January 3—Richard Estis of Duane’s Rush & Rebecca Abrams of Far Rockaway.
January 30—Lewis Hewlet & Hannah Hewlet of Rockaway. 
January 31—George Smith & Anna Mott.
February 6—Thomas Cornwall & Elizabeth Watts.
February 13—Clinton Petit & Jane Burtis.
March 30—Gideon Nichols & Elizabeth Smith.
May 12—Isaac Bedell & Mary Valentine..
May 26—Thomas Nostrand & Abigail Abrams both of Rock-away.
June 13—George Weeks & Rachel Rayner.
June 28—George Baldwin & Jane Lewis.
July 22—William Combs, Jr. & Patty Tatterton both of Rock-away.
July 26—John Jacob Worth & Elizabeth Briney both of New York.
August 22—Jerimah Simonson & Eliza Hinchman both of Jamaica.
September 5—James Rayner & Phoebe Smith.
October 12—Whitehead Hewlet & Mary Allen.
October 21—Thomas Davies & Fanny Valentine.
October 24—Isaac Kirby & Abigail Mott both of Mosquito Cove.
November 20—Married at New York: Charles Morgan of Hillings­worth, Conn. & Nancy Hall of New York.
December 13—William Simmons & Jane Smith.
December 29—Thomas Jones & Ruthy Jackson of Jerusalem.
December 30—Stephen Wood & Jane Baldwin.

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