January 8--John Tredwell and Mary Jackson.
January 18--John Betty and Hannah Post.
January 22--Daniel Hulet and Mary Mott.
January 26--Samuel Carman and Sarah Carman.
January 27--David Jackson and Martha Verity.
February 8--David Jones of Oyster Bay.and Elisabeth Seaman of Hempstead, married at Hempstead.
March 5--James Verity and Sarah Smith.
March 19--Townsend Wheekes and Freelove Wheekes of Oyster Bay married at Oyster Bay.
April 3--Nathaniel Brass and Sarah Hyde.
April 8--Henry Wisner of the County of Orange and Sarah Waters of Hempstead, married at Hempstead.
April 12--Samuel Harrold and Hannah Craft of Oyster Bay, married at Hempstead.
June 16--William Hewlett and Elisabeth Dusenberry.
July 9--Nathaniel Townsend and Martha Cornell of Jamaice, married at Hempstead.
November 5--Jacob DQxee and Martha Simons.
November 22--Thomas Hollowood and Deborah Mott.
November 22--Gilbert Wright and Pheebe Jackson.
December 3--Benjamin Bedel and Catharine Smalling.
December 25--Stephen Carman and Petit.

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