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Adams, Baker, Brewster, Burr, Carpenter, Corwin, Darling, Denton, Doty, Field, Floyd, Foster, Gardiner, Greene, Haight, Hallock, Halsey, Hammond, Hart, Havens, Hildreth, Horton, Howe, Howell, Jarvis, Jones, Kissam, Knapp, L'Hommedieu, Mather, Mott, Nichol, Norton, Parshall, Payne, Pearsall, Prime, Randolph, Raynor, Reese, Reeve, Robinson, Roe, Rogers, Roosevelt, Scott, Seaman, Seversmith, Skidmore, Smith, Sprague, Stillwell, Strong, Suydam, Swasey, Terry, Thompson, Tooker, Townsend, Treadwell, Vail, Vanderbilt, Van Voorhees, Verity, Webb, Weekes, Wells, West, Whitman, Williams, Woodhull, Woolsey, Wright, Youngs

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A genealogical history of Henry Adams, of Braintree, Mass., and his descendants : also John Adams, of Cambridge, Mass., 1632-1897: Adams, Andrew N. 1898, 1271  pgs. 
Genealogy and history of a part of the Newbury Adams family, formerly of Devonshire, England : being the descendants of Robert Adams1 and wife Eleanor who were the first American ancestors of the Newbury Adams family, who came to Ipswich, Mass., in 1635, and settled in Newbury, Mass., in 1640, together with other valuable information Calais, Me.: Printed at the Calais Advertiser Office, 1895, Adams, I. Smith, 61  pgs.  .....
Adams pedigree:  Boston: Printed by D. Clapp & Son, 1899, Noyes, James Atkins, 7  pgs. 
The Rev. Amos Adams, A.M. (1728-1775), patriot minister of Roxbury, Massachusetts : and his American ancestry Boston: Lawrence, Robert Means, , 1912, 17  pgs. 
A sketch of the life of the Hon. Phinehas Adams : of Manchester, New Hampshire Boston: G.H. Ellis, Dodge, Arthur Pillsbury, 1880, 24  pgs. 
Genealogy of the Adams family of Kingston, Mass. Boston: Descendants of Francis Adams, 1861, Adams, George, 64  pgs.  .
A history of the Adams family of North Staffordshire : & of their connection with the development of the potteries : with numerous pedigree charts & notes on allied families London: St. Catherine Press, 1914, Adams, Percy W. L., 602  pgs. 
History of our branch of the Adams family:  De Vinne Press, 1886, Adams, John Hamilton, 33  pgs. 
The Elijah Adams family of Hubbardston, Mass. : and a retrospect of activities in seven cities and seven decades Springfield, Mass.: Adams, Nelson, 1910, 263  pgs. 
Origin and history of the name of Adams : with biographies of all the most noted persons of that name : and an account of the origin of surnames and forenames : together with over five hundred Christian names of men and women and their significance : the Crescent family record. Chicago, Ill.: American Publishers' Association, 1901, 143  pgs

Family records of the John Baker branch of the Conrad (Becker) Baker family of York County, Pennsylvania : (covering all available records from August, 1739 to March 1, 1939), 1939, Baker, Thoreau Butler 105  pgs. 
Baker ancestry : the ancestry of Samuel Baker, of Pleasant Valley, Steuben County, New York, with some of his descendants Chicago: Baker, Frank, 1914, 70  pgs. 
Memorial of Mr. Justice Frank Baker : an appendix to Baker ancestry (Above), Chicago, 1916, 16  pgs. 
Genealogical record, Rev. Nicholas Baker (1610-1678) and his descendants Detroit, Mich.: Printed for the author by the Record Printing Co., 1917, Baker, Fred A., 152  pgs. 
Baker family records Philadelphia, Pa.: American Historical-Geneaogical Society, 1929, Seaver, J. Montgomery, 72  pgs. 
A genealogy of the descendants of Edward Baker of Lynn, Mass., 1630:  Syracuse,  N.M. Baker, 1867, Baker, Nelson M.,  99  pgs. 
Ancestry of Priscilla Baker, who lived 1674-1731, and was wife of Issac Appleton, of Ipswich Cambridge Mass.: J. Wilson and Son, 1870, Appleton, William S., 151  pgs. 
Record of the descendants of Ezekiel and Mary Baker DeCamp of Butler County, Ohio Cincinnat:, Ohio, Printed by the Western Methodist Book Concern, 1896, De Camp, James Milton, 182  pgs. 

The Brewster genealogy, 1566-1907 : a record of the descendants of William Brewster of the "Mayflower," ruling elder of the Pilgrim church which founded Plymouth Colony in 1620, New York: Grafton Press, 1908, Jones, Emma C. Brewster, 1548  pgs. 
Brewster ship masters Yarmouthport, Mass.: C.W. Swift, 1906, Sears, J. Henry, 121  pgs. 
Some colonial families : Avery, Brewster, Mills, Morgan, Smith, Starr, Stewart, Tracy Avard, Okla.: unknown, 1926, Roberts, Eloise M.  81  pgs. 
Descendants of Albert Porter Brewster: Lawrence,  Kansas, 1938, 38  pgs. 
A genealogy of the eight Brewster cousins of northern Ohio and their descendants : with space for the continuation of the record of each family Ann Arbor, Mich.: Edwards Bros., 1937, Brewster, Carl M.  67  pgs. 
Our heritage : a record of information about the Hynes, Wait, Powers, Chenault, Maxey, Brewster, Starr, and McIntosh families : gathered from published genealogies, family histories, old Bibles, letters, written records and memoirs of many persons, confirmed and supplemented by the examination of deeds, wills, marriage, death, and other official records of many states and communities, Hynes, Lee Powers,  93  pgs. 
Ancestors of James Wilson Yates and his wife Nancy Davis Terry : showing Mayflower descent from John Alden, Myles Standish, William Mullines, Alice Mullines, Priscilla Mullines, from Rev. Nathaniel Brewster and through the Drakes, from nearly all the royal families of Europe New York: F.H. Hitchcock, 1926, Frost, Josephine C., 96  pgs. 


Bures of Suffolk, England : and Burr of Massachusetts Bay Colony, New England New York: Private printing,  Burr, Chauncey Rea, 1926, 154  pgs. -  Bures of Suffolk, Pedigree Charts, Maps, Burr of Massachusetts Bay Colony
The BURR Family, A General History of the Burr Family with a Genealogical Record from 1193 -1902. Charles Burr Todd. (1902), 736 pages

History and genealogy of the Carpenter family in America : from the settlement at Providence, R.I., 1637-1901 Jamaica, N.Y.: Author: Daniel Hoogland Carpenter, Marion Press, 1901, 392 pages  Includes bibliographical references and index.
Genealogical and historical record of the Carpenter family : with a brief genealogy of some of the descendants of William Carpenter of Weymouth and Rehoboth, Mass., William Carpenter of Providence, R.I., Samuel Carpenter of Penn., and Ephraim, Timothy and Josias Carpenter, of Long Island : including a full, complete and reliable history of the Carpenter estate of England;  James Usher,  New York: unknown, 1883, 70  pgs.
A genealogical history of the Rehoboth branch of the Carpenter family in America : Brought down from their English ancestor, John Carpenter, 1303, with many biographical notes of descendants and allied families, Carpenter, Amos Bugbee, 1898, 940  pgs.

The Corwin genealogy (Curwin, Curwen, Corwine) in the United States;  Author: Edward Tanjore Corwin, City of Publication:  New York  Date:1872  - 322 pages    Includes index.

The Darling Family in America - The Darling family in America : early settlers prior to 1800. New York: W.M. Clemens, 1913, 31  pgs.

Genealogy of the Descendants of Rev. Richard Denton of Hempstead, LI, for the First Five Generations:  Prepared from manuscript Notes of Wm. A. D. Eardeley., By George D. A. Combes, 123 Lincoln Ave., Rockville Centre, NY, 1936, 101 pages
Denton family notes : Beverley, London, Folkestone, and Chicago. Chicago: E.F., McPike, Eugene Fairfield, 1908, 3  pages.
A history of the family of Holland of Mobberley and Knutsford in the county of Chester : with some account of the family of Holland of Upholland and Denton in the county of Lancaster, Edinburgh: Ballantyne Press, 1902, 228  pages.

The Doty-Doten family in America : descendants of Edward Doty, an emigrant by the Mayflower, 1620 Brooklyn, N.Y.: Published for the author, 1897, Doty, Ethan Allen, 1036  pgs.

Field genealogy : being the record of all the Field family in America, whose ancestors were in this country prior to 1700 : emigrant ancestors located in Massachusetts, Rhode Island, New York, New Jersey, New Hampshire, Virginia : all descendants of the Fields of England, whose ancestor, Hurbutus de la Field was from Alsace-Lorraine Chicago: W.B. Conkey, 1901,  Pierce, Frederick Clifton, 1390  pgs. 

Thomas Jones  , Fort Neck, Queens County, Long Island, 1695 and His Descendants. The Floyd-Jones  Family with Connections From the Year 1066., Floyd-Jones, Thomas., (1906) 202 pages
A Little Family History - (Published 1906 The Morning News Print Savannah, GA). (Includes The Family of General John Floyd  of Virginia and Genealogy of Floyd Family of Northampton County, Virginia)., Hamilton, Mary Floyd., (1908) 95 pages
The Floyd  Family of Rumney Marsh., Floyd, C. Harold., (1909) 15 pages

Foster genealogy : being the record of the posterity of Reginald Foster, an early inhabitant of Ipswich, in New England, whose genealogy is traced back to Anacher, great forrester of Flanders, who died in 837 A.D., Chicago: F.C. Pierce, 1899, Pierce, Frederick Clifton, 1085  pgs. 
A Family Record: A Family Record of the Foster Family, The Penney Family and the Squires Family from their settling on Long Island to the present time; Compiled by Alonzo Foster; 95 Pg
Foster record : an account of Thomas Foster of Billerica, Massachusetts and some of his descendants with appendices relating to intermarriages Chillingsworth, Freeman, Winslow, Lewis, King Somerville, Mass.: Fred E. Bradford, 1889, Hawes, Frank Mortimer, 172  pgs. 
The Foster family : California pioneers : first overland trip, 1849, second overland trip, 1852, third overland trip, 1853, fourth trip (via Panama), 1857. Santa Barbara, Calif.: unknown, 1925, 285  pgs. 
Christopher Foster, styled a farmer with shipping list, embarked in London, June 17, 1635, in the Abigail, 46  pgs. 
A pedigree of the Forsters and Fosters of the north of England : and some of the families connected with them, Foster, Joseph, 1871, 112  pgs. 

Lion Gardiner and his Descendants St. Louis: A. Whipple, 1890 - LionGardiner.pdf file
Gardiners of Gardiner's Island N.Y.: Author: John Lion Gardiner, Published by Jonathan T. Gardiner, 1927, 345  pgs. 

The Greenes of Rhode Island with Historical Records of English Ancestors, by Louise Brownell Clarke, Knickerbocker Press, New York, N.Y., 1903 2 Vols  990 Pages
The Greene family and its branches : from A.D. 861 to A.D. 1904,  La Mance, Lora S. Floral Park, N.Y.: Mayflower Pub. Co., 1904, 336  pgs. Genealogy of the Quidnessett Greenes, Relating to descendants of Deborah Greene-King and Samuel King
The family of Green of Youghal, Co. Cork. : being an attempt to trace the descendants of Simon Green, merchant Dublin: Printed by A. Thom & Co., 1902, Swanzy, Henry Biddall, 109  pgs. 
Greene (Green) family of Plymouth Colony New York: Greene, Richard Henry,, 1909, 184  pgs. 
Genealogical notes of the Green family Chicago: Green, Henry Lewis, 1907, 16  pgs. 

A genealogical history of the Hoyt, Haight, and Hight families : with some account of the earlier Hyatt families, a list of the first settlers of Salisbury and Amesbury, Mass., etc. Providence: Printed for the author David Webster Hoyt, by the Providence Press Co., 1871, 706  pgs. 

A Hallock genealogy : an attempt to tabulate and set in order the numerous descendants of Peter Hallock who landed at Southold, Long Island, N.Y., about the year 1640 and settled at Aquebogue, near Mattituck ...Orient, N.Y.: Lucius H. Hallock, 1926, 754  pgs.
The Hallock-Holyoke pedigree and collateral branches in the United States : being a revision of the Hallock ancestry of 1866 Amherst, Mass.: Carpenter & Morehouse, c1906, Hallock, Charles, 98  pgs.

Thomas Halsey of Hertfordshire, England, and Southampton, Long Island, 1591-1679 : with his American descendants to the eighth and ninth generations Morristown, N.J.: Jacob Lafayette Halsey, 1895, 587  pgs.

History and genealogies of the Hammond families in America): with an account of the early history of the family in Normandy and Great Britain, 1000-1902, Oneida, N.Y.: Ryan & Burkhart, 1902-1904, Hammond, Frederick Stam, 1659 pgs. 
Hammond family charts : ancestors and descendants of Joseph Wesley Hammond, 1836-1902, and his wife, Martha Maia (Stevens) Hammond, 1837-1908, of Appleton, Wisconsin, Antigo, Wis.,: unknown, 1931, 22 pgs.
A history and genealogy of the descendants of William Hammond of London, England and his wife Elizabeth Penn : through their son Benjamin of Sandwich and Rochester, Mass., 1600-1894, Boston, 1894, Hammond, Roland, 349 pgs.
Ancestral colonial families : genealogy of the Welsh and Hyatt families of Maryland and their kin : giving the colonial generations of the Howard, Hammond, Maccubbin, Griffith, Greenberry, Dorsey, Van Sweringen, Baldwin, Gaither, Warfield and Duvall families  Independence, Mo.: Lambert Moon Print. Co., 1928, Welsh, Luther W., 213 pgs.
Descendants of ISAAC HAMMOND  born July 31, 1698 in Newton, Massachusetts, and died October 26, 1755 in New London, CT.  He married MARY CHAMBERLAIN February 10, 1716/17 in Massachusetts.  She was born January 20, 1692/93 in Billercia, MA, and died December 04, 1775 in New London, CT.
Genealogical table : line of descent of Edward Dorsey, Col. Henry Ridgely, Capt. John Worthington, Col. Nicholas Greenberry, Matthew Howard, and Maj.-Gen. John Hammond Washington, D.C., 1898, Evans, Henry Ridgely, 7 pgs.

Genealogical narrative of the Hart family in the United States Memphis: S.C. Toof & Co., steam printers, lithographers and blank book manufacturers, 1882, Young, Sarah S. 80  pgs.
Genealogical history of Deacon Stephen Hart and his descendants, 1632-1875 : with an introduction of miscellaneous Harts and their progenitors, as far as known; to which is added a list of all the clergy of the name found, all the physicians, all the lawyers, the authors, and soldiers New Britain, Conn.: Austin Hart, 1875, Andrews, Alfred, 615  pgs. 
A record of the Hart family of Philadelphia : with a genealogy of the family from its first settlement in America, augmented by notes of the collateral branches : 1735-1920 Philadelphia, Pa.: 1920, Hart, Thomas, 342 pgs. 

The Havens family in New Jersey - Author: Henry C. Havens, with additional notes on Tilton, Fielder, Hance, Osborn, Davison, Cox and Gifford families.  Trenton, NJ: Phillips Godshalk Co., 1933 132 pages -  Index: Persons, places and subjects, Index: Husbands and wives (surnames), Map, Charts
History of the De Haven family - New York: Author:  Howard De Haven Ross, Pandick Press, 1929, 47  pgs.  pt. 1. The Jacob De Haven revolutionary loan -- pt. 2. The De Haven history and genealogy.
The Archibald Havens Papers - Barrington S. Havens Privately published by the Author in 1975, 74 Pgs: HAVENS FAMILY in Suffolk County, New York A Genealogical Survey of Some of the Descendants of William S. Havens 17th Century Settler in Aquidneck, Rhode Island

Genealogical and biographical sketches of the Hildreth family : from the year 1652, down to the year 1840 Marietta, Ohio: unknown, 1840 i.e.  Hildreth, Samuel P. , 342  pgs. 
Hildreth family, Lowell, Mass.: Reade, Philip Hildreth,, 1909, 39  pgs 

Horton genealogy and history : descendants of Richard Horton (1727) and Elizabeth Harrison, and their nephew and niece, Deacon Nathaniel Horton (1741) and Rebecca Robinson, including a brief tracing of their ancestral line back to 1310, Geo. W.  Alloway Saxton, Pa.: Sheterom Print. Co., 1929, 149  pgs.
The Hortons in America : being a corrected reprint of the 1876 work by Dr. Geo. F. Horton ..., with the history and some lines of the posterity of Thomas Horton, and also a line of the posterity of Levi Horton, White, Adaline Horton, Seattle, Wash.: H.D. and A.H. White, 1929, 755  pgs.

Howe genealogies: 1929, by Daniel Wait Howe:  Made up of Two parts.  Part One contains the Genealogy of John Howe of Sudbury and Marlborough, Massachusetts, 569 pages:  Part Two contains the Genealogies of Abraham of Roxbury, James of Ipswich, Abraham of Marlborough and Edward of Lynn, Massachusetts plus an Appendix, 665 pages.
Genealogy of the Howes family in America: descendants of Thomas Howes, Yarmouth, Mass., 1637-1892, with some account of English ancestry, Yarmouthport, Mass.: Printed for the author by F. Hallett., 1892, Howes, Joshua Crowell, 217  pgs.
Howes genealogy: the branch of John of Madison, N.Y. of the sixth American generation, Syracuse, N.Y., Sanford, Heman Howes, 1893, 17  pgs.
George Rowland Howe, 1847-1917, a son's tribute: the record of a useful life and some genealogical notes, Mount Kisco, N.Y.: Howe, Herbert Barber, 1920, 161  pgs.

The book of John Howell and his descendants : with supplementary accounts of the families related to them by marriage, New York: The author, c1897, Frances Howell, 631 pgs.

The Jarvis family, or, The descendants of the first settlers of the name in Massachusetts and Long Island, and those who have more recently settled in other parts of the United States and British America : George Atwater Jarvis,  1897, 390  pgs.  Six leaves attached at end contain additional genealogical and historical material as compiled by Orange Cook, Chardon, Ohio, 1909. Includes index.....

The Jones family of Long Island : descendants of Major Thomas Jones (1665-1726) and allied families New York: T.A. Wright, 1907, Jones, John Henry, 441  pgs. 
John Paul Jones and his ancestry: Chicago, J.G. Branch Pub. Co., 1927, Jones, William R,  296  pgs. 
Jones genealogy : being a record of the descendants of Hugh Jones of Salem, Mass., emigrant from Wincanton, England, 1635-1931 St. Johnsbury, Vt.: Cowles Press, 1931, Clark, Myrtle Bowen, 219  pgs. 
Thomas Jones : Fort Neck, Queens County, Long Island, 1695 and his descendants the Floyd-Jones family : with connections from the year 1066 New York: Floyd-Jones, Thomas, 1906, 202  pgs. 
The descendants of Joel Jones, a revolutionary soldier, born in Charlton, Mass., in 1764, and died in Crawford County, Pa., in 1845 : together with an account of his ancestors, back to Lewis and Ann Jones, of Watertown, Mass., who came to America about 1635, also the descendants of Lemuel Smith, born in Ware, Mass., in 1770, came to Crawford County, Pa., in 1817, and died in 1855 Rutland, Vt.: Tuttle, 1925, Smith, Elbert, 431  pgs. 
Genealogy of David Jones:  Beale, Ellen Mary Mendenhall, 1903, 206  pgs.
History and genealogy of the ancestors and descendants of Captain Israel Jones who removed from Enfield to Barkhamsted, Conn., in the year 1759, Parker, L. N., 1902, 323  pgs. 
Some of the descendants of Lewis and Ann Jones of Roxbury, Mass., through their son Josiah and grandson James, Trask, William Blake, 1878, 85  pgs. 
A record of the ancestors and descendants of Erasmus Jones and his wife, Mary Sellers Jones, Philadelphia, Pa.: Rife, Lee Erasmus, 1936, 40  pgs.

The Kissam Family in America from 1644-1825, By Edward Kissam, NY 1892

A history of the chief English families bearing the name of Knapp London: Priv. print. for the author by the St. Catherine Press, Oswald Greenwaye Knapp, 1911 
Supplement to Nicholas Knapp genealogy Winter Park, Fla.: Alfred Averill Knapp, 1956 
The ancestral lines of Mary Lenore Knapp Peoria, Ill. Alfred Averill Knapp, 1947 i.e. 1948
The Knapp family in America : a genealogy of the descendants of William Knapp who settled in Watertown, Mass., in 1630, including also a tabulated pedigree, paternal and maternal, of Hiram Knapp Boston, Mass.: Arthur Mason Knapp,  Fort Hill Press, 1909 
Knapp family genealogy Winona, Minn.Charles Ruggles Knapp,  unknown, 1905. 

L'Hommedieu : Author: Patia Havens L'Hommedieu: 930 pages plus supplemental index. Includes bibliographical references and index. Volumes I & II


Lineage of Rev. Richard Mather Hartford, Conn.: Press of the Case, Lockwood & Brainard Co.,Mather, Horace Eli,  c1890, 567  pgs.
Genealogy of the Mather family : from about 1500 to 1847, with sundry biographical notices. Hartford Conn.: Press of E. Geer, Mather, John, 1848, 73  pgs.
Lines of descent from honored New England ancestors New York: Printed at the De Vinne Press, 1897, Wilhelmus Mynderse 62  pgs.
The Mather family Boston: Massachusetts Sabbath School Society, Pond, Enoch, c1844, 180  pgs.
A memoir of the Rev. Cotton Mather, D.D. : with a genealogy of the family of Mather Boston: Antiquarian Book Store, Drake, Samuel Gardner 1851, 109  pgs.
Abstracts of the wills of the Mather family : proved in the Consistory Court of Chester, from 1573 to 1650 Boston, Mass.: Some deeds of the Mather Family of West Leigh, Lancashire, 1609 to 1632   Priv. print., Rylands, J. Paul 1893, 39  pgs.
Pedigree of the family of Mather Boston: C.C.P. Moody, printer, 1851
The Sharp family of New Jersey : with Mather and Mattison connections Kansas City, Mo.: Published for the author by Brown-White-Lowell Press, Powers, Benjamin Mather, 48  pgs.

Adam and Anne Mott, their ancestors and their descendants, Thomas Clapp Cornell, 1890, 468  pgs
The descendants of Adam Mott of Hempstead, Long Island, N.Y. : a genealogical study New York: Harris, Edward Doubleday, 189-?, 8  pgs.
James Mott of Dutchess County, N.Y. and his descendants New York: Press of Tobias A. Wright, 1912, Harris, Edward Doubleday, 63  pgs.

The Descendants of John Nicoll of Islip, England, Who Died a. D. 1467: New York, Nicoll, Edward Holland, 1894
The Nichols families in America, New York: unknown, 1919, Leon Nelson  Nichols 18  pgs.
The Nicoll family and Islip Grange : address before the Order of Colonial Lords of Manors in America, April 21, 1938 : with additions New York: Printed for the Order of Colonial Lords of Manors in America by the J.B. Watkins Co., Rosalie Fellows Bailey, 95 pgs.

Descendants of George Norton of Salem

The Parshall family, A.D. 870-1913 : a collection of historical records and notes to accompany the Parshall pedigree London: F. Edwards, Parshall, H. F., 1915, 224  pgs. 
The history of the Parshall family : from the conquest of England by William of Normandy, A.D. 1066, to the close of the 19th century Syracuse N.Y.: Parshall, James Clark, 1903, 350  pgs. 

Ancestors and descendants of James Payne of Pomfret, Conn., and Hauppauge, L.I. Northport, N.Y.Smith, Sarah C. PPrinted by Northport Observer, 1932, 80  pgs.
Thomas Paine cottage and grounds, New Rochelle New Rochelle, N.Y.: Huguenot and Historical Association of New Rochelle, N.Y., 1931, 46  pgs.
Payne and East Hampton : evidence by Long Island residents who believed that author was born there. Pennypacker, Morton, 1939, 97  pgs.
Barnabas Payne and his son John C. Payne : some data of biography and genealogy that concern their many descendants Nevada, Iowa: Payne, W. O.  1903, 14  pgs.
The genealogy of the families of Payne and Gore Whitmore, William Henry, Boston: John Wilson and Son, 1875, 32  pgs.
The Paynes of Hamilton : a genealogical and biographical record New York: White, Augusta Francelia (Payne), Tobias A. Wright, 1912, 260  pgs.
Thomas Payne of Salem and his descendants : the Salem branch of the Paine family Paine, Nathaniel Emmons, Haverhill, Mass.: Record Pub., 1928, 256  pgs.
Ancestors and descendants of Joseph Payne the sixth, of West Turin, N.Y.Rome, N.Y.:Scheidleman, Edward Payne, Rome Sentinel Co., 1937, 33  pgs.

History and genealogy of the Pearsall family in England and America:  Volumes I, II & III  - 55 Chapters, 1806 pages with genealogies, charts and documented information.  Authors: Clarence E. Pearsall, Hettie May Pearsall, Harry L. Neall, City of Publication: San Francisco Publisher: H.S. Crocker Date:1928 1806 pages

Notes, genealogical, biographical and bibliographical of the Prime family, Author: E. D. G.  Prime,  Cambridge, Mass. University Press 1888 Page 118 pages.
The Descendants of James Prime - compiled for private use by Ralph E. Prime of Yonkers, NY Printed by G. B. Mottram, 1895 - additional genealogies of the following related families: Wheelwright, Jordan and Jermain, Pierson, Howell, Higbie, Havens, Earl, Richards, Wolcott, Gardner, Upton, Putnam.  abt 40 pages

Genealogy of the descendants of Stephen Randall and Elizabeth Swezey : 1624-1668, Clarkenwell, St. James' Parish, London, England, 1668-1738, Rhode Island and Connecticut, 1738-1906, Long Island, New York. Author:  Randall, Stephen Morehouse, b. 1843. City of Publication:   New York Publisher:   J.S. Ogilvie Pub. Co. Date:1906
Randall and allied families : William Randall (1609-1693) of Scituate and his descendants with ancestral families Chicago: Raveret-Weber, Frank Alfred Randall, 1943

The Randolphs of Virginia : a compilation of the descendants of William Randolph of Turkey Island and his wife, Mary Isham of Bermuda Hundred, Chicago, abt 1936, Randolph, Robert Isham, 402  pgs. 
Henry Randolph I (1623-1773) of Henrico County, Virginia and his descendants : preceded by short review of the Randolph family in early England and elsewhere Memphis, Tenn.: Distributed by Cossitt Library, 1952, Randolph, Wassell, 111  pgs. 
William Randolph I of Turkey Island (Henrico County) Virginia and his immediate descendants, Memphis, Tenn.: Seebode Mimeo Service, Randolph, Wassell, 117  pgs. 
Pedigree of the descendants of Henry Randolph I (1623-1673) : of Henrico County, Virginia Memphis, Tenn.: Distributed by Memphis Public Library, Randolph, Wassell., 286  pgs. 
Daniel Fitz Randolph : his ancestry and descendents : an American branch of the Fitz Randolph family, Randolph, Oris Hugh Fitz, 68  pgs. 
Fitz Randolph traditions : a story of a thousand years,: Published under the auspices of the New Jersey Historical Society, 1907, Randolph, L. V. F, 150  pgs. 
The descendants of Edward Fitz Randolph and Elizabeth Blossom 1630-1950 East Orange, N.J.: Christian, Louise Aymar, 222  pgs. 

Dr Howell's texts are being made available with his permission and cannot be distributed further without written permission.
The Rayners of Raynertown;  A Study of the Descendants of Edward Rayner, 1624-1682, of Ipswich, England to New England, 1634 - to Hempstead, LI, NY, 1644.  Researched by Gerald VanSise Raynor, Co-genealogist of the Raynor Family Association.  This is a hand written text of very limited distribution containing many years of personal by the now deceased (2004) Gerald Raynor.  Unfortunately a typed copy was never completed.  It is approximately 100 pages and finishes with a text Index helping the researcher navigate this magnificent work. Unfortunately, due to the hand written script, this pdf file could not be indexed but the physical Index at the end of the text is very helpful.  A personal note from Gerald concludes the intro, "I am hopeful that this genealogy will aid in sorting out the ancestry of all the younger Edward Raynor descendants.  We "Edwardians" are proud od our heritage."  
THE RAYNORS OF KETCHAPONACK  2004 edition - A Genealogy Compiled By Stuart Payne Howell, Jr., Ed.D. - A Genealogy of the Descendants of Jonathan Raynor Grandson of Thurston Raynor of Southampton, Long island, New York  -  Also includes ADDENDUM to THE RAYNORS OF KETCHAPONACK -  incorporates additions and corrections to the 1998 edition of this genealogy, 61 pages of genealogical data, plus an 11-page Index of Names, Introduction, and List of References.  The ADDENDUM is not an updated genealogy, but rather, a listing of changes to THE RAYNORS OF KETCHAPONACK based on information accumulated since the 3rd edition was published in 1998. Entries with substantial changes are included in their entirety, whereas for entries with minor changes, only the specific changes are noted.
JOSIAH RAYNOR OF MANORVILLE, LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK AND SOME OF HIS DESCENDANTS, Generations One - Seven: Compiled By Stuart Payne Howell, Jr., Ed.D. January 2000, 203 pages
ADDENDUM to JOSIAH RAYNOR OF MANORVILLE, LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK AND SOME OF HIS DESCENDANTS, Contains additional or corrected data that has come forth since the original publication in January 2000, Compiled By Stuart Payne Howell, Jr., Ed.D. September 2003
SUPPLEMENT TO JOSIAH RAYNOR OF MANORVILLE, LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK AND SOME OF HIS DESCENDANTS, Generations Eight  - Fourteen: Compiled By Stuart Payne Howell, Jr., Ed.D. 2003, 462 pages
ADDENDUM to the SUPPLEMENT to JOSIAH RAYNOR OF MANORVILLE, LONG ISLAND, NEW YORK AND SOME OF HIS DESCENDANTS, Contains additional or corrected data that has come forth since the last Addendum in September 2003, Compiled By Stuart Payne Howell, Jr., Ed.D. August 2004, 52 pgs
Raynor Family History  - Descendants of Edward, pioneer who came to America in 1634, by Clinton E. Metz

Genealogy of the Reese family in Wales and America : from their arrival in America to the present time Richmond, Va.: Whittet & Shepperson, 1903, Reese, Mary E., 323  pgs. 
David Rees of Little Creek Hundred : and the descendants of John Rees, his son Philadelphia, Pa.: T.H. Streets, 1904, Streets, Thomas Hale, 80  pgs. 
Rees history: Lawrence, Gladys Wilkinson, 1932, 21  pgs. 

Study of the Reeve family of Southold, Long Island, N.Y. : and Southold descendants of the Southampton, L.I. Reeves family and genealogy of said families up to 1800 Douglaston, N.Y.: Baker, Wesley Logan, 459  pgs. 
The Reeves family : Walter Reeve of Burlington County, New Jersey, and a number of his descendants through ten generations, 1650-1930 Merchantville, N.J.: Reeves, Samuel V., 1930, 103  pgs. 
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Nettie's diary: the 1880's diary of Nettie Ketcham; a young lady living on the south shore of New York's Long Island.  A wonderful first person account of life on Long Island as a young lady in the 1800s. Nettie lived in Center Moriches. when the built during the period when the Long Island Railroad was built.  Her Diary was begun abt 12 yrs of age, poor spelling  and all is verbatium.  Her real name was Antoinette Penny Ketcham 1868-1938.  She married Will Tooker from across the street. Edited by Van and Mary Field, for the Ketcham Inn Foundation, Inc.
The Memoirs of John Tooker of Long Island - Begun in 1938 and revised in 1954

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