January 8—John Hicks & Phoebe Hicks both of Far Rockaway.
January 10—Robert Mitchel & Phoebe Simmons both of Westbury.
January 30—Richard Millar & Catherine Corby.
January 30—Joseph Langdon & Susanna Pearsal.
February 18—Christopher Sneideker & Eleanor Golder.
February 26—John Hewlet & Elizabeth Hewlet both of Rockaway.
February 28—George Pearsal & Nancy Petit both of Rockaway.
March 2—Samuel Mott & Cata Rayner.
March 5—James Pearsall & Elochey Bedell both of Rockaway.
April 2—Cornwell Abrams & Jemima Southward both of Rockaway.
April 5—Thomas Powell & Elizabeth Timonson both of Bethpage.
April 11—Nathaniel Combs & Clarinda Jennins both of Rockaway.
April 24—John Cornwell & Sarah Hicks both of Far Rockaway.
May 22—Trustem Dodge & Phoebe Downing.
May 29—Stephen Hutchins & Elizabeth Eldert.
June 12—Henry Pearsall & Anne Davidson.
June 21—Joseph Waley & Sarah Smith.
July 31—John Culver & Anna Wright.
October  7—Pearsall Langdon & Cata Abrams both of Rockaway.
October 29—Married at Foster’s Meadow: Jacob Stringham of Hempstead & Sarah Smith of Foster’s Meadow.
November 29—Seaman Bedell and Rachel Vooris.
November 29—Isaac Doughty and Abigail Clement of Foster’s Meadow.
December  6—Stephen Powell and Phebe Timonson of Jericho.
December 31—Joseph Watts and Hannah Pearsall of Near Rock away.

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