February 19—Samuel Smith & Abignil Watts.
January 17—William Mott & Elizabeth Raynor
January 12—John Hewlet & Martha Denton. 
February 2—Edward Edwards & Jemima Cock
February 7—Daniel Begel & Susanna Smith. 
February 23—Samuel Wright & Martha Valentine
March 11—Henry Mott & Mary Simmons. 
March 23—John de Mott & Margaret Simiinson
April 1—Anthony——Servant to Samuel Carman -Lib-Servant to Joseph Clowes
April 4—Rodman E. Hicks & Jane Wooley
May 8—Israel Bedel & Elizabeth Moore.
May 9—David Birkman & Elizabeth Place
May 12—Silvanus Smith & Mary Tobby. 
May 25—James Mott & Amy Powell
June 6—Abraham Bond & Susanna Pidgeon
June 7—Elijah Barton & Charity Cornell
June 8—Married at Cold Spring—Abraham Morehouse & Abigail Young.
June 24—Paulus Peters & Phoebe Baldwin
July 18—Daniel Simmons & Mary Deryee
July 18—John Simmons & Mary Witson. 
August 1—Jacob and Mary—freed blacks. 
August 4—William Peters of Philadelphia  & Letitia Smith
September 12—Adam Smith & Elizabeth Carman 
September 29—Uriah Mitchel Esq. & Elizabeth Mott
September 30—Elijah Bedel & Rachel Shaw.
October 4--Joseph S. Mabbitt & Mary Thorn
October  5—James Hutchings & Elizabeth Foster.
October  6—Joseph Carman & Susanna Treadwell.
October  6—Edmund Smith & Mary Smith.
October 15—James Baldwin & Rosetta Baldwin.
October 29—Eldred & Hannah—two freed blacks.
November 8—John Smith & Eliza Palmer.
November  8—John Thorn & Martha Mitchel.
October 19—Richardson Fowler & Jane Smith.
November 17—Abraham Snedeker & Anna Carman.
November 24—Gilbert Petit & Elizabeth Carman.
December  1—Nathaniel Townsend & Sarah Begil.
December  9—Richard Thorn & Phoebe Mitchel.
December 20—Isaac Smalling & Phoebe Sprag.
December 22—Benj. Smith & Abigail Featherbey.

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