January 28--William King and Livina Lason of Oyster bay, married at Oyster bay. 
January 29--Benjamin Barker and Mary Rhodes.
?? --Daniel Cornel and Charity Volentine.
February 16--Joseph Haistead and Mary.Mynard.
February 28--Henry Mott and Mary Southward.
March 5--Corriell Smith and Mercy Bedel.
March 12--Jos. Latham and Rachel Raynor.
March 18--Samuel Smith and Elizabeth Mott.
April 22--Thomas Vanwick of Oyster bay and Rachel Eldert of Hempstead, married at Hempstead.
May 11--James Smith and Ame Searing.
July ??--Peter Hegaman and Jemima Rhodes... --
July 14--Thos. Temple and the widow Denton.
July 27--John Bruer and Hannah Abrams of Hexnpstead, Rockaway.
September 2--Frances Parker and Mary Lackenter.
September 2--James Rayner and Mary Searing.
September 9--Pelham Sands and Sarah Acerley.
September 16--Jamcs Jarvis and Mary Bill of the City of New York, Married at Hempstead.
November 9--Jonas Abrams and Ellenor Edwards.
November 23--Henry Smith and Rejoice Comes.
November 23--James Pine and Ann Bedehl.
December 2--Thos. Boulters and Amy Frost.
December 6--Richard Hewlet and Mary Townsend.
December 7--Obediah Cornell and Mary Cornel.
December 10--John Bedell and Martha Flower.
December 29--Peter Stringham and Margarett Hulse.

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