January 5--Stephen Powel and Elizabeth Pettett
January 21--William Amos and Catherine Shelley
January 26--Richard Dooty of Oyster bay and Phebee Williams of Hempstead, married at Hempstead
January 28--Richard Smith and Charity Peters.
February 2--William Snow and Martha Camer of Oyster bay, married at Oyster bay.
February 14--Richard Southward Junr. of Hempstead and Deborah Frost of Oyster bay, married at Hempstead
March 2--James Whaley and Ruth Wilson.
March 18-- David Bedell and Elisabeth Wigge
March 18--Samuel Mott and Rebeccah Mott.
March 26--Thomas Williams and Deborah Seamans
March 28--Solomon Southward and Jane Cornbes
March 30--Richard Mott and Elizabeth Smith.
April 20-Daniel Jackson and Jane Seaman of Oyster bay married at Hempstead.
August 8--John Marvin and Mary Smith.
August 10--Thos. Chesher and Mary Robbins of Oyster bay,  married at Oyster bay.
November 23--Thomas Colwell and Amey Week of Oyster bay, married at Oyster bay.
December 4--John Tredwell and Pegge Cornell.
December 4--Silas Smith and Mary Seaman.
December 7--Thomas Townsend and Mary Lynes. 
December 21--Hosea Hawxhurst and Sarah Saults.

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