January 18—Scudder Platt & Martha Weeks
January 26—Richard Pearsall & Betty Shaw both of Rockaway
February 9--Thomas Deane of Oysterbay & Anne Verity
Febuary 17—Whitehead Cornwell of Kings County & Rebeccah Jones of Queens County 
April 18—Married at Merrick: Richard Townsend of Cedar Swamp & Elizabeth Hewlett of Merrick
May 30 --Stocker Woolley & Phoebe Tredwell both of Great Neck
September 3—James Brower & Hannah Abrams both of Rockaway
July 27—John Holland & Sarah Lambertson both of Foster's Meadow.
October 6—John B. Coles of New York Eliza T. Coles of Oysterbay.
October 16—Nathaniel Davidson & Fanny Pearsall both of Rockaway.
October 20—Solomon Wanser & Polly Combs of Rockaway
November 19—Joshua Carman of Oysterbay & Jerusha Powell of New York.
November 23—Shadrack Eldert & Phoebe Langdon of Rockaway
December 14 --Samuel Carman of East Meadow & Phoebe Rayner
December 21—John Wooley & Jane Peters
December 31—John Curtis & Sarah & Sarah Wiggins

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