January 19—Garret Laton and Jane Simmons of Oyster Bay, married at Hempstead.
January 22—Andrew Onderdonk of Hempstead and Mary Moore of Flushing, married at Hempstead.
February 6—Henry Rayner and Susannah Whaley.
February 7-- Charles Colyer and Martha Whiston of Oyster Bay, married at Hempstead.
February 15—Jonas StSiinmers and Mary Smith. 
February 27—Noah Simmons and Betty Totten. 
February 28—Cornelius Pyramus and Margaret Thorn. 
March 13—George Nostrand and Phabe Mott. 
March 19—Duncan Fowler of Flushing, and Frances Wright of Oyster Bay, married at Hempstead.
March 22—William Tredwell and Winifred Smith. 
April 2—George Baldwin Widower of Hempstead and Elizabeth Hudson Widow of Oyster Bay, married at Hempstead.
April 2—Joseph Vandewater of Oyster Bay and Catherine Deryee of Hempstead, married at Hempstead.
April 11—Jacob Parish and Freelove Powel of Oyster Bay, married at Hempstead.
April 26-- Daniel Toffy Widower and Phabe Hewlet Widow
May 6—Isaac Simmons and Lucretia Nowirey of Islip, married at Islip.
May 7—James Saxton and Mary Post of Oyster Bay, married at Bethphage.
May 14—Daniel Stevens and Susanna Tredwell Widow.
May 16—Benjamin Abrahams and Rhoda Craft.
May 21—Daniel Lake and Phabe Lake.
May 27—Cot and Jemima Titus.
June 8—Samuel Seering and Lavinia Toffey.
June 14—Rulef Deryee and Charlotte Waters.
June 18—Stephen Wood of Hempstead and Elizabeth Lanon of Islip, married at Hempstead.
June  2—Daniel Whitehead Kissarn and Elizabeth Tredwell.
August  9—Thomas Barrow of New York and Sarah Moore of New Town, married at Hempstead.
August 30—Henry Viner of Oyster Bay and Mary Baldwin of Westbury, married at Hempstead.
September  2—James Gilderslieve Widower and Mary Petit Widow.
September  2—James Lawrence and Sarah Crommeline of Flushing, married at Hempstead.
September 24—Myles Wood and Margaret Hagerman.
October  4—Andrew Fowler and Mary Doty of Cold Spring. married at Cold Spring.
November 10—Jacob Rayner and Rebecca Rayner.
November 17—John Flower and Covert.
November 18—Elisha Post and Sarah Simmons.
November 18—John Lawrence and Margaret Losey.
December  4—John Barker and Hannah Burly.
December  6—Amos Powel and Anna Powel Widow of Oyster Bay, married at Hempstead.
December 16—Daniel Begel and Mary Tredwell.
December 18—Thomas Henderson and Mary Rhodes.
December   ??—Philip Haisted and Elizabeth Collier of Flushing,  married at Hempstead.
December 24—Reuben Hutchings and Elizabeth Mott.
December 27—Samuel Hicks and Elizabeth Mott.

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