January 1—Richard Carman and Anne Carman of Hempstead.
January 15—Robert Doughty of Jamaica and Rebecca Duryea of North Hempstead.
January 29—John Williams and Ann Cheeseman of North Hempstead.
February 6—David Doughty and Phebe Carman of East Meadow, Hempstead.
February 10—Whitmore Bedell and Jane Smith of Bethpage. 
February 10—Rulef Voorris and Ketuna Smith of Bethpage.
February 11—John DeMott and Nanig Snedeker of Hempstead.
February 15—Joseph Hewlet Watts and Harriet Cornwell of Foster’s Meadow.
March 4—James Smith and Elizabeth Whaley of Merrick.
March 7—Samuel Pratt and Sarah Carman of East Meadow, l-Iempstead.
March 11—Amos Thomas and Melly Johnson of South Hempstead.
March 15—Richard Townsend and Sarah Hewlett of North Hempstead.
March 15—Jeremiah Spragg of Hempstead and Mule Mott of Near Rockaway.
March 28—John Hewlett of Cold Spring and Mary Walters of Eastwoods.
April 8—Joseph Townsend of North Hempstead and Martha Dory of Near Rockaway.
April 11—William Carman and Mary Budd of Hempstead South.
May 16—Joseph Durlon and Miriam Foster of Hempstead.
May 17—Nathaniel Holmes and Ann Tyrrel of Near Rockaway.
June 1—John Dunlevy of New York and Hannah Combe of Near Rockaway.
June 2—Thomas Furman of New York and Mary Jackson of Hempstead.
June 4—John Pearson and Hannah Abrams of Near Rockaway.
June 13—Charles Hewlett of Brooklyn and Sarah Platt of North Hempstead.
August 30—Nathaniel Thorne of Flushing and Hannah Separdus Duryea of North Hempstead.
November 8—Ambrose Hull Esq and Stella Hall of East Florida.
November 14—Oliver Rayner of South Hempstead and Susanna Golden of Hempstead.
November 18—Richard Cornwell and Mary Hewlett Duryea of North Hempstead
November 22—James Smith of Oyster Bay South and Elizabeth Duryca of Hempstead.
December 12—Phineas Kellum of Huntington and Elizabeth Rhodes of Hempstead.
December 13—David Loper and Phebe Lewis of Hempstead South.
December 19—Joseph Phillips Tyler and Margaret Amelia Smith of Rockaway.
December 19—Samuel Carman and Mary Durlon of Hempstead.
December 27—Moses Smith and Mary Smith of Hempstead.

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