January 2—Thomas Jones and Elizabeth Jackson both of Merrick.
January 4—Israel Langdon & Phoebe Johnson both of Rockaway.
January 20—Richard Hewlett & Hannah Mott.
January 29—Married at Merrick: Jacob Townsand & Mary Seamen of Merrick..
February 3—William Flower & Lodema Weeks.
April 8—Jacob Gillet of New York & Catherine Simonson.
July 3—Thomas Langdon & Clara Pearsall both of Rockaway.
July 12—Rowland Allen of New York & Sarah Townsend of Cedar Swamp.
July 26—Married at Rockaway: Henry Hewlett & Nelly Wood both of Rockaway.
October 28—Samuel Waters & Jerusha Powell both of Oysterbay.
December 22—Henry Smith of Foster's Meadow & Hannah Fowler

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