January 4--John Demott and Elizabeth Pettit.
January 27--Samuel Johnson and Elisabeth Bolding.
March 11--Elijah Wood of Hempstead and Dinah Golder of Springfield, married at Springfield.
March 6--Charles Hicks of Hempstead and Abigal Cornwall of Jamaica, married at Hernpstead.
March 29--Richard Matthews and Elisabeth Rhoads.
March 29--Jonas Halstead of Dutchess County and Pheebe Mitchell of Hempstead, married at Hempstead.
April 1--Richard Jackson and Pheebe Kissam.
April 23--John Cornell of Hempstead and Catherine Smith of Jamaica, married at Jamaica.
April 23--William Post of the City of New York and Jerusha Smith of Jamaica, married at Jamaica.
May 28--Benjamin Cornwell and Mary Bond.
May 31--Elijah Handlin and Rachel Johnson.
July 12--Jacob Smith and Rebecca Peters.
July 29--William Raner and Margaret Scarring.
July 31--Flower Hulce and Elizabeth Spragg.
August 2-- Gilbert Lawrence and Elisabeth Rushmore.
August 9--Alexander Mengres of Dutchess County and Sarah Leister of Queens County, married at Hempstead.
September 1--John Townsend and Judith Townsend of Oyster bay. married at Oyster bay.
September 9--Hampton Lilibridge of Rhode Island and Mary Appleby of Hempstead, married at Hempstead.
September 20--Eliphilet Stratton and Mary Valentine of Suffolk County, married at Hempstead.
October 11--Henry Miller and Jemima Bedel.
October 24--Jesse Platt and Dorothy White.
November 1--Jacques Cortelyou of Kings County and Mary Hewlet Queens County, married at Oyster bay.
December 4--Benjamin Floyd of Suffolk County and Anne Cornell of Flushing, married at Flushing.
December 25--James Morrell and Sarah Willet of Flushing, married at Flushing.
December 24--Timothy Milliken and Sarah Wanser.
December 13--James Pine and Sarah Burties Widow of Oyster bay, married at Hempstead.
December 29--William Treadwell and Sarah Peters.

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