January 18--Johnn Rayner and Mary Carman
January 19--Henry Meabee and Anne Van Cott of Oyster Bay, married at Hempstead.
January 26--John Thurston and Margaret Smith.
January 28--George Rhoads and Mary Smith. 
February 4--Daniel Lefferts and Elisabeth Cornell.
February 7--Isaac Remsen and Mary Snedeker of Oyster Bay, married at Hempstead.
February 8--Edward Spragg and Pheebe Baldwin.
February 15--William Van Velzer and Margaret Losee of Oyster Bay, married at Oyster Bay.
February 16--Samuel Combs and Margaret Johnson.
February 18--Townsend Jackson and Polly Seaman.
February 22--Robert Pettet and Ruth Powell.
March 4--Richard Hewlett and Hannah Hewlett.
March 5--Isaac Jackson and Mary Holmes.
March 5--Henry Combs and Hannah Smith.
April 6--Richard Hewlett and Martha Carman.
April 19--Benjamin Balding and Elisabeth Willis.
April 20--Robert Hubs and Mary Fowler.
April 26--Job Robins and Mary Searing.
May 24--Haviland Smith and Marianne Rayner.
June 2--Alexander Smith and Sarah Burns.
June 14--Edward White and Anne Haggemen of Queens County, married at Hempstead.
August 23--Nathanael Oakley of Huntington and Sarah Cushen of Hempstead, married at Oyster Bay.
September 4--Benjamin Abrams and Elisabeth Shaw.
September 15--Thomas Doty and Martha Simmons of Queens County, married at Hempstead..
September 20--James Anthony and Pheebe Carman.
September 27--Stephen Lawrence and Margaret Jackson of Flushing, married at Hempstead
October 4--John Emans of Kings County and Margaret Schenck of Queens County, married at Oyster Bay.
October 5--Samuell Mott and Deborah Denton.
October 25--Daniel Braine of New York and Elisabeth Lawrence of Flushing, married at Hempstead.
November 19--Silas Deuel of Dutchess County and Sarah Brass of Queens County, married at Hempstead.
November 29--Isaac Raynor and Sarah Smith.
December 6--Peter Sniffen of Oyster Bay and Patty Pettit of Hempstead, married at Hempstead.
December 9--Joseph Pell and Phila Pell of West Chester County, married at Hempstead.
December 23--Nathanael Smith Rock and Pheebe Beagle.
December 30--Jacob Williams and Deborah Smith.
December 31--Isaac Carpenter and Jane Wortman of Oyster Bay, married at Hempstead.

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