January 13—Daniel Kingsland of New York & Mary Sils.
January 15—1saac Southerd & Mary Bedle.
January 26—Augustan Williams & Susanna Hildreth.
February 19—Charles Mitchel & Elizabeth Thorne.
March 3—Joseph Jarvis of Huntington & Elizabeth Hendrick­son of Osterbay.
March 22—David Southerd & Ruth Mager of Brookhaven.
April 12—William Cornell & Elizabeth Rhodes.
May ??----James Begel & Elizabeth Baldwin.
July 7—Isaac Bond & Elizabeth Hutchings.
July 9.—Nathaniel Bon of Huntington & Sarah Dean of Oster­bay.
July 12—Stephen Smith & Elizabeth R. Smith. 
September 2—Cornelius Syrdam of Brooklyn & Margaret Tuthill of New York.
September 9—Peter Sprag & Sarah Wonser.
September 24—Jacob Colwell of New York & Ziporah Craft of Osterbay.
September 26—William Sands & Jerusah Sands.
October 12—William Pinkeney of East Chester & Phoebe Birdsall of Jerusalem.
October 18 Rayner & Sarah Rayner.
October 20—Peter Nostrand & Coil — of Huntington.
October 20—Robert Powel & Mary Corneluis of Osterbay.
October 27—William Miller & Phoebe Combs.
November 8—Jacob Hicks of Brooklyn & Phoebe Mott.
November 26—Caleb Shreve & Mellicent Smith.
December 7—James Hall & Elizabeth Snedecker.
December 10—Jacob Smith & Elizabeth Simmons.
December 24—George Hendrickson of New York & Maria Smith of Flushing.
December 28—David Rayner & Rachel Smith. 
December 30—James Smith & Jane Sils.

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