January 4.—Jonas Lacy of Oyster Bay and Charity Smith of Huntington South.
January 9—Oyster Bay South, Platt Willets of Hempstead and Phebe Platt of Huntington.
January 16—Robert VanDewater and Phebe Peters of North Hempstead.
January 24—John B Mott of North Heznpstead and Elizabeth Fricke of Hempstead.
February 7—William Bunting of New York and Elizabeth Seaman of Jerusalem.
March 10—Lewis Petit and Martha Ludlum of Hempstead.
March 12—Samuel Doughty and Mary Smith of Hempstead.
March 26—Tredwell Seaman and Hannah Hewlett of Merrick.
April 19—Jacob Kiles and Peggy Langdon of Near Roekaway.
April 20-Isaac Dodge and Jane Burtiss of North Hempstead.
May 8—Richard Rhodes and Polly Brewer of Hempstead.
May 10—Cornelius Walters and Jane Bedell of Oyster Bay South.
May 22—James Owen of New York and Susanna Valentine of North Hempstead.
September 7—John Hayden and Catharine Allen of North Hempstead.
October 25—Doct. Joseph Hunt of U. S. Navy and Miss Maria Cocks of Oyster Bay.
November ??—Oliver Bedell and Miriam Voluntine of Hempstead. 
December 14—Jacamiah Allen of North Hempstead and Mary Hew­lett of Oyster Bay.
December i4—William Watts of Hempstead and Mary Hendrickson of Jamaica.
December ??—David Bedell —

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