January 8—Richard South-ward and Jane Burtis.
January 13—John Hewlet and Martha Denton.
January 14.—Silvanus Hicks and Esher Abrahams.
January 20—John Townsend of New York and Phabe Townsend of Oyster Bay, married at Jericho.
January 21—Henry Seaman of Oyster Bay and Aime Jackson of Hempstead, married at Hempstead.
January 21—Joshua Baldwin and Rachel West.
January 25—Stephen Hewlet and Mary Ann Moore.
January 25—Coldman Southerd and Sarah Baldwin.
February 9—Samuel Denton and Catherine Peters.
February 17—William Mitchel and Jane Hewlet.
May 27—Joseph Hicks and Mary Cornell.
May 31—Cornelius Miller Widower and Elizabeth Mott Widow.
June 21—James Mills of Jamaica and Catherine Cornell of Hempstead, married at Hempstead
August 26—Roger Miller of West Chester County and Jane Cornell of Hempstead, Married at Hempstead
September 20—Samuel Seabury and Catherine Smith
September 24—William Denton and Mary Grafton
October 29—Samuel Carman and Elizabeth Rayner
November  8—Samuel Hulse and Mary Gritman
November 27—Henry Bishop & Hannah Nagerman
November 23—Elijah Abrahams & Anna Cornell
December 20—Layman Johnson & Elizabeth Stites
December 24.—Samuel Peters & Hannah VanWyck
December 28—John Willis of Oyster Bay & Sarah Jones at Secataugh.

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