January 4—Huntington, John Hewlet of East Woods and Sarah Hewlet of Cold Springs.
January 8—William Cornwell and Polly Hendrickson.
January 21—Robert Pearsall and Betty Langdo~n of Near Rock-away.
February 9—Henry Robbins of Merrick and Sarah Peters of North Hempstead. 
February 24—Thomas Smith and Ruth Pearsall of Near Rockaway.
March 20—David Durlon jr and Mary Pearsall of Near Rock-away.
April 4—Henry W. Thorne and Susan P. Hewlett of Great Neck.
April 22—Richard Bedell and Mary Smith of Hempstead South. 
May 5—Ezekiel Matthews and Pernette Durlon of Hemp­stead.
May 12—Samuel Hudson & Sally Shaw of Hempstead South.
May 13—Benjamin Treadwell and Rebecca Hewlet of North Hempstead.
May 20—Samuel Poole and Sally Cheeseman of North Hemp-stead.
June  3—James Losee and Ann Fowler of l-Iempstead.
July 7—David Davidson and Molly Pearsall of Hempstead.
August 12—Samuel Jackson and Rachel Doughty of South Hemp-stead.
August 14—Samuel Williams and Mary Hagener Of North Hempstead.
August 18—Anthony Wilkie and Sarah Stilwell of Hempstead Harbor.
August 30—Nicholas Pine and Rhoda Simmons of Hempstead South.
August 30—Abijah Bedell and Sally Bedell of Hempstead South.
September 16—Benjamin Clowes and Mary Bedell of Hempstead.
November 4—John Poillon and Sarah Mott of New York.
November 30—James Peck of Upper Canada and Phebe Smith of Hempstead South.

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