January 20--Henry Pearsal and Hannah -Smith.
January 20--Samuel Treadwell and Hannah Sands.
February 8--John Birdsale and Phebee Seamans.
February 13--John Cornel and Martha Hewlett.
March 7--Richard Lawrence of Flushing and Elizabeth Mitchel of Hempstead, married at Hempstead.
March 19--Silvanus Bedell and Sarah Cromwell.
March 26--Silas Baldwin and Mary Hinton.
May 26--Richard Seamans and Sarah Searing.
June 10--John Hale and Bethia Reynor.
June 17--Henry Gildensleeve and Mary Hall.
June 17--Seamans Alburtus and Hannah Carman.
June 30--John Hewlett and Sarah Townsend of Oyster bay, married at Oyster bay.
July 21--John Carle and Freelove Mitchel.
August 11--Jehiel Saymore and Rachel Wright of Huntington, married at Huntington.
August 12--Robert Gauler and Mary King of Oyster bay, married at Oyster bay.
August 15--Cornelius Cornel and Sarah Cornel.
August 25--Martin Skank and Pheebee Prince.
September 9--John Sculthrope of New York and Tvlillisant Hixs.
October 5--Neherniah Dean and Mehitabel Hinton of Oyster bay, married at Hempstead.
October 13--James Jackson of New York and Rebeckah Conkling of Oyster bay, married at Oyster bay.
October 31--Henry Stocker and Susannah Mitchel.
November 11--Joseph Youngs and Susannah Prince.
November 17--Hambleton Branghton and Elonor Chatton of Hemp-stead, married at Hempstead by the Rev. Mr. Davidson.
November 17--Isaiah Rogers and Elizabeth Davis of Huntington, married at Huntington.
November 19--John Corneic and Elisabeth Haistead.
November 26--Gilbert Weeks and Phebec Hall.

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