January 8—David Baldwin and Elizabeth Mott of Merrick.
January 18—William D. Jones of Cold Spring and Almy Seaman of Jerusalem.
February 4—John Hemp of New York and Eliza Dunbar of North Hempstead.
February 23—Stephen Petit and Mary Mott. of Hempstead.
March 16—John H. Allen and Phebe Morrel of Great Neck.
March 18—Samuel Smith and Mary Ewert of Hempstead South.
April 15—South, Daniel Rider and Letty Covert of Oysterbay South.
April 27—Daniel Cornwell and Hannah N. Mitchel of North Hempstead.
May 6—Thomas Combs and Letitia Crafts of Near Rockaway. 
May - 21—Cornwell Abrams and Mary Abrams of Near Rockaway.
May 25—Benjamin Kisam jr and Sarah Lake of North Hempstead.
August 10—Samuel Allen Jr of Great Neck and Mary Downing of Littleworth.
August 25—Titus Lefferts of Cold Spring and Hannah Smith of Merrick.
September 1—William McNeill of Jamaica and Alice Hermione Peiham Banister of Rockaway.
September 13—George N Hewlett and Elizabeth Hewlett of Near Rockaway.
November 4—Anthony Lax of Flushing and Rachel Carman of Hempstead.
November 10—John Brower and Elizabeth Frost of Near Rockaway.
November 16—Samuel Whiting of Albany and Hannah B. Kinsley of Hempstead.
November 16—William Bell and Charlotte Baldwin of Merrick.
December 6—John Areson and Anne Tolman of Flushing.
December 22—John Holmes and Elizabeth Combs of Near Rock-away.

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