anuary 14--Charles Hewlett of Oyster Bay and Martha Davenport of Hempstead, married at Hempstead.
January 14--John Thorne and Mary Allen.
January 26--John Watts and Ruth Smith.
February 6--Samuel Townsend and Elizabeth Smith.
February 25--Samuel Allen and Pamela Sheese.
March 25--Foster Lewis and Sarah Smith.
May 13--Samuel Gant and Violetta McOwn of Oyster Bay, married at Oyster Bay.
May 15--Uriah Mitchel and Freelove Smith.
July 10--Jacob Jackson and Catharine Peters.
July 25--William Bennet and Elisabeth Wilisen of Oyster Bay, married at Hempstead.
August 5--John Leffert and Mary Lawrence.
August 13--Gabriel Van Cott and Pheebe Brass of Queens County, married at Hempstead.
September 22--Henry Pragar and Catharine Lovegrove of Oyster Bay, married at Hempstead.
September 28--Thomas Pidgeon and Rebecca Slivers.
October 11--Thomas Slivers and Jemimah Golding.
October 14--James Farley and Zerviah Latting of Oyster Bay, married at Hempstead.
October 21--William Cornell and Hannah Hicks.
October 25--Ricd. Townsend and Rosetta Seaman.
November 27--Jacob Thorne and Ida Suydam of Flushing, married at Flushing.

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