, was born in Middle Island September 23, 1892 and served inWorld War I in the U.S. Army, training at Camp Upton before being sent to France. Before enlisting, he worked on the William Sydney Smith farm in Yaphank. besides being a farmer, he served as a caretaker for several estates including the Smith Estate in Ridge. He and his wife Emma had three children.He died May 28 1968 age 75 at Mather Hospital.


STILL, CHARLOTTE,  was born 1872 in Holbrook but spent most of her lifeliving in Coram. She married Edward Still and had 8 children. In 1929 she lost a barn, shed and garage in a fast moving fire that was discovered at 3:00 inthe morning on a Sunday. besides the structures, hay, straw and tools she alsolost 3 horses, a cow and chickens. She died June 1937 age 65. 


STILL, EDWARD,  was born in 1862 and died March 4 1919.  He was a farmer in Coram on Mt Sinai Coram Road south of Pine Road where the Emerald Hills development is now spreading out over 80 acres south and east of Mel Drive. He also served as a Trustee for Brookhaven Town


STILL, ELLEN,  died 1909 age 63


STILL, EMMA,  1891-1989STILL, FLORENCE,  1897-1986


STILL, GEORGIANNA,  died 1924 age 59


STILL, HARRY,  died 1957 age 81, resident of Middle Island, living on Middle Island Yaphank Road between the Middle Island School and Middle CountryRoad.


STILL, LEROY,  died 1934 age 33


STILL, LEROY,  1926-2003 Entered the U.S. Army Air Corps in 1945


STILL, LOISANN, 1928-1976


STILL, LOUISE,  died 1904, 15 days old


STILL, LOUISE THOMPSON,  was born in Middle Island 1872. She married William Still when she was 19. They had 6 children, she was ill for a few weeks and died in Middle Island February 1909 at the age of 37. She was the daughter of Mr and Mrs Smith Thompson.


STILL, MARION,  died 4 months old


STILL, MARY, died 1961 age 58y 


STILL, MERWIN "MERV",  was born in 1905, lived on Mt Sinai Coram Road in Coram where he had a 9 acre farm just north of the family farm but onthe werst side of Mt. Sinai Road.. He was a charter member of the Coram Fire Department. The son of Edward and Charlotte Still retired from the Town of Brookhaven Highway Department. he and his wife Sylvia had two children.


STILL, NORMAN,  1924-1982


STILL, PERCY,  November 19, 1898- August 261977


STILL, ROBERT, was born 1902 died 1953 at Mather Hospital in Port Jefferson following a massive stroke at his home in Patchogue where he had lived since 1922. Elected Bookhaven Town Highway Superintendent in 1941 defeating Democrat Harold F Davis who held the office for 10 years. At the age of 20 he began work on the dairy farm of Norman Roe of East Patchogue and at 24 he was elected Patchogue Street Commissioner. In 1952 he was elected Brookhaven Town Republican Chairman


STILL, SYLVIA "DIME",  1917-1990


STRANDBERG, JOHANNES,  died in 1963. He was born in Estonia and was a cousinof Selma Raaga. He lived on Oakcrest Avenue in Middle Island for 17 years andwas a Carpenter.


STRICKLAND, ROSS,  died 1961 age 64.


STURNME, JOHANNA,  1840-1880




SULLIVAN, LYDIA,  August 18 1926- September 71974SUTTE, ETHEL,  1895-1932 age 37


SWEZEY, ALLEN,  born July 12 1912, one of twelve children of Edwardand Julia and died 1985. In 1929 he was among those who chartered and formedthe Coram Volunteer Fire Department. On February 18 1943 he joined the Army atCamp Upton and was sent by train to Camp McCain Mississippi. he would later servein Algeria, and Sicily, Italy. His regiment would see Action throughout Italy,France and into Germany. He was wounded in a battle in France and discharged in1945 earning the Bronze Star, Purple Heart and Combat Infantry Badge amongothers.


SWEZEY, AMELIA,  died June 1917 age 85, wifeof Samuel


SWEZEY, ANITA, 1957-1995


SWEZEY, ANN E. PETTY,  born 1836 in MiddleIsland and lived her entire life on the Middle Island farm she inherited. In 1869she married Edgar Swezey and had 3 children including Flora (Dixon)


SWEZEY, AZEL,  died 1902 age 82


SWEZEY, BARBARA,  1914-1997


SWEZEY, BETSY,  died 1861 age 72


SWEZEY, CHARLOTTE,  died 1819 7days old


SWEZEY, CHRIS,  died 1926 age 82


SWEZEY, CHRISTOPHER,  died 1825 age 41






SWEZEY, D. EVERETT,  was born in 1859 was a farmer and teacher havingtaught for one year in the Middle Island School, held school district officesand was a trustee at Middle Island Presbyterian Church. For a time he moved to Colorado Springs, Colorado but returned to Middle Island. He was Town assessor in 1889 but resigned due to failing health. He died in 1891 at the age of 32.


SWEZEY, DANIEL,  was born in 1830, in his ault life he married a sister of J.P. Mills, for who he was employed as head clerk at his store. OnApril 11 1863, he jumped off a wagon and broke his leg in what is described aswe know today, a compound fracture. In the days that followed he contractedTetanus or what was described lock jaw, surely an infection from his injurycausing his death April 24th in Yaphank at the age of 33. He and his wife hadno children


SWEZEY, DANIEL,  died 1850 age 85


SWEZEY, DEBORAH,  1807-1816


SWEZEY, DEBORAH,  died 1876 age 69


SWEZEY, EDDA J.,  1858-1859


SWEZEY, EDGAR,  died 1900 age 65


SWEZEY, EDITH,  died 1954 age 87


SWEZEY, EDWARD,  was born in 1820 in Middle Island and died 1890 at the age of 70., the son of Joshua and Mehitable.  He lived in the Swezey homestead on Middle Country Road with his parents and his family and later with his cousin Richard Bayles.


SWEZEY, EDWARD, was born 1908 in East Cord was accidently shot dead November of 1924 while hunting with friend Arthur Prinzinger. Arthur summoned Edwards brother who was nearby and drove him to his home. He died on the way. Arthur was charged with manslaughter but charges were dropped and he was released. Edward was 16 years old.


SWEZEY, EDWARD,  was born in 1872, the son of Christopher and ZilphiaKempster Swezey. He was an invalid in his later years and died in 1942 at theage of 70. He married Julia Ashton and raised 12 children Alice, Anne,Isabelle, Zelphia, Virginia, Rhoda, Minnie, Barbara, Asa, Allen, Theodore, andRichard on their family farm in Middle Island. The farm was located a milesouth of Middle Country Road opposite the Swezeytown Road. Alan and Theodoreboth served in WW2. He had two brothers Joseph of Greenport and Eugene inMiddle Island


SWEZEY, EDWARD,  died 1966 age 68


SWEZEY, ELBERT,  was born 1839 in MiddleIsland and died in the house he was born in August 1915 at the age of 76. He wasa 55 year member of the Middle Island Presbyterian Church and had 5 children.He was described as a man of most substantial and highly respected.


SWEZEY, ELIZA ANN,  1827-1841 age 14 ofscarlett fever.


SWEZEY, ELIZABETH,  1797-1811 age 14


SWEZEY, ELLEN S.,  died 1915 age 69


SWEZEY, ELMIRA,  wife of William S. Swezeydied January 1915 age 69


SWEZEY, EUGENE, born 1867 in Middle Islandwhere he lived his entire life. He died in 1960 age 93 at the Yaphank Infirmary


SWEZEY, FRED, Fred Swezey died 1950 age 91


SWEZEY, GEORGE,  died 1942 age 46


SWEZEY, GEORGE M., 1846-1849


SWEZEY, GEORGIE, died 1933 age 70


SWEZEY, GERTIE,  died 1960 age 81




SWEZEY, HANNAH,  1883-1885


SWEZEY, HANNAH, died 1838 age 83


SWEZEY, HARMONY, died 1868 age 83


SWEZEY, HARRIET, died 1969 age 92


SWEZEY, HARRIET, 1801-1816 age 15


SWEZEY, HOWARD, born 1868 died August 27 1944 age 76, was married toMary Swezey and lived in Yaphank. He was the last owner of the Swezey Homesteadon Middle Country Road that was in the family since 1802. It was previously ownedby the Howell family who built between 1717 and 1740. The property was turnedinto a museum by Emil Lengyl who bought the house and property in the 1960s Thehouse was destroyed in a suspicious fire, the second in a year on the propertyin 1989. Previously kids had set fire to a barn on the property. Property ownerSal Malguarnera leveled the structures and sold the property and a smallshopping center including Reliable Fence sits on the site.


SWEZEY, I. JOYCE, 1926-1987


SWEZEY, IRVING MAYNARD,  was born in 1865 theson of Sylvester Swezey. He died at home in 1942 at the age of 77, leaving anestate worth $119,000.


SWEZEY, JAMES,  1827-1897 age 70


SWEZEY, JOANNA, died 1853 age 61


SWEZEY, JOHN,  1878-1887 9 years old


SWEZEY, JOHN, Born 1863 and Died 1938, 75 years old. He was a lifetime Middle island resident and retired farmer, was sick for two weeks prior to his death, he was survived by his brother Howard


SWEZEY, JOHN P., 1858-1861 age 3


 SWEZEY, JOSHUA was born in 1789. Joshua and his wife Mehitableshared their house on Middle Country Road south of Buckingham's Pond (SpringLake) with their son Edward and family. Richard Bayles lived in the house withthe Swezey's after 1864 until he married and bought a house of his own in 1893.died 1876 age 87


SWEZEY, JOTHAM,  died 1859 age 63


SWEZEY, JULIA,  was born in 1880 in Brooklynand lived in Coram for 60 years. She and her husband Edwards had 12 children. She died in 1962 at Ramor Nursing Home in Patchogue at the age of 82.


SWEZEY, LEROY,  Died 1940 age 60


SWEZEY, MARTHA,  died 1855 age 76




SWEZEY,MARTHA,  died 1899 age 60


SWEZEY, MARY,  died 1928 age 62


SWEZEY, MARY, died 1959 age 85


SWEZEY, MEHETABEL,  was born November 28 1790to David and Mehitable Davis. She married Joshua Swezey of Middle Island in1813. She died November 11 1877 age 86


SWEZEY, NANCY, died 1899 age 68


SWEZEY, NANCY M., 1852-1854


SWEZEY,NELLIE,  died 1960 age 87


SWEZEY, OSCAR F.,  born in Middle Islandowned and operated a general store and hotel on the site of what is now thevacant Island Squire. He owned it from 1860 until his death in 1874 age 67




SWEZEY, PAULINE,  died 1942 age 83


SWEZEY, REBECCA,  died 1890 age 64


SWEZEY, RICHARD D born 1982, Died 2014



SWEZEY, SAMUEL BUELL,  was born in 1823 andwas a farmer in Wellington Farms in Middle Island. He was the father of John W.and Howard C. Swezey, he died September 20 1917 at the age of 94.


SWEZEY, SARAH D., 1811-1892 age 82


SWEZEY, SIDNEY,  died 1814 age 3 months


SWEZEY, SYLVESTER,  died 1904 age 77


SWEZEY, THEODORE,  April 4, 1919 diedNovember 7 1996. He married Gloria Mooney in 1939 and entered the service in1944 and served in WWII as a PFC in the U.S. Army, taking part in many battlesincluding the Battle of The Bulge and earned a purple Heart


SWEZEY, THYRA, died 1944 age 83


SWEZEY, VIOLETTA S.,  died 1862 age 85


SWEZEY, WILLET,  died 1862 age 85


SWEZEY, WILLIAM,  died 1851 age 65




SWEZEY, WILLIAM S.,  was born in 1825 inSwezeytown (Middle Island). He and his wife Elmira Petty Swezey lived onOakcrest Avenue. His daughter Inze married Harold F Davis of Coram. He died1900 age 75


SWEZEY, ZILPAHL,  died 1895 age 47


SWING, RUDOLPH, 1903-1976




TAMSEN, A.C.,  died 1885


TERRY, MICHAEL AUGUST, (Gustave) 1902 - July 11,1939, 37 years old, was found dead in his car on a desolate side road off Granny Road between Coram and Yaphank by a Coram resident walking his dog. The Coroner concluded it was a suicide that occurred six days earlier. The muffler was removed and a rubber hose led into the car. Mr. Terry left a suicide note describing financial woes and loneliness, being estranged from his wife. In the note he also described how "three kids just went by and spoiled things for a minute, but everything is alright now and I am ready to go" He ended the note with No one to notify, Don't Bother.

The Middle Island resident employed by Patchogue Motors as an auto salesman. He once worked for Harold F. Davis of Coram either for the Highway department or on his farm. Davis saw to it that he had a proper burial and paid for the plot and burial. A simple stone marker reads M.A.Terry 1902-1939.


THOMAS, JESTINE,  died 1964 age 28


THOMPSON, CARRIE, daughter of Smith was born 1871 died 1942 age 71


THOMPSON, DAVID,  died 1885 age 75


THOMPSON, SMITH, was born in Williamsburg (Brooklyn) 1836 was married to Mary Ball. They had two daughters Carrie and Louise. He owned a house and 50 acre farm situated where the Longwood Public Library and Walmart now sits. From about 1850 it was owned by the Gildersleeve family until it was sold to David Thompson in 1872. The house burned to the ground September 30th 1932 despite the efforts of members of the Coram Fire Department. Smith died 1922 age 86. His wife died in 1916.


TODER, GEORGE,  1897-1976


TODER, GRACE,  was born in 1901, the daughter of Leon & Christine Swezey Edwards, married to George. They moved to Port Jefferson Station in 1939 and Port Jefferson a year later. She died April 11 1949 at the age 48. They had 4 children


TOPPING, GEORGE W., George W. Topping 1845-1859 age 14


TOPPING, JOSEPH W,  died 1861 age 31


TOPPING, JOSEPH W.,  died 1872 age 70


TOPPING, MARIA S., died 1888 age 76


TORRIGAN, ASTRID,  1905-1984








TRUEFELD, KSENIA,  1911-1984




TRUU, ELFRIEDA,  1915-1996


TRUU, EDWARD, 1910-1998


TURNER, CALVIN,  died 1808 age 19


TURNER, HUBERT,  died 1958 age 88


TURNER, JOEL,  died 1869 age 72


TURNER, JOHN L., 1830-1851 age 21


TURNER, LOUISE,  1883-1974


TURNER, LYDIA,  1793-1889 age 96


TURNER, MARIA,  died 1880 age 81TURNER, MARY,  died 1834 age 63


TURNER, MARY E.,  died 1903 age 77


TURNER, WADE A., 1851-1861 age 10


TURNER, WILLIAM, died 1845 age 77




TUTHILL, DANIEL,  died 1808 age 26, drowned


TUTHILL, ELIZABETH,  died 1818 age 74


TUTHILL, PETER, 1774- September 18, 1785 age 11 drowned.


USMAN, LIISI,  1912-1995


USMAN, THOMAS,  Born  in Estonia 1906 and died at Mather Hospital Port Jefferson October 1977, 71 years old. he was a retired union carpenter and Past president of the Estonian Education Society., He was married to Liisi.


VAHI, HELMI, 1912-September 24 1994


VAHI, MARTIN, 1916- April 1993


VAN HORN, ABNER,  was born April 11, 1814 in New Jersey. His main residence was in Greenpoint, Brooklyn NY, but he often visited his family and may have lived for awhile in Middle Island. He married Sarah Charlotte Hurtin in 1834 and had 10 children. Abner invented and manufactured a Steam Generator for railroad cars and was awarded a patent in 1872. He also was the owner of a Brass Foundry in Brooklyn and was awrded a Superior Brass casting award from New York City in 1855. He died in Greenpoint August 22 1885 at the age of 71 of Cholera.


VAN HORN, DR. ABNER OSBORN,  was born January 14 1845 in Greenpoint, Brooklyn. He was a Physician in Middle Island and was the oldest surviving son of Abner and Hannah. He married Isabel Jemima Randallin 1876 and had 3 children Ogden, Marion and Violet. He died September 4 1917 at the age of 72


VAN HORN, ALICE ISLANDRIA,  was born May 23 1853 died April 17 1926 age 73. She was a Miliner, a maker of female hats


VAN HORN, GERTRUDE EMILIA,  was born June 7 1849 in New York City and died August 13 1922 in Fishkill, N.Y. age 73. 


VAN HORN, ISABELL JEMIMA,  was born September 17 1849 in Middle Island and died 1936 age 87


VAN HORN, JAMES HURTIN,  son of Abner and Hannah was born January 11 1851 and died March 28, 1852.


VAN HORN, JESSELYN WILBERTA NEWTON, 1896-1999 103 years old, wife of Marion, they were married in 1950.


VAN HORN, MARION FREEMAN, was born in Middle Island September 14 1888 he spent his entire life in Middle Island and was a farmer. He died June 12 1966 at Brookhaven Memorial Hospital in East Patchogue. age 78


VAN HORN, MARY CATHERINE, daughter of Abner and Hannah was born January 20 1837 in North Carolina and died April 5 1920 age 83


VAN HORN, OGDEN "BUDD",  was born June 6 1877, the son of Dr. Abner and Isabel Van Horn and died September 15 1902 at the age of 23. An obituary described him as having a painful death, and had been ailing for months. He was bedridden and unable to walk. Shortly before his death the family took him to the seashore at Easthampton in hopes of recovery. He was, according to accounts a young man of gentlemanly qualities and high standard of moral integrity.


VAN HORN, SARAH C.,  died August 15, 1890 age71


VAN HORN, SARAH MARION,  daughter of Abner and Hannah was born January 8 1847 and died April 24th 1926 age 79


VAN HORN, VIOLET WOODRUFF,  was born in Middle Island in 1891 and died in 1986 age 95


VAN HORN, WILLIAM ANDREW,  was the first born son of Abner and Hannah, born April 29, 1843 and died December 22,1848, 5 yearsold.


VERTIEL, ANNA, 1848-1944 age 96


VERTIEL, ARTHUR,  1843-1933 age 90


VERTIEL, OSCAR,  1865-1895 age 30


VIGNATO, FLORENCE, 1907-1993 age 86


VILLOMANN, ARVED   Born June 4 1928 in Tallinn, Eesti (Estonia) and died September 26 2014 in Port Jefferson.  he served in the Korean War in the U.S. Army as PFC.


VOGEL, LILLIAN,  died 1933 age 42


WAGNER, EDNA,  1914-2000


WALKER, ANDREW,  died 1890 age 63


WALKER, ANNIE, Born 1862 in Ireland and Died in September 1937 in Medford after a long illness.. She came to the United states in 1879. She was 76 years old, survived by her husband and a daughter.


WALKER, FRANCES A.,  1830-1832




WALKER, JOHN E., Born 1862 and died in November 1940 age 78. he was a lifetime Medford resident and retired farmer. He was the sole Trustee, Truant officer and tax Collector for the Medford School District


WALKER, MARY Born 1840 in Rochester, NY and died November of 1939 in North Patchogue at the home of her daughter 99 years old. She was a local resident for the past three years, and is survived by 2 daughters and a son.


WALKER, MICHAEL, died 1870 age 79


WALKER, POLLY,  died 1873 age 80


WALSH, MARY,  1891-1994


WARD, GARY,  April 3 1954-July 9 1986 age 32, son of Lewis and Ruth Ward


WARD, LEWIS,  Born 1917 Died June 10 2008 at the age of 90. The North Patchogue resident was pre-deceased by a son Gary and his wife Ruth. He was survived by two daughters, four grandchildren and five great grandchildren


WARD, RUTH FULTON RANDALL,  1923-December 27 2004, 81 years of of North Patchogue,wife of Lewis.


WARNKE, ANJE KUKEPUU  was born July 9 1932 in Finland and died October 27, 2015, she was 83 years old




WEEKS, JAMES,  1922-1999 age 77


WEEKS, LORRAINE EVE,  1923-1992 age 69


WELLS, EDGAR,  1797-1798


WENDLING E.,  1848-1872 age 24


WEST, EDGAR,  1797-1798


WHITE, ALBERTINA,  1917-1997 age 80


WICHMANN, SVEN HJALMAN, born 1924 and died 1983 age 59. resident of Yaphank


WILCOX, ALLEN,  died 1957 age 73


WILDER, ANNA,  1913-2001


WILDER, HAROLD F.,  June 20 1909-November 171982 CCM U.S. Navy


WILKENS, AMELIA,  1902-1976


WILKINS, EUGENE,  1897-1974






WILLIAMS, JAMES FRANKLIN,  March 121934-August 7 2005


WILSON, CHARLES,  died 1958 age 75


WILSON, PETER,  died 1963 age 64


WINTERS, EDITH,  died 1954 age 58


WISSMAN, MARTHA,  1887-1981


WISSMAN, PHILLIP,  1908-1971


WOOD, MARIETTA, 1904-1994 age 90, Mother of  Joyce Swezey


WOODHULL, MARY,  1784-1789 age 5


WOODHULL, MARY A., died 1894 age 71


WOODHULL, NANCY,  1780-1785 age 5


WOODRUFF, ALDA, was born in Brookhaven Hamlet on July 25 1851. In 1871 she married Charles. She died May 13 1901 age 50


WOODRUFF, CHARLES MINOR, was born September 15 1844. Charles held several jobs including a Seaman, Farm Laborer, Butcher and the proprietor of a meat market. He died in Middle Island on March 2 1904 at the age of 60


WOODRUFF, DUDLEY,  was born in 1881 to Rev.John and Rachel Woodruff died in 1967, age 86


WOODRUFF, GEORGE B.,  born 1802 died 1819 age 17


WOODRUFF, REVEREND JOHN NEWTON,  was born in 1830 in Litchfield, Ct. and died in Flushing, Queens in 1907 at the age of 77. He served Middle Island Presbyterian Church as Pastor from 1872 until 1879. He died in Flushing, Queens in 1907 at the age of 77. In 1874 he married Rachel Van Horn in Middle Island, they had five children.


WOODRUFF, MARJORIE D.,  1888-1893, the daughter of Charles & Alda was 5 years old when she died


WOODRUFF, NATHANIEL,  was born November 12 1774 in Bridgehampton, he lived and farmed the family property on South Country Road in Brookhaven Hamlet also known as Southaven. He died June 12 1808 at the age of 34.


WOODRUFF, RACHEL LOUISA VAN HORN, was born in 1841 in Suffolk County NY (presumably Middle Island) and died in 1933 in Flushing, Queens, N.Y. at the age of 92.


WOOSTER, DR. ABEL,  was born May 6 1778 in Oxford, Connecticut, died July 19 1828 in Cambridge, Massachusetts, age 50. He married twice, first to Huldah Swezey


WOOSTER, ANNE SOPHIA,  was born April 14 1810 in New York City and died May 8 1898 in Port Jefferson age 88, daughter of Dr Abner and Huldah Wooster.


WOOSTSER, GEORGE W.,  was born in 1815 and died July 18 1845 in Gonives, Santa Domingo at the age of 26. He was buried over a month later. He was a son of Dr Abner and Huldah Wooster.


WOOSTER, MARY MASHER, was born in 1788 and died in 1846 at the age of 58 in Middle Island. She was the second wife of Dr. Abner Wooster, they had one child together. They married in 1818.


WOOSTER, HULDAH,  was born in Mattituck NY to Joshua and Hannah Benjamen Swezey.  She Married Abel Wooster in 1805 and they had four children, she died in 1815 age 28


WROBEL, EDNA "DOLLY", was born in Springfield Gardens, New York on June 27 1918, the daughter of Charles and Gertrude Engelhardt and died July 9 1999 in Athens, Pannsylvania, age 80. Edna and Joseph were married in 1907


WROBEL, JOSEPH ALBERT HERCULE "HERCULES", Born April 1913 in Montreal, Quebec, Canada, the son German born Albert and his Canadian wife Victoria. He died in 1987 age 74, He and his wife are listed in the U.S. Census as living in Terryville (Port Jefferson Station with their daughter Edna D. His gravestone recorded his name as Hercules.


ZAWEL, JOHN, l November 3 1888- December 1966 age 88


ZEBROWSKI, RUPERT,  was born 1914 and lived in Middle Island. In 1933 the 19 year old was operating a large power saw which came in contact with his foot. He suffered a heavy loss of blood and went unconcious. He was rushed to Mather Hospital but died on the operating table