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The Chichester Family of Long Island
Relevant Chichester Wills

Text available on Long Island genealogy:
The Chidester-Chichester Heritage Researched and compiled by Elmer Clarence Anderson and Thelma Chidester Anderson

New York City Wills, 1744-1758

Page 298.--Know all men by these presents, that I, EBENEZER CHICHESTER, of Hunttington, in Suffolk County, cordwainer, being the 11 of November, 1750, very sick. I leave to my wife Ruth the use of all houses and lands and goods and money for the support of her, and for the bringing up of my children, while she remains my widow or until the children are of age. If she marries, she shall have œ40 in lieu of dower. I leave to my daughter Ruth 1/2 of the household goods when she is 18 years of age, and the other 1/2 to my wife during widowhood and then to my daughter Ruth, and I also leave her œ50. I leave to my son Joseph my dwelling house and homestead when he is of age. I leave to my son Ebenezer a piece of land lying adjoining to Obadiah Rogers' land, being 20 acres. I leave to my sons, Ebenezer and Mordecai, œ50 each when of age. All the rest to my children. My executors may put my sons out to trades. I make my father, James Chichester, and my cousin, Benjamin Lester, and my friend, Jeremiah Wood, executors.
Witnesses, Ebenezer Prime, Samuel Allen, Samuel Willis. Proved, by affirmation of Samuel Willis, "being of the People called Quakers," January 11, 1750/1.

New York City Wills, 1760-1766

Page 330.--In the name of God, Amen. I, DAVID CHICHESTER, of the town of Hunttington, Suffolk County, this 7 of February, 1764. After payment of all debts I leave to my wife Sarah œ50 and all household goods which she brought to me. "Also my chair horse and riding chair and 2 cows, 6 sheep, and 2 shoats, and all the provisions I have in the house." And 20 bushels of wheat and 20 bushels of corn and all the flax. These things I give to my wife in lieu of dower. I leave to my daughter Mary œ150 when she is 18. I leave to my wife the use of my house and farm until my son Abraham is of age, except what I shall hereafter dispose of. And when he comes of age if she remains my widow she is to have the best room in the house. If my son Abraham dies without issue, then my wife is to have œ100. My executors are to dispose of all my plain land lying on the Great Plains. Also my great field joining to the road near Benjamin Conkling's. Also my young orchard joining to the orchard of Thomas Conkling. Also all my land on the East Neck, and my whole stock of cattle and my crib and barracks and all my farming utensils and my negro man. I make my father-in-law, Joseph Lewis, and my brother-in-law, Obadiah Smith, and my brotherin-law, Joseph Lewis, Jr., executors.

New York City Wills, 1771-1776

Page 58.--"I, JAMES CHICHESTER of Hunttington, in Suffolk County, on Nassau Island, being this 10 day of the First month, 1769, far advanced in years, and oftentimes weak and indisposed of body, am willing to set my house in order." My executors are to pay all debts. I leave to my grandson, Mordecai Chichester, œ140. To my granddaughter, Margaret Bennett, œ30. To my grandson, Joseph Chichester, œ60. To my daughter, Abigail Chichester, and my grandson, Peter Buckout, all the rest of my personal estate. I leave to my grandson, Sylvanus Chichester, my house and homestead, and lands where I now live. But my daughter Abigail is to have the use of one of my rooms, and a privilege in the leanto and cellar, and a part of my garden, while unmarried. I also leave to my grandson, Sylvanus Chichester, 10 acres of land lying above Timothy Conkling's house. "I leave to my grandson, Israel Wood, one share or right of land which I have as Patentee in the Government of New Hampshire, in a Town lately patented, called Williamton, near Lake Champlain." I make my loving friend, Isaac Doty, of Jericho, and Jeremiah Wood, of Hunttington, executors.

New York City Wills, 1777-1783

Page 352.--"In the name of God, Amen, December 2, 1771. I, ABRAHAM CHICHESTER, of the town of Hunttington, Suffolk County, yeoman, being sick. My executors are to pay all debts. I leave to my wife Sarah all household goods. I make Dr. Zophar Platt and Israel Wood, executors, and they are to sell all my house and lot where I now live, and also all my lands lying to the south of Maltby Burtises, and after paying all debts, the rest to my wife Sarah."

New York City Wills, 1780-1782

Page 359.--I, DAVID BISHOP, of the Township of Huntington, in Suffolk County, being this 14th day of August, 1781, being indisposed in body and also pretty far advanced in years. My executors to pay my just debts out of the money arising from the sale of my estate. I leave to the children of my brother, Nathan Bishop, viz.: Nathan, Enos, Sarah, Unas, and Hannah, each œ3. Two thirds of the remainder of the proceeds I give to my brother, Parson Bishop and my sister, Hannah Hoit, and my brother's son, Benjamin Bishop, to be equally divided. The remainder of my estate, or the money arising therefrom, I give to my brother James' widow, Sarah Bishop, to my sister Abigail's son, Abraham Chichester, and to Nathaniel Finch's wife Rachel, equally between them. I make James Noorstrant, of the Township of Huntington, and Thomas Pearsall, of Bethpage, in the Township of Oysterbay, executors.