January 8--Elias Burtis and Hannah Dorlan.
February 2--John Verity and Margarett Smith.
February 14--George Watts and Anne Hagaman.
February 19--William Thorn of the County of Albany and Hester Townsend Widow of Queens County, married at Hempstead.
February 21--Daniel Hopkins and Susanna Ellison of Oyster Bay, married at Hempstead.
March 7--John Sands of Oyster Bay and Catharine Sands of Hempstead, married at Hempstead.
March 23--Niah Smith and Abigail Cornwell.
March 27--Thomas Udall of Islip and Susannah Valentine of Oyster Bay, married at Oyster Bay.
April 7--Thomas Rogers of Oyster Bay and Rebecca Smith of Huntington, married at Hempstead.
June 2--- Stephen Cornell and Mary Plait 
June 4--Joseph Pearsall and Sarah Verity.
June 5--Richard Thorn and Elisabeth Peters.
August 14--John Smith of London, England, and Anne McCandles of the City of New York, married at Oyster Bay.
August 25--Jacob Mott and Deborah Lawrence. 
September 1--John Fowler and Catharine Van Ostrant. 
September 5--Benjamin Hall and Rachel Spencer. 
September 8--Benjamin Smith and Pheebe Smith. 
September 16--William Petitt and Catharine Reidcat. 
September 29--Simeon Hauxhurst and Lydia Rogers of Oyster Bay, married at Oyster Bay.
October 6--Benjamin Southward and Rebecca Brass. 
November 17--Daniel Thurston and Elisabeth Carman. 
December 11--John Nostrant and Anne Hendrickson. 
December 23--Henry Persell and Hannah Bunch. 
December 23--John Hulie and Hannah Rhoads. 
December 31--Richard Pine and Sarah Wood.

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