January 27--Cornelius Millar and Elizabeth Lambertson.
January 27--John Lesler and Mary Flower.
January 27--Uriah Platt and Sarah Treadwell.
February 1--Thomas White and Dorothy Brass.
February ??--John Henderson and Hannah Wilson.
February 19--George Weeks of Oyster bay and Sarah Parsley of Hempstead, married at Hempstead.
February 20--Joseph Hix and Sarah Valentine.
March 4--Samuel Combes and Mary Bedell.
March 4--Samuel Stningham and Margarett Bedell.
March 21--Albert Albertson and Phebe Pierce.
March 22--Henry Burtis and Anna Crooker.
March 23--Samuel Titus and Ruth Townsend.
March 26--John Legross and Abigail Acerley.
March 26--Solomon Seaman and Rebecca Barns.
March 31--James Seaman and Hannah Doxey.
April 9--William Horsefield of Kings County and Mary Hewlett of l-lempstead, married at Hempstead.
April 19--Jesse Gould of Huntington and Ruth Ruggard of Oyster bay, married at Oyster bay.
May 2--John Cornell of Kings County and Elizabeth White-head of Jamaice, married at Hempstead.
May 3--Caleb Smith and Abigail Hix.
May 10--Samuel Reyner and Mary Williams.
June ??--James Verity and Mary Johnson.
July 23--Abraham Vanwick and Elizabeth Wright of Oyster bay, married at Hempstead.
'July 29--Benjamin Jackson and Mary Johnson.
August 2--Thomas Seaman and Phebe Hinton of Oyster bay, married at Oyster bay.
August 5--John Jaunsey of New York and Elizabeth Hicks of Hempstead, married at Hempstead.
August 6--Thomas Seaman and Martha Rowland.
September 3--Joseph Bedell and Ruth Carman.
September 17--Stephen Hewlett and Hannah Hewlett.
October 1--William Doty and Elizabeth Mott.
October 14--James Searing and Sarah Nicolls.
October 18--James Willi~s and Mary Peters.
November 22--Levy Weeks and Mary Burtis of Oyster bay, married at Hempstead.
November 23--John Batty and Catherine Watts
November 25--Samuel Cornel and Margaret Smith.
December 2--Samuel Rowland of Dutchess County and Catherine Clowes of Hempstead, married at Hempstead.
December 20--Charles Titus and Margaret Titus.
December 20--Richard Townsend and Mary Titus.
August ??--Jacob Mott and Elizabeth Kissam.
December 28--Peter Jones and Mary Mason.

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