January 8—Charles Cornwell & Mary Demot.
January 11—Samuel Van Wyck & Mary Thorne of Flushing.
February 2—Martin Wood & Mary Jayne.
March 20—Benjamin Birdsall & Anna Nicoll.
March 23—Married at Staten Island: Rev. Richard C. Moore & Sarah Mercerean both of Richmond, S. I.
March 26—Devid Smith & Hannah Haviland.
March 28—Willet Mott & Deborah Smith.
April 16—William Watts & Elizabeth Hulse.
May 7—Jonathan Gilderslieve, widower & Ann Smith, widow.
May 9—Mordecai Rayner & Letitia Baldwin.
May 24—Wright Latting of Osterbay & Susanna Ketcham of Huntington.
June 15—William Barker & Ann Smith.
June 21—Richard Gilderslieve & Charity Lawrence.
June 21—Gerardus Clowes & Phoebe Gilderslieve.
July 9—William Cornwell & Phoebe Mott.
July ??—Richard Fowler & Elizabeth Waters.
July 29—Gilbert Baldwin & Elizabeth Poole.
August 3—William Holdreg & Elizabeth Dean both of Osterbay.
August 6—Israel Haws & Sarah Straton.
August 20—James Jackson & Phoebe Birdsall.
September 2—Jacob Seamen of New york & Sarah Hewlet.
October 18—Henry Hagener & Elizabeth Schenk.
October 31—Married at East Woods (Osterbay): John Hewlet & Mary Hewlet both of East Woods.
November 1—Robert Townsend & Susanna Seaton both of Osterbay.
November 6—Abraham Allen & Susanna Albertson both of Osterbay.
November 12—Isaac Wright & Ann Rayner.
November 18—John Seidmore & Deborah Higby.
November 19—John Simonson & Mary Rayner.
November 19—Samuel Baldwin & Locky Combs.
November 29—Married at Jamaica: Samuel Titus of New York & Margaret Hicks of Jamaica.
December 24—William Cox & Anne Baldwin.
December 24—Clement Watts & Martha Hutchings.
December 24—Samuel Stringham & Rebecca Carman.
December 31—Robert Coghill & Amelia Rhodes.

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