January 17--Jonathan Rayner and Mary Chappel.
??  --Peter Bond and Sarah Doxey.
March 7--Thomas Williams and Anna Smith of Oyster bay, married at Hempstead.
March 12--Stephen Wood and Elizabeth Rhodes.
March 14--Felix Fowler and Phebe Ellison.
March 16--Thomas Barker and Ann Paret.
April 28--Isaac Ketcham and Freelove Carr of Huntington, married at Huntington.
April ??--John Simonson and Temperance Fish.
May 11 Stites and Phebee Gritman.
May 11--Benjamin Gildersleeve and Hannah Beedel.
May 17--Isaac Smith and Sarah Balden.
May 19--Isaac Alburtis and Miriam Smith.
May 23--Jacob Underhill of Oyster bay and Katherine Willitts of Huntington, married at Hempstead.
May 31--John Mitchel and Deborah Prince.
June 13--Aaron Van Norstrandt and Sarah Power of Jamaica, married at Hempstead.
June 24--Israel Eldred and Anna Totton.
August 30--John Falkner of Kings County and Elizabeth Event of Queens County, married at Hempstead.
September 20--Maurice Smith and Mary Dodge.
September 22--Carman Rushmore and Hannah Rayner.
October 26--George Balden and Elizabeth Bedell.
October ??--Richard Mott and Jane Pettitt.
November 16--Thomas Southward and Dorothy Goulder.
December 7--John Smith of Jamaica and Hannah Leffert of Hempstead, married at Hempstead.
December 30--James Van Velzer of Oyster bay and Phebe Valentine of Hempstead, married at Hempstead.

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