January 12—Oliver VanDewater and Elizabeth T. Curtis of Hempstead.
January 19—John Woolley of Nine Partners and Mary Elizabeth Pearsall of Near Rockaway.
February 3—Jonas Frederick of Newtown and Martha Rhodes of  Hempstead.
February 5—Stephen Combs of Hempstead and Sally Nostrand of Rockaway.
February 9—Henry Covert of Fosters Meadow and Charlotte Peters of North Hempstead.
February 16—Thomas Cornwell of Far Rockaway and Hannah Hewlet of Near Rockaway.
February 23—Henry Tuttle and Jane Valentine of Hempstead South.
February 24—Israel Abrams of Rockaway and Jane Stringham of Hempstead. 
March 4—-43eorge Allen and Charity Smith of Hempstead South.
March  6—Henry Frederic and Mary Watts of Rockaway.
March  6—Benjamin Cornwell and Peggy Watts of Rockaway.
April  3—Thomas Mott of New York and Martha Pearsall of  Near Rockaway.
April  7—Silas Higby and Hannah Holmes of Hempstead.
April 21—Sylvenus Sammis of East Woods and Lydia Carman of Hempstead.
April 25—Isaac Dikeman and Freelove Haviland of Hempstead.
April 30—Dudley Brown of Brooklyn and Mary Jones of Ja­maica.
May 14—Isaac Nostrand and Polly Petit of Hempstead South.
May 20—William Pearsal and Betty Tucker of Hempstead South.
May 20—Gilbert Hicks and Ann Smith of Hempstead South.
June  1—Thomas Hewlet and Sarah Hewlet of Near Rockaway.
June 11—Morris Salt and Phebe Ireland of North Hempstead.
June 29—William Rhodes and Sarah Gildersleeve of Hempstead.
October 13 -- Samuel Valentine of North Hempstead and Mary Ann Clowes of Hempstead.
December  1—Joseph Cornwell and Jerusha Hawkshurst of North Hempstead.
December 16—Albert Hentz and Elizabeth Baldwin of Hempstead.
December 21—Thomas Treadwell and Altie Thorne of North Hempstead.

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