January 21--Micah Flower and Mary Gritman.
February 11--Willett Seaman and Mary Searing
March 21--Benjamin Hageman and Mary Manwaring.
March 17--Samuel Searing and Phebe Treadwell.
March 17--Jessq Platt of Huntington and Dorothy Baldwin of Hempsted, married at Hempsted.
April 11--Thomas Stockford of Flat Bush and Elizabeth Demott of Hempstead, married at Hempstead.
May 2--John Dothemus of Kings County and Mary Vanwick of Oyster bay, married at Oyster bay.
April 18--Simon Cooper and Easter Cooper of married at Oyster bay.
June 2--Adam Seabury and Miriam Peters.
June 20--Gilbert Seaman of Oyster bay and Mary Post of Hempstead, married at Hempstead.
June 27--David Seaman of Oyster bay and Hannah Hicks of Hempstead, married at Hempstead.
June 18--Samuel Seaman and Mary Birdsall.
July 25--William Jones and Mary Townsend of Oyster bay married at Oyster bay.
July 23--James Baldwin and Melle Bedell.
August 1--William Verity and Margarett Gretma 
October 10--James Reyner and Sarah Mott.
October 13--Henry Wolley and Miriam Cornell.
November 24--Jonathan Hutchins and Letitia Langdoi 
November 25--Jonah Doughty and Margaret Manwa 
December 7--Benjamin Treadwell and Elizabeth Sebury
December 19--Henry Powell and Mary Heen of Oyster bay married at Hempstead.
December 25--William Alburtis and Sareh Carmen. 
December 26--Stephen Williss and Sarah Smith.

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