January 4—Jotham Post & Sarah Lewis
January 14—Micha Owen of Wading River & Elizabeth Mott
January 23—Cornelius Duryea & Deborah Doughty both of Jamaica
January 28 --Married at Cold Spring Oysterbay:  Thomas Floyd Jones of Fort Neck & Cornelia Jones of Cold Spring
February 11—Samuel Snedeker & Sarah Simmons.
February 19—John Scaly & Elizabeth Pine.
February 29—Elias Cuffee & Fanny Floyd both of Fort Neck. 
March 4 — Baker & Margaret Bedell.
March 17—Zechariah Storey & Maria Dorwin.
March 18—John Cornwell & Miriam Tredwell.
May 2—William Roe of Flushing &, Charity Verity.
May 2—Amos Rayner & Sarah Carman.
May 3—Joseph Hall & Mary Frost both of Rockaway.
May 23—Isaac Allen & Mary Wilson both of Oysterbay.
August 29—John Campbell & Rhoda Seaman.

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