January 8—William Mott Esq. and Mary Powell of Hempstead. 
January 14—Mott Pettit of Rockaway and Mary Mott of Hempstead.
January 3 1—Lewis Bedell and Prudence Smith of Hempstead.
February 14—John Combs and Elizabeth Langdon of Hempstead. 
March 4—Richard Hewlett of Near Rockaway and Phebe Durion of Hempstead South.
June 11—Nathaniel Williams and Margaret Willis of North flempstead.
July 16—John Berry and Anne Purdy of Huntington South.
July 22—Nehemiah Pearson and Phebe Doxy of Near Rockaway.
August 12—Timothy Dory and Sarah Pearsall of Near Rockaway.
October 14—Timothy Baerum and Jane Seaman of North Hempstead.
October 14—Charles Peters & Sarah Cornwell of Flushing.
November 11—Andrew Bremner of New York & Catherine Sell.
December 23—James Hall & Phoebe Bedell.

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