May 1--Steven Voris and Margaret Leffert, married at Oyster bay, Jerecho.
June 16--Henry Hall and Abigail Sticklen of Oyster bay, married at Hempstead.
July 21--Benjamin Rhoads and Elizabeth HalI.L. Stephen Alburtus and Elizabeth Bedle.
July 31--Henry Donland and Sarah Merese.
August 2--Capt. John Browne of New York and Mrs. Letitia Cornell of Hempstead, married at Hempstead.
August 7--Anthony Seamon and Martha Smith.
October 2--Thomas Carpenter and Arnie Stocker.
October 9--John Husk and Ann Harrington.
October 11--Joshua Sands and Mary Smith.
October 13--Michael Sicels of Kings county and Mary Baley of Hempstead, married at Hempstead.
October 19--Christian Snidecer and Mary Baker.
November 13--John Southward and Amy Man.
December 4--James Pool and Mary Langdon.
December 4--John Peters and Elizabeth Gildersleeve.

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