January 2—Isaac Pearsall & Nancy Durton both of Rockaway.
January 2—Thomas Smith & Hannah Gildersleeve.
January 5—Silas Smith & Abigail Fleet both of Jerusalem.
January 17—Richard Smith & Rebeccah Suydam.
January 30—Whitehead Abrams & Sarah Abrams both of Rockaway. -
February 14—Caleb Irvin & Abigail Abrams both of Far Rockaway.
March 13—Married at Merrick: Thomas Carman & Elizabeth Smith.
March 13—Josiah Bannister & Cornelia Cornwell both of Rockaway.
March 16—Willet Smith & Ruth. Seabury.
March 20—John Carman & Elizabeth Thurston.
March 27—Benjamin Cornelius & Ruth Darby of Oysterbay.
March 31—Jacob Bedell & Phoebe Rayner.
April 13—Married at Herricks John Schenck & Susannah Smith.
April 14—Charles Abrams & Susannah Greene both of Rockaway.
May 1—Charles Valentine & Phoebe Bedell.
May 12—Platt Frost & Fanny Abrams both of Rockaway.
May 30-Nicholas Searing & Eliza Verity.
June 5—Oliver Pearsall of Huntington & Margaret Losee of Oysterbay
June 5—John Jackson & Mary Wood.
August 10—Samuel Rhodes & Maria Porterfield.
August 13—Thomas Baldwin & Susanna Bedell.
September 11—Sylvenus Smith & Freelove Waley, widow.
September 23—Silas Cock & Sarah Smith.
October 2—Josiah Abrams & Margaret Tucker.

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