January  2—Lewis Hewlet of Osterbay & Eliza Woolly of North Hempstead.
January 6—Daniel Willis & Mary Thorn.
January 16—Jacob Lawrence of Flushing & Martha Abrams.
January 26—Lawrence Simmons & Ann Searing.
January 30—James Van Nostrandt & Sarah Van Nostrandt.
February  1—James Petit & Mary Sealey.
February  3—Wail Pearsall & Hannah Brush of Bethpage, Osterbay.
February 5—Daniel Abrams & Mary Doughty.
March 19—William Wilson & Abignil Dean of Osterbay.
March 20—Silvanus Wicks & Catherine Combs.
March 31—David Coot of Osterbay & Rosetta Denton.
April  3—Tredwell B. Kissam & Mary Platt of Flushing.
April  7—Platt Baldwin & Eliza Burtis.
April 13—Samuel Pearsall & Abignail Denton.
April 17—John Bumstead & Ruth Sealy.
May 11—Samuel Beadis & Mary Tatterson.
May 11—Jacob Begle & Catherine Siminson.
May 30—Peter Weeks of Osterbay & Sibbel Ketcham of Huntington.
June  9—Lewis Hewlet & Jemima Berdial.
July 20—William Cogswell of New York & Elizabeth Cromeline of Flushing.
August  3—Ansborne, servant of Wm. H. Onderdonk & Catherine, a Free woman.
August 4—James Verity & Ruth Verity of Osterbay.
August 12—Henry Prior & Esther Pearsall of Osterbay.
August 31—Daniel & Phoebe of Brookhaven.
September 21—Jonas Denton & Loretta —
September 24—Thomas Shute of New York & Jenne Bedle.
October 20—William Jones & Rhoda Sprag.
October 26—Silas Smith & Ruth Gilderslieve.
December 20—Robert Denton & Margaret Rhodes.

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